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It’s been months since I broke up with my boyfriend, Casey, and I still haven’t moved on. I knew that he was a cheater, but a part of me still wanted to be held at night. Although, Casey and I never really had a conversation that held any intellectual meaning, I had a special place in my heart for the rock headed jock.

Until one night, I walked over to his apartment and found him and a random bimbo making out on the couch. He tried to cover it up and say that it was his cousin and she was a little crazy, but I’ve seen the messages on his phone and the hickeys on his neck when he came home from “Late nights” at work. I completely saw through his bullshit and packed my bags with watery eyes.

After months of eating junk food and seeing him with the girl on social media, I got tired of being sad all the time. I signed up for a dating site and hoped to find love, or at least summer love. Not even seconds after my profile was up, I got at least twenty messages.

I searched through my many messages on this stupid dating app. Most of them asking for nudes or just blatant pictures of male genitalia. I was getting ready to give up hope on relationships and adopt a pet from the shelter, until I got a text from the username: DorkyDonnie323

I laughed at the name and read the message,

DorkyDonnie323: Are you Copper and Tellurium? Because you’re CuTe..

I giggled and replied to the probably only decent guy on this website.

Cutiepie{Y/N}: Okay, if you wanted my attention, you totally have it now.

DorkyDonnie: Oh thank goodness, I thought I would have gotten blocked or something.

I chuckled at the message and we continued to message all night long.

Donnie and I have been texting and calling each other for a few weeks now and it would be really immature of me to say that I was in love with the dorky guy, but it would be hard for anyone not to love him.

I came home from work and plopped down on my bed with a huge smile on my face and pulled out my phone to text Donnie, but I saw that he already beat me to it.

DorkyDonnie323: Hey, {Y/N}.. I think that we should stop talking to each other.

My smile soon fell as I read the text,

Cutiepie{Y/N}: What? Why? Did I do something wrong?

I wracked my brain with questions as anxiety crept into my core. I had no idea why Donnie would want to stop talking to me.

DorkyDonnie323: No! No you didn’t do anything wrong, it’s just that I know that soon enough you would want to meet up with me, but I just don’t think that you would like me if you knew who- er what I am.

Tears formed in the corners of my eyes as I hurriedly typed my response.

Cutiepie{Y/N}: Can’t we just meet up now? I mean no matter what you are, I’ll still know it’s you, Don.

I saw that he read the message, but he didn’t reply for another twenty minutes. I was getting ready to end it and ball my eyes out, until my phone dinged.

DorkyDonnie: Alright, {Y/N}.. Just meet me in the alley way behind that restaurant with the giant glowing chicken as soon as the sun goes down.

Cutiepie {Y/N}: Okie dokie, see ya soon.

When I saw the pretty orange and purple colors burst through the sky, I decided to get ready to go meet up with Donnie.
I slipped my all black Chuck Taylors on and walked out my apartment door, locking the door behind me.

I was still confused as to why he wanted to stop talking to me, maybe I’m being Catfished and he didn’t want me to Email Nev and Max? I mean that’s the worst case scenario I can think of, anything else seems rediculous.

I arrived at the chicken place called Cluckster’s Chicken with a glowing dancing chicken on top of the building and walked in junction between the restaurant and another building. I thought Donnie wasn’t there yet, until heard a voice behind me.

“H-hey {Y/N}.” The familiar voice spoke with a slight stutter.

“Don?” I called out stupidly.

“Yeah, it’s me. L-look I don’t want you to freak out when you see me. Promise you won’t scream?” He said with a quaky voice.

“Promise.” I agreed.

I heard him take a deep breath then he stepped out into the light, I was shocked at wha- who stood before me.

A six foot tall figure towered over my being, with a purple ninja-like mask that went around his eyes and appeared to look like turtle.

“Donnie?” I questioned as in looked into his light brown eyes.

“Yes?” He answered.

“How come you didn’t tell me you were this handsome?” I smiled.

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Types of Jocks - Stereotypes

Thoughts on these stereotypes? Changes? Disagreements? E-mail … This list is compiled for people that enjoy being hypnotized to FIT a stereotype and I understand completely most of us are individuals that don’t fit into a box - just e-mail if you have thoughts on what should be added/changed to the stereotypes :) And all will have a common element of working out.

