We brought overwatch to life at youmacon this year. And we were out to crush it! Special thanks to our photographer you did a great job!
Tracer: N/A @gohawaiianbunny Soldier 76: @heavenlydemon9 Widowmaker: luna_kitten_chan (ig)
Mei: @harajukuchic (me) Photographer: @hottomonstua


As Overwatch reforms (and gains new recruits), Zarya takes it upon herself to whip everyone in to shape. Her big project is Winston, but everyone gets a stern talking to about the importance of proper conditioning. Sure Tracer, you’re fast, but where’s your endurance? You’re not going to be young forever D.Va, and staying in that mech all day is not good for you. Then she gets to Mei, and before she can get started, Mei approaches her, hugs her, then lifts her off her feet and puts her back down.

Mei gets a pass.

the signs & their ninja boyfriends pt. 2

leo: rock lee
aries: zabuza momochi
virgo: yahiko
gemini: ashura otsutsuki
cancer: shisui uchiha
scorpio: hashirama senju
capricorn: indra otsutsuki
libra: deidara
sagitarrius: sai
aquarius: utakata
picese: suigetsu hozuki
taurus: yamato