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I remember when the Muslim/Immigrant/Refugee Ban was first created  and there were some Black people, mostly angry Black Men making YouTube Videos saying that Black People should not join this fight and how we should worry about ourselves. (If you don’t believe me, type in Muslim Bans and go to the Black Men channels that made videos on that.)

But, there were MANY of us in the Black Community that knew better and said if he goes after one group, HE WILL  come for us All. We were right!


This EO, signed during Black History Month, will give any law enforcement the right to harass or hurt any  Person THEY feel is a threat, looks like a drug dealer or is “suspected” of drug activities. But folks (Mostly Republican Men that shut down Elizabeth Warren reading Coretta Scott King’s Letter on Sessions and his racism)  told you to not worry about Jeff Sessions.  Yet the racist is standing right there one day later as that man is signing this EO. 

Even after all of the evil things he’s done and tweeted, Some celebs had the nerve to write op eds and say to pray and work with this orange man(Tina Campbell of Mary Mary), give him a chance (Nicole Kidman)  or like  (Matthew McConahey ) that suggested it’s time for Hollywood to embrace DT.  I haven’t forgiven you Zoe for saying folks bullied a WELL KNOWN BULLY or you either Kanye, even if you changed your mind. I sure as hell won’t forgive Steve Harvey any time soon. 

But the most dangerous of them all were the folks that told Black, Brown and Young People to not Vote at all in the 2016 election.The same people that said not to protest with the Muslim Community against the Muslim and Immigration ban. Awful.

  When you don’t Vote, when you don’t protest, you don’t use your voice and This is what happens. #RESIST!!!

UK Politics: 2017 Snap General Election

Call me a conspiracy theorist but the timing of this election just seems too perfectly in the Conservatives’ favour…
It’s in the middle of A level and university exams, meaning the turnout of young people will be even lower than normal, and as young people are more likely to vote left, this favours the Tories.
And it’s in the middle of Ramadan, so Muslim MPs will be less able to campaign as they’ll be fasting. This is important because out of the 13 Muslim MPs, 9 are Labour - again, this favours the Tories.

If Poe Party was a musical

-Edgar’s song is this dark, dramatic Phantom of the Opera-esque aria about how lonely and broody he is, with a ton of death metaphors and raven references. Poe doesn’t dance, only grand gestures with his quill in hand while sitting at his desk. There’s a soft part where he admires ~the lovely Annabel Lee~. Lenore breaks in and sings a few snarky lines, absolutely roasting him.

-Lenore has this over the top pop song with a whole cast of fabulously dressed ghost people dancing around her. But then everything stops when she sings about Guy, and everything seems to melt, her voice almost becoming a whisper. But then someone hands her a martini and everything resumes. Edgar shouts at her to stay quiet.

-George Elliot tries to hide her female voice while singing a classic rock ballad about sports and voting booths. Wildly comical movements, the mustache has to fall off AT LEAST twice and each line is emphasized with a karate kick or a wave of that one rib.

-Somehow Mary Shelley’s is gonna use both electronic music and dark gothic opera. Bad puns all around with thunder sounds in the background. Light effects are a must.

-Charlotte has this prissy classical music piece with ballroom dancers all in white rotating around her and kissing her hand. She then roasts the other guests on their choice in clothes. Super smug body language. A reprise of her song plays at the revealing of the murderers.

-Hemingway doesn’t sing, he speaks with music playing in the background. Imagine Gaston’s song in Beauty and the Beast, but using iceberg theory. There’s copious amounts of alcohol.

-Dostoevsky has a Russian folk song that has way too many pauses so he can take a swig of his vodka.

-Wilde’s is so fabulous. Strutting everywhere, falling into splits at the right moments. Super gay, super flamboyant. There’s gotta be a million unnecessary slams with his cane.

-Absolute silence for Emily bye

-Annabel is one hundred percent a Disney princess and her song reflects that, with a duet with Eddie a la Love is an Open Door from Frozen

-HG gets this cute sci-fi electronic opera sound that you would find in a time machine. He stutters with every word and sings faster than the music, thinking too much to even dance

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Hi! Who's the girl in a Black Flag top in your background picture? She looks awesome and I wanna know if she's a real person and find her band

Hi there! That is Kathleen Hanna, singer from Bikini Kill / Le Tigre / The Julie Ruin, and co-founder of the Riot Grrrl movement.

The documentary on her is a feminist / punk MUST WATCH. 