Sports Jock, AKA Typical Jock
Build: Muscled, but ranges from lean to buff
Other Looks: Short to medium hair
Apparel: In Athletic Gear / Activewear (when can)
Sports: Obsessed with at least one sport (any), and one team/athlete (any)
Food/Drink: General healthy suggestions
Other: Tends to be casual in how speaks and social in demeanor

Preppy Jock , AKA Preps
Build: Lean muscle to athletic build 
Other looks: Stylish hair
Apparel: Likes polos, designer jeans, & brand names
Sports: Prefers club activities like golf and tennis
Food/Drink: General healthy suggestions; if drinks alcohol, enjoys wine or artisan beers
Other: Elitist

Muscle Jock, AKA Bodybuilders & Powerlifters
Build: Huge 
Other looks: Short hair
Apparel: Shirtless, sleeveless T’s, tanks – gotta show off the muscle!
Sports: Bodybuilding, powerlifting, or similar and their athletes
Food/Drink: Protein! Gotta watch those macros. Supplements. Up to you if natural.
Other: Muscle, bro!

Corporate Jock, AKA Suit Guy
Build: Lean muscle to athletic build
Other looks: Classic hairstyles
Apparel: Form-fitting suits for work
Sports: Fan of a couple sports/teams, but competitive side comes out in the company leagues
Food/Drink: General healthy suggestions; if drinks alcohol, enjoys classic mixed drinks
Other:  Professional. Loves using sports metaphors during meetings and presentations.

Boarder Jock, AKA Extreme Sports Athlete
Build: Lean but athletic, strong and flexible
Other looks: Short to long hair
Apparel: Skater clothes, baggy, hoodies
Sports: Skateboarding, surfboarding, snowboarding, and other extreme sports.  
Food/Drink: General healthy suggestions; could be party friendly
Other: Seeks thrills / great rides, but otherwise very laid-back. Into indie/alt/punk music. 

Country Jock, AKA Cowboy or Redneck
Build: Muscled, but ranges from lean to buff
Other looks: Short to medium hair
Apparel: Jeans & T-shirt, possibly cowboy boots and/or hat. 
Sports: Football, NASCAR, bullriding, UFC, etc. Enjoys activities like hunting, fishing, & mod bogging.  
Food/Drink: General healthy suggestions; if drinks, enjoys beer or dark liquors like whiskey
Other: Drives trucks, likes country music and/or classic rock;

Military Jock, AKA Soldier:
Build: Muscled, but ranges from lean to buff
Apparel: Camouflage, combat boots, etc. Likes dressing in uniform when can.
Sports: Prefers to follow the military
Food/Drink: General healthy suggestions; if drinks, enjoys beer or cheap liquor
Other: Likes structure and discipline. Inclined to obey authority. “Yes sir/ma’am!”

Punk Jocks, AKA Punks & Skinheads    
Build: Muscled, but ranges from lean to buff
Other looks: Buzzed hair or alternative styles like mohawks; tattoos and piercings
Apparel: Boots, trousers
Sports: Boxing, rugby, and other physical sports.
Food/Drink: General healthy suggestions; could be straight edge or might enjoy vices.  
Other: Likes punk music and its relatives. Rebellious nature.

Dumb Jock:
Build: Muscled, but ranges from lean to buff
Other looks: Short to medium hair
Apparel: Sports gear, clothes that show off build, activewear, jockstraps
Sports: Always smart when it comes to sports & fitness – all that matter!
Food/Drink: General healthy suggestions; if drinks, enjoys beer
Other: Always horny, likes showing off body, seeks simple job for that very low IQ.s

hazelandglasz  asked:

My truffe cherie!! You are back??? I am happy to see you around again 😃😃😃😗😗😗 i hope your time away was beneficial ❤❤❤

My dear Naomi!  How much I have missed you.  :)  I have returned!  My time away has been and continues to be very beneficial.  I’m more “back with an asterisk” rather than “back with a blank check,” because I want to make sure I’m getting the most out of this while dedicating the majority of my time to my rock jock pursuits.

I couldn’t find an original hug gif that I wanted to use, but I *did* find this adorable puppy gif that I had to share:

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