For the bittersamgirlclubTop 5 Challenge: Top 5 Most Heartbreaking Sam Moments. Well, thanks to the BSGC for this cruel and unusual prompt. If you’re interested in my thoughts on these five horrible moments then by all means, read on…

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canine-0  asked:

How long are you planning the next episode of W2H to be? Around the same time as the first?

I don’t have an actual runtime on it yet, but I’m estimating around 15 minutes… maaaybe 20.  Depending on which scenes I decide to keep or cut or shorten.  

The animatic I have right now is around 15 minutes, but it’s not anywhere close to accurate; there are 2 scenes that bookend the whole thing which I haven’t put in yet; and there are 2 big blank chunks of nothingness in the animatic as well, which were placeholders for scenes I hadn’t finished yet. 

The reason I’m still guessing around 15 minutes is that in my experience animatics (before dialogue) are timed out more generously, just for your brain to kind of soak it all in and register what’s happening based only on your messy storyboards.  Once the dialogue is dropped in and it can be timed out properly, it usually ends up being more fast-paced.  At least that was the case when I worked on the first one (I thought it was going to be way longer than 10 minutes!)

So we’ll see.  I know for sure it’ll be longer than the first one, just not sure by how much!

Just A Quick Update On W2H2

I haven’t been able to touch it for quite a few weeks now because I’m sorta stuck between a rock and a hard place (the rock in this case is production and the hard place is pre-production, for whatever that’s worth haha).  

Basically, the way I’ve worked in the past is that I get the script about as good as I can manage (which I’ve done), and then I go to record the voice actors, and we sorta punch up the dialogue AS we record it.  I’ll feed the lines and give emotional direction, but I tell the actors to read it however they feel comfortable/however they think the character would say it.  Then I’ll suggest a slight change (maybe I want to avoid certain wordings or whatever), and we’ll just kind of keep going back and forth like that making it more solid each time.  And I’M SUPER EXCITED to do this, because it’s loads of fun, and all of the most quotable things in the first one just came from goofing around in the soundbooth, so I’m very excited for these people to turn my mediocre writing into comedy gold.

And aside from that being a whole process in itself, I really can’t start animating much without the dialogue, you know?  And because the delivery/lines/emotion/etc may CHANGE slightly, from the process described above, there’s not much I can do in terms of animating yet because all the animation is based off of those recordings.  I can do a handful of shots that have no dialogue, but the bulk of it is dependent on it.

Anyway, to get down to it, the reason all of THAT is taking so long is because, without going into much detail,  I’m bringing someone new on board for the cast and I’m still trying to work some stuff out in that regard.  A lot of it is just back-and-forth and waiting on responses and junk.  The next step will be finding a time to record that works for all my actors, because nowadays they’re not all sitting next to me in a classroom ready to go at the drop of a hat and the offer of a beer for their time, haha.  Differently locations, different schedules, etc etc.  So that’s kind of what’s up with W2H2 right now!  You guys are always pretty supportive and tell me to take my time and all that, which I appreciate, so there’s no need to come reassure me of that, I just figured the least I can do is keep you guys in the loop about what’s going on and where I’m at with it!

Thanks for your support!  I’m really eager to get back to working on it, so hang in there guys!

EXO’s Reaction to Coming Home and Finding You in Lingerie


Xiumin wouldn’t notice you were patiently waiting in the bedroom at first, too tired to take in his environment.  When he did finally see you, he’d almost drop what he was holding, surprised by your lack of clothing. “Jagi…just, wait there,” he’d say, running into the bathroom to “get ready” for what he was about to do to you.


Torn between being too tired to have sex and being too horny to not, Chen would be at a tough crossroads. “Y/N, wwwwhhhhhyyy?” he’d yell, gesturing at your body. He’d close his eyes and rub his forehead, before slowly approaching you and kissing your cheek. “I’m..I’m too tired,” he’d say quietly. Once you reassured them that you were going to be the one doing the work, he’d readily agree.


Just as excited when he’s tired, Baek would smile brightly when he found you waiting patiently for him, adorned in your new lingerie. He’d be slightly speechless, too excited for words. He’d run into the bathroom and come out shortly after, naked, his eyes glinting with lust.  It was obvious that night was going to be electrifying.


