As Overwatch reforms (and gains new recruits), Zarya takes it upon herself to whip everyone in to shape. Her big project is Winston, but everyone gets a stern talking to about the importance of proper conditioning. Sure Tracer, you’re fast, but where’s your endurance? You’re not going to be young forever D.Va, and staying in that mech all day is not good for you. Then she gets to Mei, and before she can get started, Mei approaches her, hugs her, then lifts her off her feet and puts her back down.

Mei gets a pass.

Naruto 678

Ok i am more than sure that a few hundred thousand people have done this. But let’s go over the dreams this week.

First off Hinata. This is pure and simple. her dream is to simply be with Naruto a true NaruHina moment for her… not a true moment since it’s a dream but still wonderful. OTP OUT.

Now then Kiba’s Dream. To Be Hokage. Have me a pretty good smile. but seriously i think he’s probably suck at it… at first at least.

Shino’s Dream honestly didn’t surprise me… but the size of the bug did. i mean DAMN!

Honestly Choji’s dream has to be one of my favorites. nothing to do with being Hokage, beating someone, or anything violent. He simply wants someone that loves him for what he is. That is something i can truly relate to.

Shikamaru’s dream had a lot to it in truth. First there’s Temari. well then… also Asuma’s alive and happily with Kurenai. Then there is his father who’s alive and with his mother who’s bitching at him. happy moments LOL

Ino’s dream had to be the worst. seriously it’s beyond shallow… but i guess that’s Ino’s character… nice to see she at least dreams of her father being alive.

Lee’s dream makes me laugh solely because he left Sasuke out. he doesn’t care about beating him anymore because he turned traitor. And honestly i kinda Like LeeSaku.Tenten’s Dream. oh that made me laugh. first Neji’s alive then Lee and Gai are both conducting themselves in a mild and controlled manner. Just feels wrong… wheres the YOUTH!!!!

Mei’s dream is a little deeper than it seems. yes she’s getting married and finally getting that man she wants. but the other kage’s are there signifying that there’s a peace between the five great villages.

Now then. Tsunade’s dream. Dan as Hokage, Jiraiya alive, Orochimaru’s a good guy. Nawaki’s alive. that’s a dream among dreams if you ask me… and i love that Jiraiya’s giving Nawaki Icha Icha.

Finally Gaara’s Dream. like Tsunade it’s a truly peaceful dream. Mom and Dad are alive, uncle is alive. brother and sister are with them and happy. and he’s growing up with Naruto as he best friend… or at least a good friend.

Now i want to see a few more dreams but i doubt that we will see them.

A and Killer Bee’s Dream

Gai’s Dream if he’s having one

Temari and Kankuro’s Dreams

Sai’s Dream

Orochimaru, Karin, Jugo and Suigetsu’s Dreams.

OH and one final thing… can we please… get some more of Gaara and A in suits.

Just look at them. Styling. Make A’s tie black and he’s in MIB LOL. and gaara in all white… just awesome… also what the fuck is going on with Tsunde’s face… is she ugly so Mei is more attractive? i can’t tell.

Ok my very long post is done.

what do you guys think?“