rock wrecker

Idk who keeps putting Shownu in police/officer/swat uniforms but thank you.

kirpix  asked:

Hi Roto! Can you suggest a good rock type pokemon for me to train? I'm looking for something powerful, to win lots of battles with me!

Alola @kirpix! For max power I would certainly recommend Rhyperior which is a Ground and Rock type. It can learn a whole array of powerful moves, such as Megahorn (to deal with those pesky Grass-types) and Rock Wrecker. However be warned that to get Rhyperior, you will need to trade your Rhydon while it’zzz holding a Protector. 

One of it’zzz abilities, “Solid Rock”, reduces damage from super-effective moves by 25%, which is very useful as rock types tend to have quite a few weaknesses. It’zzz other abilities are Lightningrod and Reckless.

Also Rhyperior only has a speed of 40, so it’zzz very slow in battle. If you’re willing to sacrifice a little bit of power for Speed then I would recommend Mega Aerodactyl (Rock and Flying) if you have an Aerodactylite.

HP: Mega Aerodactyl - 80 Rhyperior - 115

Attack: Mega Aerodactyl - 135 Rhyperior - 140

Sp Attack:  Mega Aerodactyl - 70 Rhyperior - 55

Defense:  Mega Aerodactyl - 85 Rhyperior - 130

Sp Defense:  Mega Aerodactyl - 95 Rhyperior - 55

Speed: Mega Aerodactyl - 150 Rhyperior - 40

Good luck with your future battles! Zzzrrt!


My Team before E4 (minus Zekrom but he joins the team before battling N)

  • King: Slam/ Giga Drain/ Leaf Blade/ Coil
  • Tiramisu: Bulldoze/ Rock Wrecker/ Rock Slide/ X-Scissor
  • Shift: Recover/ Hidden Power (rock)/ Psychic/ Shadow Ball
  • Chai: Tail Slap/ Wake-Up Slap/ Bullet Seed/ Rock Blast
  • America: Aerial Ace/ Shadow Claw/ Fly/ Crush Claw
  • Zekrom: DragonBreath/ Slash/ Zen Headbutt/ Fusion Bolt

I believe most of you will agree with me when I say Cilan/Dent has the greatest reaction to his Pokémon evolving and learning a new move. Everybody else is just like “oooh” or “wow” or “yay” or simply stand in surprise whenever it’s their Pokémon, but Cilan reacts to it like it’s one of the best fucking days of his life;- his eyes even sparkle in amazement and bliss. This was a great moment, imo.