“Ah, jagi, you shouldn’t have~” Chanyeol would mutter, setting his stuff down before approaching you, his arms outstretched. He’d hug you gently, kissing your forehead before leading you to the bedroom. Because he was tired, he’d make love to you slowly and sensually, falling asleep shortly after you two finished.


Too innocent for his own good, Lay would think that you had put on the lingerie to show him, but only that. “You look lovely!” he would say, clasping your face in his hands and kissing you, before leaving to get ready for bed. You’d follow him, kissing his neck and running your hands along his chest, however he was too tired to take notice. “You look nice, but you’re not sleeping in that, right?” he’d ask, oblivious to your obvious lust.


D.O would definitely be stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, he wanted desperately to go rest, but on the other, you looked so good. He’d kiss your cheeks before deciding to go with the former. “Tomorrow,” he’d say tiredly, stifling a yawn as he eyed your body one more time. You’d pout and tell him that you’d be doing the work, but he’d politely decline and snuggle into the covers instead.


Suho would flop down onto the bed next to you, not even realizing what you were wearing until you told him to look. “wOAH!” He’d sit up quickly, his eyes widening and his mouth falling open. He’d be stunned for a minute, before shedding his clothing right there and pushing you down beneath him, his eyes gleaming with new excitement.


Kai would stay in the silence as he stood in the doorway, his eyes skimming over your body with obvious hunger. He’d move towards you, making you shudder with anticipation. You could feel the lust coming off of him, and he’d grab your shoulders, pushing you against the wall and attacking your neck. He’d take out his frustrations about the day on you in the best way.


Sehun would be very surprised when he found you casually lounging in your new lingerie. He’d try to hide how flustered he was with cockiness. “Oh, jagi, come on. You didn’t have to dress up just for me,” he’d say, however it was obvious how turned on he was. As you approached him, you could see any traces of tiredness leave him and be replaced with desire.

I’m betting on this being Snow ambushing the bbs with Emergency Wedding Plans™.

(In fairness, to Emma, red velvet is the worst cake trend of all time…)

anonymous asked:

For you Voltron Percy AU (as someone whose neither seen nor read any of it); I kinda want Hades to at some point or multiple points abduct Lance from the middle of camp because he's annoyed with how his sons been treated or Lance is about to blow a casket and Hades knows everyone prefers life and doesn't want to deal with the shit that's happen if Lance let himself go. And He does it in the middle of camp in front of everyone and Pidge and Hunk are so done and Pidge just sighs and goes (1)

Pfft yes

One moment they can hear Lance shouting in the distance and for a spilt second terror’s running up their spine and then poof in a golden light he is gone.

Pidge was really confused the first time but Hunk just sighed and called out to Coran that it happened again.  He heads to get the fare and Pidge tags along as Hunk explains.  Pidge demands to go with Hunk because she wants to know if her family is at least alive and who better to ask than the god of the underworld?

They probably catch a plane there (never back tho, Lance can’t do flying) and they catch the ferry in.  It happens so often enough that Pidge starts asking if they have a frequent flyers card or if they get discounts (they dont).  They have to bring Cerberus 1 the first few times so they can get passed Cerberus but eventually Cerberus becomes familar enough with them, they still bring Cerberus 1 though.

And it’s also how Lance finds out Pidge is mortal, because Hades demands to know how a mere mortal got into his castle.  Lance is very confused but Pidge tells him whats happening and asks about her family, because she’s a friend of Lance’s he tells her that no, they aren’t dead.

I imagine Hades is like that parent that will like you solely because you’re friends with Lance (I know he’s like that with his godly daughters) so Pidge is instantly in Hades’ good book.  And sometimes they just sort of have to hang around in Hades’ castle until Lance is ready to leave so Pidge and Hunk start bring card games and all I can think about now is Pidge beating the god of death in cards against humanity.

The Space Between A Rock And A Hard Place - LOOP
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The Space Between A Rock And A Hard Place - LOOP

sooo i kinda did it again:)) remember headphones!!

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