Photo of the Day: A Blanket of Mist in Taiwan

Lao Mei rocks shrouded in the morning mist in Shimen District, Taiwan on April 4, 2015. (白士 李/Flickr)

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princessnanami brought over noodlerella‘s top 10 Anime Waifus (x) tag thing to tumblr, and tagged me ouo~! so. here you go. they’re in no particular order because. i cant. i cant do that to my waifus. (also since this is specific to anime i wont include syndra ;;v;;)

  1. Mimori Kishida: AKB0048
  2. Makoto Kino (Salior Jupiter): Sailor Moon
  3. Olivier Mira Armstrong: Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood 
  4. Sango: Inu Yasha
  5. Lal Mirch: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
  6. Nozomi Tojo: Love Live
  7. Kiryuin Satsuki: Kill la Kill
  8. Megurine Luka: Vocaloid (I know its not an anime but she was like my first wife so i have to include her…)
  9. Retoree: Show By Rock!!
  10. Mey Rin: Kuroshitsuji

I tag smoothie-kun, praesica, ittibittium, AND milky-ahri uwu~!!