rock the ww2 au


This June, keep calm and carry on with Tom and Sybil as we
“ROCK THE 1940′s/WW2 AU!”

Back by popular demand! Re-imagine Downton Abbey and the Bransons during the second world war and the years that followed.  Whether they’re on the front lines or the home front, whether they’re older adults with their grown children serving, or their younger selves caught in the midst of this chaotic era, whatever your muse creates, share it through stories, drabbles, picsets, and fanart. 

AND DON’T FORGET!  Sybil x Tom Romance Week is coming soon!  And Monday, June 12 is especially dedicated to this month’s rock the AU theme!

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“Sybil,” he whispered, his voice rough and tired, catching her by surprise, causing them to stop their slow progress. She felt his fingers clench a little tighter to her shoulder, a nervous habit.

“I just…I wanted to say that…well, what I mean to say is that…” he took a deep breath, his pale cheeks pinking some. “I wanted to say that I wouldn’t be here with out you.”

Her brow wrinkled some, a little confused by his words.

“When I woke up in the hospital and they told me I may never walk again I gave up,” he confessed, shame in his voice. “I know I should have been grateful to be alive.  I’ve seen enough of my friends blown to pieces to know I was the luck one, but it just all seemed too much."  His voice grew quiet.  "I was tired. I didn’t have any fight left in me.”

She stood silent, holding him up, listening to the words he didn’t know what to do with.

“I just wanted it all to be over. No more guns. No more bombs. No more pain, me crying, dying. I thought how easy it would be to just quietly fade away.”

She forced her face to stay still, fighting the emotions welling up in her.  She couldn’t do that to him, show him the pity, the condescension.  It would embarrass him.  She couldn’t let him see how much it broke her heart to hear him speak in such a way.

“And then you appeared and you challenged me, made me see that even though it would be hard, there was a future worth having–”


“It’s been you that has gotten me through the worst pain of my life. You’ve given me the one thing I thought I would never feel again; hope.”

She felt her lips curl up, the corners tugging into a small smile. “I didn’t do anything.”

“You did,” he insisted. “You are an amazing nurse and a good friend.”

“I was just doing my job,” she answered, immediately regretting her word choice.

She felt him stiffen, his eyes falling to the ground.

Her hand went to his chin, a gentle tug pulling his eyes back to her. “As a nurse I gave you the medicines you needed and changed your bandages, just as any other nurse would have done. But I wasn’t a nurse when I held your hand and watched you push through the pain and the nightmares. I’m not a nurse now, walking with you, loving the sound of your voice and the way you feel in my arms.”

She had never experienced a moment more intimate than watching the wall fall away from his eyes, revealing his deep affection for her.

“We’ve still a long road ahead of us,” she offered, her own voice growing husky. “But keep fight Tom and I promise it’ll be a future worth having.”


New Year…NEW Rock the AU theme!

One I know many have you been waiting for…


What if our beloved characters and their romance had taken place during the second world war?  Would Tom have fought against the Nazis?  Stormed the beach of Normandy?  Helped with the Resistance?  Would Sybil serve on the WAAC?  Worked as a nurse in London during the Blitz?  Or would she also work on the Continent, nursing the fallen in the heat of battle?  Or would Tom serve as a reporter, covering the events of WWII?  Would Sybil be at Downton, serving as a “Land Girl”, turning the house into a shelter for London children?  Or despite what her father and grandmother think, go work in a factory?  And when our pair do meet…would they have gone to a swing hall and danced together?  Would Sybil send Tom a pin-up shot of herself to “help” him while they are apart?  Would Tom get a tattoo of Sybil’s name across his chest, over his heart?

SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!  SO MANY STORIES TO EXPLORE!  So dig out the history books, and immerse yourself in the era of the 1930’s & 40’s, and this January, ROCK THE WW2 AU!!!

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Sybil & Tom Romance Week, June 7 - 13!

A celebration of all things romantic with the Bransons!  And each day will have a special “theme”!

Celebrate the Bransons’ “official” wedding anniversary!

Pick your favorite historical setting–Edwardian, Roaring 20′s, Regency, Victorian, Tudor, Medieval–whatever the historical setting, make it romantic!

A special day for lovers of “Modern AU”!

Saturday, June 10–”ROMANTIC SUSPENSE”
Angst, action, with a dash of mystery!

Sunday, June 11–”ROMANTIC COMEDY”
Tickle the funny bone and woo with laughter

June’s theme is “Rock the WW2 AU!”

Tuesday, June 13–FREE DAY! 
Any romantic setting/rating of your choosing!

Prompts will be offered at the month’s beginning. Stories, drabbles, picsets, fanart, any way to get creative and celebrate the wonderful and unique romance that is Tom and Sybil!  SO MARK YOUR CALENDARS AND JOIN US!

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