rock wall


To enjoy the nice weather Marley decided to walk the distance back to her house from the Rock Wall. As she enjoyed the fresh air she couldn’t help but take in the beautiful sights of Windenburg, the beautiful colors vibrant under the sun. 

Marley swayed her arms to the beat of the song playing in her ear buds, her mind wandering off in thought. 

Not watching where she was going Marley bumped into a body sending Marley to stumbling to the ground. “Ugh.” Marley pushed herself to sit up, her hand rubbing her back. 

“Are you alright?” Marley looked up to the women, her soft voice captivating her. Marley quickly got up dusting herself off.

“I’m good.” Marley swayed trying to play it cool. 


As the rock wall started to slow Marley heard a few giggles coming from by standers. Quickly looking behind her she noticed they weren’t laughing at her but at A man who had fallen off his wall. 

Marley Jumped from the wall stalking towards the group of girls. When one of them had noticed Marley coming there way she crossed her arms. Marley rolled her shoulders back prepared to say something just when the man stomped past Marley and the girls shouting unforgivable words towards them. 

Marley took another step this time away from the girls. Defending a man as nasty as that just wasn’t worth it.