The Bi-annual Rock School and Haverford School Exchange!

Every year, the students from The Rock School for Dance Education and the prestigious Haverford School for Boys share their school experience with one another.

Part one of the bi-annual exchange entails the Haverford School boys learning a little ballet in a master class at The Rock School. These boys, usually athletes themselves, get to learn just how much athleticism, grace and strength our dancers need just to take barre. Of course, the boys are The class is followed by lunch and time for the students to socialize. Check out a video of part one here -

Part two is a performance at the Haverford School’s Centennial Hall theater by The Rock School dancers. After the on-stage performance, Haverford School students and Rock School students are paired up to sit in class together, eat lunch and socialize.

Stone Age hand axe not made by ‘banging rocks together’, say Exeter academics

“The ability to make a Stone Age hand axe depends on complex cognitive control and memory, new research has found. The findings are said to 'knock another chip off’ theories that pre-historic hand axes are simple tools that don’t involve complex functions of the brain and are made by ape-men just banging rocks together.

University of Exeter Archaeologist Professor Bruce Bradley co-authored the research with Emory University (USA) and Aix-Marseille University (France) colleagues, which highlights how making stone tools provide some of the most abundant evidence of human behavioural change over time.
As part of the study, a group of Archaeology students from the University of Exeter were trained in making stone tools from the Lower Palaeolithic period. The stone tools were shaped by striking a stone with a piece of bone, antler or another stone, a skill known as ‘knapping’. Researchers assessed the skill level of the students with fMRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) brain scans and a series of evaluations relating to the process of making stone tools.

Experimental archaeologist at Emory University and co-leader of Leverhulme Trust funded Learning To Be Human Project, Dietrich Stout said: “The skill of making a prehistoric hand axe is more complicated and nuanced than many people realise. For the first time, we’ve shown a relationship between the degree of prefrontal brain activity, the ability to make technical judgements, and success in actually making stone tools. The findings are relevant to ongoing debates about the origins of modern human cognition, and the role of technological and social complexity in brain evolution across species.”

The earliest known tools are simple Oldowan stone flakes which date back to 2.6 million years ago and are relatively easy to make in comparison to the later Acheulean hand axe, which goes back more than 500,000 years and is harder to master as a result of its complex symmetrical design. The archaeology students in the experiment were taught how to make both sets of tools by expert knapper, Professor Bradley. Most of the hand axes produced by the modern hands and minds of the students weren’t up to the high standards of the Stone Age” (read more).

(Source: Express and Echo)

30 Seconds to Mars on "Sofia Rocks": Two-hours show, 50 kilos confetti and over 100 giant balls

We received the following message:
The most spectacular music event of the year Sofia Rocks 2014, which will shake/rock the stadium “Academic” hidden surprises not only front of the stage, but also behind the scenes. Teams already feverishly working on the preparation of the event, and in the internet has slide part of the requirements of the stars.

Oscar winner and frontman of 30 SECONDS TO MARS Jared Leto will arrive in Sofia with a team of 30 people, including own hairdresser, barist and personal trainer. Leto has special requirements in the dressing room backstage at a rock event. He wants it to be divided into two rooms, one of them to be in fully black, and the other in fully white. Room temperature in the black room must be exactly 26 degrees, and in the white room, it should not exceed 16 degrees. Equipment in the white room is a mandatory for Leto - juice bar and stall laden with freshly picked fruits and vegetables, selected from local producers. Furnishing for the black room is also minimalist - big bed “king size” covered with black blankets and surrounded by darkness and with noise insulation. 

In such a situation will rest Jared, hours before going on stage of one of the most eagerly anticipated summer events - Sofia Rocks. The show will last more than 100 minutes, the stadium will be immersed in over 50 kg confetti, and 100 large inflatable balls will be placed in the audience during the absolute hit of the band “Up in the Air”. Special 10-foot extension of the stage will bring the star to his most loyal fans in front of the stage.

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Current job? College student.

Dream job? There’s too many. Opera singer, composer of music for movies and videogames, academic philosopher, rock star…

What are you talented at? Singing… somewhat. Metal growls. Pretending I know a lot about philosophy.

What is a big goal are you working towards, or have already achieved? Getting a degree, whether it be in English, Philosophy, or Social Services…

What is your aesthetic? Nerd aesthetic. Har har har har~

Do you collect anything? *sweats nervously* Useless knowledge.

What’s a topic you are always up to talk about? Videogames.

What’s a pet peeve of yours? Poor quality earphones.

Good advice to give? Virtue is the balance between deficiency and excess. Find a balance in everything you do.

Recommend three songs?
Being As An Ocean - OK
Sleigh Bells - Riot Rhythm
yuyoyuppe ft. Megurine Luka - Prayer

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Help our students get to Hershey Park! At the end of each academic year, the students of The Rock School look forward to enjoying a class trip. This year the students would like to go on a much-needed field trip to take a break from all of their training and have fun as kids their age should. Please help them reach their goal so they can have some fun!

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