“The Punk Singer is a 2013 documentary film about feminist singer Kathleen Hanna who fronted the bands Bikini Kill and Le Tigre, and who was a central figure in the riot grrrl movement. Directed by filmmaker Sini Anderson and produced by Anderson and Tamra Davis, the film’s title is taken from the Julie Ruin song “The Punk Singer”, from Hanna’s 1998 solo effort.”  (x)

Here are all my Kathleen Hanna posts:

Here’s one of my favorite songs of Hanna’s / Le Tigre’s: FYR  (lyrics TW for gender violence, abuse)

Ten short years of progressive change
Fifty fucking years of calling us names
Can we trade Title IX for an end to hate crime?
RU-486 if we suck your fucking dick?
One step forward, five steps back
One cool record in the year of rock-rap
Yeah we’ve got all the power getting stabbed in the shower
And we’ve got equal rights (on ladies’ night)

Feminists we’re calling you
Please report to the front desk
Let’s name this phenomenon
It’s too dumb to bring us down

F.Y.R. Fifty years of ridicule
F.Y.R. Take another picture
F.Y.R. Fifty years of ridicule
F.Y.R. Take another picture

I wonder whether we could be happy in a place like that

Mrs. Doubtfire on Mother’s Day
On-the-job stalker for equal pay
Toss us a few new AIDS drugs as national healthcare bites the dust
While you were on vacation black people didn’t get reparations
You know these days no one’s exploited
Sorry dude can’t hear you with my head in the toilet

Feminists we’re calling you
Please report to the front desk
Let’s name this phenomenon
It’s too dumb to bring us down

You’ve really come a long way, baby
It’s you, not the world, that’s totally crazy
Cause we really rocked the fucking vote with election fraud in poor zip codes
Celebrate gay marriage in Vermont by enforcing those old sodomy laws
One step forward, five steps back
We tell the truth, they turn up the laugh track

Feminists we’re calling you
Please report to the front desk
Let’s name this phenomenon
It’s too dumb to bring us down

Absolutely sensible and rock-solid reasons on which to base your vote, number 113.

(with thanks Lucy McGough over on Twitter for this one!)



Today’s the day! the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the election is ending-GASP




Naruto Voting Headcanons!

Let’s say the title of Kage had to be voted upon…

  • Naruto would look at the line and his ballot realizing he never registered.
  • Sasuke believes the election is rigged and is dragged out of the polls when he tried to use his Sharingan to convince people not to vote.
  • Sakura would take her vote seriously, having researched the parties, candidates, individual backgrounds, etc. before earnestly turning her ballot in.
  • Kakashi lives under a rock and doesn’t really care, although Sakura pushes him to register and vote - so he ends up voting for an obscure third party.
  • Yamato would take forever to vote. He just finds problems with all the candidates, and eventually goes for the “lesser of two evils”.
  • Sai has a very clinical approach to the election. He feels that their personalities should factor into the decision, rather focusing on policy.
  • Shikamaru, of course, thinks the whole thing is a drag, and only votes because Ino pressured him into it. Yet he analyzes the election like a hawk before the actual day.
  • Ino is passionate about her right to vote, and makes it known. Her and Sakura make a pact to make sure everyone around them votes.
  • Choji is nervous that his vote won’t count. He wants to engage in the process and exercise his right to vote, but worries it won’t make a difference.
  • Asuma has complex conversations throughout the election, both with his peers and his students (mainly Shikamaru). But he is still very nervous on Election Day.
  • Kiba is the one arguing about the candidates among friends. He pays attention to the drama of the election more than anything.
  • Hinata tries to stay out of politics altogether, not even notifying anyone that she plans on voting.
  • Shino is like Hinata but a little more outspoken. He calls Kiba out on his drama shit.
  • Kurenai is the kind to only talk about animals and positive things because she dislikes the negativity of the election.
  • TenTen takes part in her candidate’s campaign, but respects her fellow comrades political choices.
  • Neji is uncertain about the whole thing and wishes things would go back to the old days. He votes anyways.
  • Lee is pumped to participate! He gets in heated arguments with Kiba and votes for the most “youthful” candidate. He also gets to the polling station at dawn.
  • Guy is like Lee of course, at the polls at dawn. He also factors in whether or not the candidate can do pushups with one finger.
  • Gaara doesn’t trust any of the candidates and doesn’t vote. He wanted more transparency.
  • Kankuro is a total protest voter. If his candidate doesn’t get chosen to represent his party, he’ll make a huge fuss.
  • Temari is the voice of reason within the Sand Sibs, even though her demeanor about the election, voting, and politics in general are sharp and heated.
  • Killer Bee is behind all the campaign ads. They’re all raps.
  • Ay finds out about Bee’s position and…shit hits the fan.
  • Darui says he can do better than Bee, even though he doesn’t want to vote. He just finds the whole affair drab.
  • Omoi obviously overthinks the election. He either votes out of panic or not at all - for the same reason.
  • Karui is like Temari, but less open about her opinions when discussing it with those outside of her social circle.
  • Yahiko is pumped for the opportunity to vote. He seeks out dialogue sessions to discuss the candidates, and aims to make an informed decision.
  • Konan follows Yahiko’s lead and has a lot of meaningful discussions with him. She and him vote together.
  • Nagato is very private about how thrilled he is to be able to vote. He sees the process paving the way for a non-violent society.
  • Itachi goes after Sasuke for his irresponsibility and/or attitude. He views voting as an immense privilege that as an Uchiha, he should exercise.
  • Kisame is your poster voter. He loves the sticker that he gets afterwards.
  • Deidara tries to run for Kage himself. He has a pretty unique campaign, mainly touting more funding for the arts - his art, that is. He tries to get Sasori as his running mate (unsuccessfully).
  • Sasori is too busy for this shit. He still watches it unfold…and laughs darkly.
  • Hidan is another one who runs in the race. He tries to finance it with Kakuzu’s money, and calls his party “The Jashinist Freedom Party”.
  • Kakuzu uses Hidan’s platform to target big politicians with big bounties on their heads. To blow off steam from Hidan’s constant ranting.
  • Tobi doesn’t understand what is going on but votes for Deidara-Senpai.
  • Obito wants to run his own campaign…called “Tsuki no Me”.
  • Madara backs Obito’s decision.

