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theghostofcaroline asked:

I'm in charge of chapter retreat for my sorority. We're about 200 members and this is our smaller spring retreat at our house, but I still have a fairly large budget to work with. I was wondering if you had any ideas for a big activity that I could do? Last year we had a bounce house and I was thinking of bringing in a zumba or yoga instructor.

🌻 On Campus Sisterhood Retreat Ideas: 🌻 

  • If you have outdoor space, you can look into the ‘bubble balls’ or ‘hamster balls’ as some people call them. Plan a soccer tournament (or other competition) while sisters wear the inflatable balls.  
  • Another idea is an inflatable rock wall. A company will bring the wall to your site for climbing. 

The yoga or zumba class are both great ideas too… Along those lines, you can consider these types of ‘lessons’ and activities as well!  

  • Cooking lesson. Hire a professional chef to give your sisters a lesson in preparing healthy foods. If kitchen facilities are limited, stick to salads, rolls, sushi and other no-heat foods. 
  • Improv experience. Hire a comedic improv expert to lead a improv session with the chapter. 
  • Jenga tournament. Jenga is fun to play and doesn’t take any special knowledge. The perfect game for a retreat tournament.
  • Make-overs. Invite a beauty expert to lead the chapter in facials or make-up applications. Sisters can make organic scrubs and bath salts too.
  • Art studio. Ask an artist to lead the chapter in painting a sorority related still life on canvases. 
  • Camping party. Host a faux camping trip outside your sorority house. Make s’mores, tell ghost stories, play games, etc… 
  • My closet exchange. Plan an exchange between sisters. Everyone brings either a mug, book, scarf, greek letter memento, or other item you request. It’s like a cookie exchange, but with something from each sister’s closet.
  • What Not to Wear fashion show. Plan a fashion show of only terrible outfits and the worse things to wear for recruitment. 
  • Skit contest. Since skits are getting more rare during rush, plan a skit competition for your retreat instead. Pick a theme, assign teams and provide props and costumes. 
  • Birthday party. Theme your retreat as a kid’s birthday party. Decorate with balloons, play pin the tail on the donkey, serve birthday cake, etc…
  • Cake decorating. Invite a professional baker/cake decorator to lead the chapter in a cake decorating class. 
  • Dodgeball tournament. If your sisters are up for it, stage a lively dodgeball game. 
  • Football facts. If your chapter would like to learn more about how football is really played, invite a gridiron expert to teach the sorority the ins and outs of the game. Use a gameday theme for your retreat. 
  • Sidewalk chalk art. Ask someone skilled in sidewalk chalk to teach the chapter creative new sorority designs. 

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merjolras asked:

HI ANDREA <3 for a fic prompt...what about trc!verse? (which trc? UP TO YOU MY FRIEND) or otherwise, something sad: this poem by caitlyn siehl alonesomes(.)tumblr(.)com/ post/ 50998854913/i-i-was-the-first-person-to-teach-you-that-love


you asked for something sad, and. well. well. here i am, and here it is i’m sorry (jumps into the void)

you are everything i wish i could tell you

kurogane/fai, rated t, 857 words

the bolded lines in parenthesis are quoted from the poem you prompted me with, caitlyn siehl’s i wrote out six messages, then erased them all (x)

(six: i’m sorry i was your lighthouse. i’m sorry you couldn’t see the wall of rocks on my shore.)

they lie together in the night because it’s dangerous to be alone. imagine that, fai thinks, and the irony isn’t lost on him, that they share the same bed to keep each other from the demons guarding this world they’ve found themselves in.

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