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Caps Rock the Red Carpet 2017 Photos

As promised, here’s the ridiculous amount of pictures I took at the red carpet event yesterday! I tried to get most of the players as they were getting out of their cars when they were closest to me. Also plz enjoy my snapchat captions.

(I’m putting most of it under a read more because there are 20 pics and I didn’t want it clogging up people’s dashes)

Oshie, lookin hella good in his checkered vest, was first on the scene

Followed closely by Niskanen, who was killing it

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Bakugan what's good

Okay so it’s been what feels like a century since I watched Bakugan and I only remember the first 2 parts correctly but looking back I remember being little and thinking up all kinds of cool things about the types and the effect they had on the kids that used them, so here you go, my Bakugan headcannons rehashed from my 8yr old self:

- Pyrus: They aren’t burned by fire, ever. Anytime they use anything flame related (i.e. a matchstick, stove, lighter, etc) they will do successfully & flawlessly. Smoke doesn’t choke them as with most people. They’re the ones with the highest body temperature and wear the least in the summer heat, if they sweat and it’d hot enough to they tend to simmer. If experiencing certain emotions they’ll flush red, not pink, red, and actually start to steam if kept in that mood.
- Ventus: The lightest, jumping the highest, they feel like their feet almost never touch the ground. Acrobatic as hell, can turn 3 back flips with ease and land perfectly. They never run out of breath, they could jog for miles and never feel tired. They can project their voices as far as the wind is strong and in turn hear anything the wind carries crystal clear. They always seem to be swaying to a beat no one can hear but it’s usually whatever direction the wind is moving at the time.
- Aquos: Yes, they swim fast, they can breath underwater for unbelievable times. But they can go deeper, never affected by pressure changes, always able to see in any water. They retain water, almost never needing to drink but always happy to take an offered water bottle and empty it in 5 seconds flat. They always look fresh and moisturized, always soft and smooth and hair lustrous. Love the rain and storms but always look dry when coming in, umbrella or not. They cry alot too, they don’t really have control over it, they just cry a whole lot when their even mildly upset.
- Sub-Tetrra: Muscles, even if covered with fat and look like a butterball they’ll be the strongest kids you’ll ever see, could hold you, your dad and your Great Dane like you were juggling balls. Their skin is thick, a deep cut to most is a scratch to them. The most naturally athletic kids ever, Ventus may have stamina but only a Sub-Terra can keep pace with them by sheer muscle power. They always know which way to go, which plants are poison and which are safe, if climbing the rock will never give under them and let them fall. Similar to Aquos they can go the longest without eating, just a simple sandwich and they could go two full days feeling fine.
- Haos: Their eyes never get blinded by light, they could look directly at the sun and never go blind. Flashlights never run out, light bulbs never die, fireworks seem a little more bright and dazzling when they watch. They can see perfectly fine in the dark with the littlest bit of light sources, the most likely to develop synesthesia in their youth. They always seem to glow, perfect rays of sunshine that never falter. They have a bit of a hard time seeing themselves in mirrors from the light they create, usually leaving photos fuzzy at the edges and their faces unclear.
- Darkus: Thoughtful, they feel a constant weight from their dulled emotions, leaving them to come off as cold or uncaring when they simply can’t feel as deeply. Like Haos they have perfect night vision, but because the dark and shadows guide rather than hide in the presence of the Darkus, usually helping them find their way where they want to go. Shadows are always bigger, always cooler or warmer if they want it, always covering the Darkus kids even if it’s a mid-day sun. Usually the most sluggish during day and most active at night, constant bags under their eyes from their sleep full of beautifully dark dreams. They usually come with that presence that sets hairs on end and people looking at the child that’s none the wiser.