[Image of a spiraling snail shell cracked dirt and rocks]

Pour into me
Is this not but some warped dream
Spiraling out of jurisdiction?
‘Cross this crevice
We break
And bake
And thirst
Not for salty water
Like the tears
Like the surface leaks
But for new springs
To well up from the depths
To surge

And, oh my
I’ve seen your ripples
When you’re flowing
When you’re rising
Like the mountainside
Your vine-grip in my core
My shadows
My veins
Let me not hide
In my shell
On your cracked, dry skin
Pour into me

And we both shall thrive

slow beat

way down

this rock

shelters me

I had seven lives,

and you decided

they’d taste better salted

so I lay there,

parched, cut and dried

I had seven lives

and you ate six,

licked your lips and swallowed,

made me beg you,

save one for later

I’m starving, starving

for the shadow of this rock

to wrap me in its darkness


They decide to play the Sims together on a rainy day where the diamond is too muddy to practice in. Sawamura snorts because Mei has no problem diving face-first into dirt during official games, but gets anal about getting his hands dirty during practice.

“That’s different,” Mei explains simply. “I play to win, that’s all. I’m strategic about getting dirty.”

And Sawamura has to kiss the smirk off of Mei’s lips. “Whatever you say, princess!”


“I’m pretty sure I said it right the first time, princess.

It takes them longer than it should to get settled down, but they finally manage to open the game up. “We should make each other,” Sawamura suggests. “We can make a family together with cute babies and a cute dog!”

Mei raises an eyebrow at his boyfriend. “I bet I’ll make you better than you can make me.”

“Oh, you’re so going down, Narumiya Mei.”

“I’ll go down on you right after I win this contest, Sawamura Eijun.”

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