rock the sidewalk

Silence strolling on the streets,
Humming lullabies that creep on gutters,
Lulling the city to sleep.
The city dozes
In an infinite slumber;
Random vehicles whooshing
On the trembling sidewalks,
Rocking mendicants in their cradles
As they dream of burger scraps
And pork steak slabs
In their red and green fridges.
Lampposts glowing sleepily
From the distant drones
Of a drunkard, liquor mid-swerve.
Children, bellies full from inhaling dinner,
Which used to reconcile parted soles and shoes,
In hopes of gluing the last worn-out sinew of hope
To the promise of tomorrow:
A battle fought without ever winning.
As the driver pulls to the nearest pavement,
I am reminded
That while another day awakens,
My thoughts have not been put to sleep.
And in this dream weaving,
I criss-cross the last few fabrics of chance;
Cupped hands, palms waiting eager
For the crumbs of self-worth
I plan to have for breakfast tomorrow.
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EXPRESS has a new Rock the Sidewalk commercial! I love the energy of their recent commercial campaigns. They really create a complete, vivid experience with the bold locations and the music editing. Great use of music gets me every time.

When their Holiday 2011 commercial came on for the first time, I was frantically fast forwarding my DVR to get back to whatever overdramatic television show I was in the middle of watching. And then a funny thing happened. I stopped my DVR and rewound to watch the entire commercial.

I have done that literally every time since. I have seen it so many times without tiring of it, something that hasn’t happened since Sonic’s “I’m going to get some eggs and boil them” commercial a few years ago. I don’t even actually like their clothes. So imagine my extreme disappointment to find that despite my resourceful internet stalking, I mean research, skills, I can’t find EXPRESS’s Holiday 2011 commercial anywhere.

EXPRESS Spring 2012 will just have to do…