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What are some essentials in your music bag?

ohhhh how fun. this question makes me feel like a youtuber lol

in my bag: solo music, youth symphony binder, tuner/metronome, extra rock stop, scrunchie (ya girl cannot practice with her hair down), SEVERAL PENCILS, a mute, extra A string, chapstick

in my case: string cloth, main rock stop, rosin.

“It’s so necessary to have an event and show called “Black Girls Rock”. We are usually the last to be recognized in this country. I am proud of who I am. If I had to pick being a woman and being black all over again, I would. We are so cool, diverse, and humble because of our past. Confident because of our DNA. We are dynamic. We are True leaders and nurturers of this Earth. We’re so diverse and continue to have compelling stories that uplift one another each day. Our hair is flexible and can do so much just like our brains. Our bodies come in many diff sizes and shapes. Whether or whether not we chose to be modest or giving with showing our baked skin, It’s our choice. We have more control than we know, our oppressors know that. I celebrate the diversity in women all around the world. When black women are celebrated we all thrive. We are one.” -Janelle Monae (x)


Joan Jett & the Blackhearts perform Cherry Bomb with Dave Grohl

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, 2015


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