I want you to Rock me// Luke&Will

Will got through the front door of the flat he had been living in for just over two days. His room was a mess, boxes everywhere still but honestly, he couldn’t care less. At least he had a bed and he felt like this should do. He sat down and ran his fingers through his hair, sighing a little. He still felt like this was a bad idea, although he had rarely wanted to sleep with someone as badly as he wanted with Luke. He had never let feelings get involved ever before, but he could sense it wouldn’t be the same with Luke. After all, he was the only reason he had gotten over his ex so quickly. Nonetheless, who was he to turn down sex. Especially from his curly haired friend that he found oh-so hot. He did his best to put away some of his clothes scattered all over the floor, being so tempted to light a join but decided against it last second. He wanted this only to be sex, but he was afraid. And it was making him nervous. Hopefully though, Luke would arrive and he wouldn’t have to think any more.


Zayn during Rock Me - Turin, Italy - July 6, 2014.


Yes. Rock me is my favorite one direction song.