“You and Dean? That’s something special, don’t you think?”

Sure, Jody. If by *special*, you actually mean two brothers who are in a romantic relationship with each other. 

Sam’s awkward body language says it all. 


9x08 “Rock and A Hard Place”
On Comfort and Gentleness

Posted as part of the Series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”:
A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

This moment like many others throughout Supernatural as a whole imo shines a light on what Dean truly craves and what he thinks he is able to receive or what he deserves. This is a topic that has been point of discussion and fighting within the fandom for a long time and I rather not get involved in any of that, but to me Dean and his “sex life” is yet another clear case of “show vs. tell” that Supernatural utilizes heavily. I have talked about this multiple times and especially in relation to famous misconceptions about the Winchesters brothers, because while the show often “tells” the audience that supposedly Sam is the more emotional one and opens up more, we actually don’t see that while Dean verbalizes his emotions and concerns much more frequently than Sam ever did and yet he is often described to be the one “not wanting to talk”.

Now, how does that have anything to do with Dean and his sexual adventures? I think it’s important to take Dean’s own words at face value here, because imo he is actually very honest in this moment. To me his words reveal that especially in times of great distress Dean opts for sex as a means to feel better, though he knows perfectly well it’s only a temporary fix as one night stands aren’t really what he craves, but this type of intimacy is closest he thinks he could get. It’s clear however in his words and multiple other actions and comments throughout the series that Dean really isn’t looking just to shack up, but actually craves comfort and true connection, something that lasts far longer and something that has actually nothing to with sex at all.

So this might be a wildly unpopular opinion, but to me Dean substitutes feeling good and comforted and loved with having sex, where he can feel like that at least for a couple of hours, because really he doesn’t think anyone would want to be with him longer than that anyway. Plus, and this is mostly headcanon, for all Dean’s boasting, I think when it comes right down to it and to a serious relationship he might be very self conscious and insecure, for sure he would be a very sweet boyfriend, because if Supernatural proved one thing then it is Dean craving human touch and gentleness, intimacy really. And that has nothing to do with sex or sth physical at all tbh. Intimacy can be displayed in various forms but to me one of the most important aspects surrounding it is trust, allowing yourself to be vulnerable because you know you’re loved and understood.


For the bittersamgirlclubTop 5 Challenge: Top 5 Most Heartbreaking Sam Moments. Well, thanks to the BSGC for this cruel and unusual prompt. If you’re interested in my thoughts on these five horrible moments then by all means, read on…

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9x08 “Rock and A Hard Place”
On Clean Slates and A Clean Conscience

Posted as part of the Series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”:
A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

This episode sure had its issues, but still there were a few moments strewn across that I think worked very well in terms of recurring themes and narrative structure of the season as a whole. What stood out to me in this scene again is how the Winchesters basically sign on to something they don’t know the full story to. As Dean says, she had him at “clean slate”. It can be seen in line with incidents earlier in the season where Dean for example tells Sam that he only “reads the label” and of course it paves the way to 9x11 “First Born” where Dean also rejects wanting to know what Cain wants to warn him about with the mark.

Furthermore within this episode talk time and again comes back to topics such as sin and hell in particular. And especially in relation to these concepts Dean’s “clean slate”-comment can be understood in a way that even if jokingly here, Dean would love something like a “clean slate” and leave behind his experiences in Hell or more recently lying to Sam about his miraculous healing curve. On top of that, of course the talk about the group of people who broke their vows (to who Dean belongs) as sinners and “earmarked” for Hell and being imprisoned underground draws a line to Dean’s descent with the mark (which directly connects him to Hell), which throughout the season is visualized a few good times with Dean being trapped underground or in basements. And yeah, talking about Dean’s arc in terms of room and house metaphors “Freud’s structural model of personality” comes back to mind since the id, ego and superego were described and explained by Freud through the quote “The ego isn’t master in its own house” and by pairing the id (controlling instance, conscience, morals) with the attic, the ego (the here and now) with the ground floor and the id (darker urges and suppressed impulses) with the basement further lines up with Dean’s descent and how the mark would amplify all the darker impulses that Dean commonly would suppress or have under better control.


9x08 “Rock and A Hard Place”
It felt pure….

Posted as part of the Series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”:
A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

Say what you want about the general quality of the episode, but the talk and exploration of fire in relation too purity here imo was quite interesting and well done, because it does of course call back to purgatory where in christian belief souls are taken to be cleansed and purified in order to move on. And well, it’s not like Carver Era did not start with a Dean Winchester freshly spit out of purgatory and him talking about it “feeling pure”…

lycankith  asked:

How long are you planning the next episode of W2H to be? Around the same time as the first?

I don’t have an actual runtime on it yet, but I’m estimating around 15 minutes… maaaybe 20.  Depending on which scenes I decide to keep or cut or shorten.  

The animatic I have right now is around 15 minutes, but it’s not anywhere close to accurate; there are 2 scenes that bookend the whole thing which I haven’t put in yet; and there are 2 big blank chunks of nothingness in the animatic as well, which were placeholders for scenes I hadn’t finished yet. 

The reason I’m still guessing around 15 minutes is that in my experience animatics (before dialogue) are timed out more generously, just for your brain to kind of soak it all in and register what’s happening based only on your messy storyboards.  Once the dialogue is dropped in and it can be timed out properly, it usually ends up being more fast-paced.  At least that was the case when I worked on the first one (I thought it was going to be way longer than 10 minutes!)

So we’ll see.  I know for sure it’ll be longer than the first one, just not sure by how much!