After a devastating loss at Powder Puff last night, 

I have to admit that getting to tackle and attack felt kind of good. I might need to look into a kickboxing class of some sort; or at least, a healthy way to let out pent up aggression before I do decide violence may just be the answer to some problems. 

On the other side, we have three more performances of Rock of Ages, and while half the cast is fighting amongst themselves, you’re all going to have to suck it up and focus on stage. We can’t let bad decisions and backstabbing ruin what could be a good move for Bay Grove as a whole - for future Rachel Berry’s, I owe them that much at least. 

And though we won’t be headed to the lake house, the Berry family will be hosting a small get together after Sunday evening’s performance with pizza and punch to celebrate our first success at a musical. Karaoke is a given, some come prepared with your favorite song.