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Happy Blackout Day! My name is Sophia and I’m a scifi writer! I have two books on amazon. One is a scifi mystery about a black girl named Cosmo. My second book is a short romance story about black love in space!

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Rise With Standing Rock Native Nations March coming to DC this Friday

  • Though the protestors at Standing Rock may have been forced off the front lines in February, the water protectors aren’t standing down.
  • On Friday, Native American groups and their allies will converge in Washington D.C. to march for tribal rights at the Rise with Standing Rock Native Nations March.
  • The march, as noted on the Stand with Standing Rock website, is being planned by the Native Nations Rise Planning Committee. 
  • The organizers leading the charge, the website notes, are members of “Tribal Nations and grassroots Indigenous communities rising to the call set forth by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to defend our inherent rights to protect Unci Maka and our water: Mni Wiconi.
  • Though the protest is born out of the Standing Rock movement and fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline, Friday’s protest is a broader call for the tribal rights. Read more (3/6/17 10:50 AM)

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the houses as aesthetic blogs

ravenclaw: horoscopes, astronomy, stars, space, journals, studying, minimalist, clean rooms, messy buns, perfect eyebrows

slytherin: fantasy, dark forests, mermaids, ocean, beach, grunge, bloodied knuckles, ciggerete smoke, sharp eyeliner, straight hair

hufflepuff: animals, glitter, skin, vintage furniture, knitted sweaters, curly messy hair, happy quotes, highlighter, body positivity

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{Final Chapter: PART 30} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

Originally posted by jengkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; N/A.

“And in the end, he had everything he had only ever hoped of having; her, only her - for the rest of time.”

Warning: Although this chapter doesn’t have an M rating, there are some scenes of slight mature/sexual content.

This is the final chapter to this series! If you would like to read my author’s note, I have placed it at the end of this post after the chapter for those who wish to see it~ Thank you, and I hope you enjoy IWSY’s final chapter ^^

{Part 1} // {Part 29} {Final Chapter: Part 30}

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Standing Rock was infiltrated by a private contractor who compared protesters to warring jihadis

  • They are, it is said, extremists — radicals waging an ideological war, driven by an extreme religiosity — and only by using the tools and tactics developed in Iraq and Afghanistan can we prevent them from exporting their insurgency.
  • This is not a description of a terror cell or a group of fascists; it is how a security firm engaging in surveillance at Standing Rock described the protestors (many of whom were Native American) there.
  • New documents obtained by the Intercept show TigerSwan, the private security firm hired by the company behind the Dakota Access Pipeline, infiltrated and surveilled the Standing Rock resistance movement using counterinsurgency tactics learned while waging global war on terrorism.
  • But the Standing Rock water protecters are just the latest in a long line of peaceful, left-leaning movements to be treated as threats to homeland security and dispersed using the tools of war. Read more (5/31/17)

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pairing: taegi | reader

genre: smut + polyamory with taegi

word count: 2,738

request: oral with yoongi + taehyung 

description: Finals week has you stressed, so your boyfriends decide to help you out. 


“You need to relax,” One set of words whispered against the shell of your ear, the harsh husk of his voice sending a violent thudding straight through the center of your chest. You turned to face the devilish curve of his feline lips, perfectly paired with darkened eyes that insinuated everything that he was thinking of in that moment. But you didn’t even have time to contemplate a response, a response that would have without a doubt been shaky and tortured, before a second set of words appeared.  

“Yeah, let us take care of you,” Was whispered in a deep timbre at the side of your neck, so low and lustful that it caused a string of delectable vibrations to scatter across your skin. You moved almost immediately at the sound of his voice, eyes catching the way his lips transformed into a boxy-smile.

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People always ask me why I decided to “go natural” and the answer is simple, I never decided. I didn’t wake up with a plan, I just embraced my inner being. I allowed the young woman who was always there to step forward. 👑

So when you see me just know my hair wasn’t a choice. It’s not a trend. It’s not an accessory. It’s who I am. Being natural is more than hair. Hair is expendable. “Natural” is a lifestyle, it’s a feeling, it’s a movement, it’s a vibe. Whether I rock an afro, a fade, braids, locs or twists… it’s mine. And I will not be suppressed, not at all.

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Minnijean Brown-Trickey (born September 11, 1941) was one of a group of African American teenagers known as the “Little Rock Nine.” On September 25, 1957, under the gaze of 1,200 armed soldiers and a worldwide audience, Minnijean Brown-Trickey faced down an angry mob and helped to desegregate Central High.

She was suspended for six days in December 1957 for dropping her tray, on which she had a bowl of chili, on the floor and splashing two white boys, after several chairs had been pushed in her way, withdrawn, and then pushed in her way again, in the cafeteria. Later, in February, a group of girls threw a purse filled with combination locks at Minniejean. She responded by calling the girls “white trash” and she was immediately expelled. [from Wikipedia]