30 Seconds to Mars on "Sofia Rocks": Two-hours show, 50 kilos confetti and over 100 giant balls

We received the following message:
The most spectacular music event of the year Sofia Rocks 2014, which will shake/rock the stadium “Academic” hidden surprises not only front of the stage, but also behind the scenes. Teams already feverishly working on the preparation of the event, and in the internet has slide part of the requirements of the stars.

Oscar winner and frontman of 30 SECONDS TO MARS Jared Leto will arrive in Sofia with a team of 30 people, including own hairdresser, barist and personal trainer. Leto has special requirements in the dressing room backstage at a rock event. He wants it to be divided into two rooms, one of them to be in fully black, and the other in fully white. Room temperature in the black room must be exactly 26 degrees, and in the white room, it should not exceed 16 degrees. Equipment in the white room is a mandatory for Leto - juice bar and stall laden with freshly picked fruits and vegetables, selected from local producers. Furnishing for the black room is also minimalist - big bed “king size” covered with black blankets and surrounded by darkness and with noise insulation. 

In such a situation will rest Jared, hours before going on stage of one of the most eagerly anticipated summer events - Sofia Rocks. The show will last more than 100 minutes, the stadium will be immersed in over 50 kg confetti, and 100 large inflatable balls will be placed in the audience during the absolute hit of the band “Up in the Air”. Special 10-foot extension of the stage will bring the star to his most loyal fans in front of the stage.

Academic Rock Bottom 

This is one is for the perpetually lazy under-achievers at school (previously me as of recently). Some of us just can’t get motivated to do well in school and I feel you. This isn’t your ‘perfect’ guide to motivate yourself for school (that has to come from you). This is my story of how I finally said bye bye to procrastination and hello to good grades. 

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The Bi-annual Rock School and Haverford School Exchange!

Every year, the students from The Rock School for Dance Education and the prestigious Haverford School for Boys share their school experience with one another.

Part one of the bi-annual exchange entails the Haverford School boys learning a little ballet in a master class at The Rock School. These boys, usually athletes themselves, get to learn just how much athleticism, grace and strength our dancers need just to take barre. Of course, the boys are The class is followed by lunch and time for the students to socialize. Check out a video of part one here -

Part two is a performance at the Haverford School’s Centennial Hall theater by The Rock School dancers. After the on-stage performance, Haverford School students and Rock School students are paired up to sit in class together, eat lunch and socialize.