• [singing to commemorate Bokushi]
  • Aomine: Like an astronaut that’s scared of heights~
  • Kise: With a heart that’s beating at the speed of li-ight~
  • Midorima: You’ve been waiting for this feeling all your life~
  • Murasakibara: Sometimes it’s just hard to realize~
  • Kuroko: When you’re stuck in a moment. And your spark has been stolen. This is our time to own it. So own it~
  • Akashi: Baby, we were born with-
When we find our anchor it grounds us, it keeps us powerful, gives us that mana, that spirit.
—  Dwane ‘The Rock’ Johnson 

Inktober day something ?

Drew this on my flight. Look at these two smol baby nerds

Voltron Crew as Pokemon Gym Leaders

Allura - Psychic Types, or maybe Fairy. She’d be ethereal and beautiful when you first arrive, wearing flowing robes, but then she’d change into battle gear and kick your ass. Her signature pokemon would be a Gardevoir

Coran - I could see him as being a Normal Type gym leader, but he’d totally be the kind to catch you off guard with his strange tactics. Although I’m tempted to say he could also be a Rock or Steel Type gym leader just so his signature pokemon would be Probopass. If he was Normal, then it would be a Stoutland, something strong and dependable.

Shiro - Tough call, either Fighting or Steel. At least his signature pokemon is easy; Lucario does both, and fits Shiro’s noble personality. He’d be so supportive of any trainers that come to challenge him, encouraging them to train and get stronger if they lose, congratulating them when they win. So good. So pure.

Pidge - Electric, probably, because Pidge LOVES robots. Their gym is actually a puzzle, with invisible walls and hidden doors, and Pidge likes to test out their cloaking tech on new trainers. Their signature pokemon is a Magneton named Rover that follows them around faithfully.

Hunk - I want to say Grass Types for some reason, but I guess Rock or Ground would be more fitting with his canon counterpart. He’s actually very reluctant to battle, a bit of the nervous sort, but he’s very proud of his pokemon and is ready to support them in battle. His Gigalith is nicknamed Shay, and Hunk uses her and her brother, a Golem named Rax, in double battles

Keith - Fire is the obvious choice, but so is Fighting. Because that boy will fight anything. You walk into his gym, you better be friggin ready for a battle. Just walked in looking for directions? Too bad you’re facing the gym leader today I don’t care if all you’ve got is a Bidoof. Any of the Fire/Fighting starters could technically serve as his signature pokemon, but Blaziken seems to be the best fit.

Lance - Water booooy. Or I guess Ice. His battle is basically him making nothing but ice and water puns at you while you seriously start to question your life choices. His signature pokemon is a Milotic, and he claims that she’s the only thing in the world more beautiful than he is. He also totally raised her from a Feebas, and he spoils her rotten.

Alternatively, the Paladins could be the Elite Four, with Shiro as the Champion (heh oh man that worked out too well), while Allura is the rival and Coran is the supportive friend. Either way Zarkon is the leader of Team Galra, and they’re jerks trying to take over the world