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Peasants and lower class

Triumph over powerful enemies

Nobility of the common person

This symbolism couldn’t have been more perfect if you tried, not to mention it was truly simple and sweet moment.

If it didn’t make you smile, even just a little, you’re numb and bitter.

I have to admit, I’m dying over all the Disney princess/ animals of the forest memes that are trending right now. Stay awesome, Bernerds… fight the good fight with internet savvy.

Scott, 24 (Los Angeles, CA)

“I actually haven’t voted before. Can you believe that? I know, I am embarrassed. You are like cringing right now…But here’s the deal! The first time I was allowed to vote was the last election. It’s when I was first old enough to vote, and…I didn’t. I was moving to LA, and I did not care about it, and I did not think about it”

“This year, I did register to vote though. And I am so ready to do it! Because I’ll be honest, when I was 19, 20… I didn’t care. I feel like a lot of people are in that boat. But I’ve been following this election more, and I’ve been really freaked out by the things going on, and so I feel like even though I am only one vote, that matters. I need to take control. I am hoping more people do too.”

“I used to think that one vote doesn’t matter, but that’s a very young way of thinking. Every vote does matter, and it’s about taking the time and actually doing it. If you vote, and you get excited about voting with the people around you, it becomes infectious. We can band together and make a difference – especially as Millennials. We have power when we band together.”

“If I were talking on Superfruit saying, “who has the time to vote?”, and our fans thought that they don’t need to vote either, we’d be banding together in a negative way. Every time you don’t vote, it’s a vote for the other side, really.” 

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Dailynaruto’s First Character Poll Results

Now that I’ve finished making all the gifsets, here are the results of dailynaruto’s first ever character poll. You can view the gifsets here (x)

  1. Haruno Sakura (170 votes)
  2. Hatake Kakashi (148 votes)
  3. Uchiha Sasuke (141 votes)
  4. Uchiha Itachi (133 votes)
  5. Uzumaki Naruto (124 votes)
  6. Gaara (119 votes)
  7. Nara Shikamaru (95 votes)
  8. Tsunade (86 votes)
  9. Hyuga Neji (79 votes)
  10. Hyuga Hinata (77 votes)
  11. Namikaze Minato (74 votes)
  12. Rock Lee (73 votes)
  13. Temari (71 votes)
  14. Uchiha Sarada (67 votes)
  15. Jiraiya (62 votes)
  16. Tenten (57 votes)
  17. Uzumaki Kushina (55 votes)
  18. Konan (54 votes)
  19. Uchiha Shisui (53 votes)
  20. Sai (49 votes)

(For the rest of the results see under the cut…)

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