rock the sidewalk

in public;

member- taekook x you

genre- fluff (idk maybe angstish?) 

words- 1,388

summary- (requested) all you want is to hold hands with your two boys, but some people can be so rude. polyamorous!au

a/n- dhlaj’hf;asdg okay so i dont take requests for scenarios but i needed some poly!au prompts so this was one sent in :) i hope you guys enjoy!! 

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Usually, you love the idea of skinship. Big warm hugs, soft kisses against your lips, tender strokes against your back as you fall asleep- it’s all heavenly. But things were different when you started your relationship with Taehyung and Jungkook.

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Head Over Paws

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Pairing: Marichat (Marinette Dupain-Cheng/ Chat Noir) & Adrienette (Adrien Agreste/ Marinette Dupain-Cheng)

Word Count: 1,793

Type: One shot

Cross-posted on AO3.

She wasn’t supposed to be here

She was supposed to be away from all of this cat-astrophe, safely perched on the rooftop of an abandoned, decrepit building where he had left her, stomping all over the place and cursing his name for being so overbearing.

But no, she had to be herself. So heroic and completely selfless, endearing traits that usually reduced his heart into a dysfunctional pumping mess (Wasn’t it already?), but right now he was seriously considering the choice of wedging yoga back into his already hectic schedule as her petite form emerged from the thick dust clouds, scaring the living hell out of him.

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little-inkstone  asked:

Prompt: "No, Gideon, you can't have a real live dinosaur for your birthday, I don't care what Papa says."

This was not the response the soon-to-be four year old was looking for. Suddenly disgruntled, he screwed his face up, trying to think of another argument he could give his mother besides “Papa said I could”. That one rarely worked anyway, but he continued to try it, just in case a miracle happened.

As they walked he dragged his feet, kicking rocks on the sidewalk so they tumbled away ahead of them. He tugged at her hand a bit, almost subconsciously.

Belle was very much used to this by now and let him do so. She had her mind on other things, mostly the grey day that blustered around them as they strolled down Main Street. They were on their way to the library. Usually they rode into town as a family, but Belle had refused the ride Rumple had offered, thinking it was going to be a beautiful morning and they wouldn’t need the coats that she had so meticulously dressed her and her son in. Now that they were actually out in the bitter weather, however, she was glad she had bundled them up.

Her gaze fell back to the sidewalk beside her where her son was still pouting. She couldn’t see his face, but she knew the gears were still turning in his mind and her lips curled into a smile. What a wonder that this tiny human could think so hard about something.

She was about to look away when his head snapped up and he looked straight into her eyes. A smug look shadowed him, and Belle prepared herself for the newest argument for a dinosaur.

“How come Neal gets a dinosaur, but I can’t?”

It took everything she had not to giggle at him, “Neal has a dinosaur?”

Gideon knew it hadn’t worked and went back to pouting, “Yeah…” he muttered.

“Okay,” Belle said, playing along, “where does he keep it? I didn’t think Snow and David had any room for a dinosaur.”

“It’s in his room,” the boy said, “in a cage. His name’s Ralph.”

“Ah,” Belle said, the truth dawning on her. She knew from Snow that Ralph was in fact a salamander Neal Nolan had received for his last birthday.

A dinosaur- no.

A salamander could possibly be a yes, though.

“If Papa and I got you a dinosaur,” Belle started slowly, “would you want it to be like Neal’s?”

Hope shone in Gideon’s eyes as his entire demeanor brightened. He nodded furiously up at her and she couldn’t help a smile.

“Then maybe you can get a real live dinosaur for your birthday after all.”

Two Vans and a Bridge ~ Mikey x Reader

One shot: Yes

Request: Yes

Can you write one with the 2014/16 turtles? Reader was kidnapped and brought under a bridge by some guys but she manages to kick the one dragging her and she runs to the other end but the turtles were there doing something with their truck. Once they make eye contact with her they all freeze awkwardly until the bad guys catch up to her and they get their butts kicked? Michelangelo takes an extra liking to her cause she’s small, loves skateboarding and junk food and they become best buds.

Requester: Anon

Turtle version: Tmnt 2014/2016

Word count: 1667

Again I tried my best!

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Vernon/OFC: soulmates!AU

Genre: Fluff/Romance

Word Count: 1614

Characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female

Prompt: “Imagine your OTP are friends who dare each other to get their fortunes told. The fortune teller then tells them that they are destined lovers - and that they will soon be brought together by the powers of fate. Of course, the OTP doesn’t believe it.  What follows is a strange series of events that suggest that fate really is bringing them together. Maybe a bouquet of flowers falls from the back of a bicycle and your OTP catch it, like at a wedding. Maybe they’re paired up for trust exercises, and one has to catch the other. Maybe they want to have a movie night in, but the only chocolate they can get happens to have  hearts and pink packaging on it. Bonus if your OTP (or at least one person) keep shrugging off the events as they get more and more ridiculous. ”

Welcome to the hansolmates!Verse guys (aka source of my user ha, enjoy!)

“I’ll go if you go.”


“Fine.” and he made an exaggerated sweeping motion, moving a hand to create a pretty wind chime as the glass beads of the door knocked against each other. He looked at her expectantly, jerking his head to the room. “After you.”

Rolling her eyes, she tugged him by the sleeve of his hoodie and dragged him with her. She had a tarot card reading once before, during her exams in middle school, and according to the fortune she did pass her test. But if anyone asked, she would say it’s because she studied hard, but the prospect of going to a fortune teller was cute, if anything. She always thought of an existential presence guiding her life was almost surreal, and the predictions were always fun to track. After becoming closer with Hansol however, doing more silly things became the norm.

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About A Girl: Part 2

Previous Part

Pairing(s): Charlie x Reader, Dean x Reader, Sam x Castiel

Summary: Y/N’s a cheerleader, Sam’s best friend, and in need of a tutor; Charlie is the obvious option. Sam and Cas are the cutest gay couple ever, and Dean’s the hot jock (and Sam’s older brother) who is irresistible to everyone.

Tags: AU: High School, Nerd!Charlie, Cheerleader!Reader, Cheerleader!Cas, Jock!Dean, Gay!Sam, Gay!Cas, Sastiel, fluff

Words: 2181

Note: Please let me know what you think!! I am really loving the Sastiel in this and I am excited to write this possible series :))))

Tagging: @fangirl1802, @leatherandwinchesters, @spnhybrid, @drarina1737, @waywardlullabies, @the-sarcastic-mess, @ilovetardisblue, @winvhesters, @voidobsession, @marie-is-in-the-dark, @harrypottersfavegirl

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Learning to Fly

Another commission! I am full of happy. This one is from the wonderful @caped-ace, who commissioned this fic for @cinensis. FallenAngel!Reign AU, with Serizawa? Please and thank you! What a delight.

Cut for length, not for content.

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When Mob brought Serizawa into the psychic agency office for the first time, he was struck by how very plain it was, generally speaking. It seemed like any other private business: a small sitting room, a moderately-sized desk, a window that looked out over…well, not much, since they were on the first floor. A few bookshelves. A filing cabinet.

There was only one thing that stood out: the blond, winged man who was putting down two cups of tea on the small coffee table, dressed in a gray suit and purple tie.

At first, the logical part of Serizawa’a brain took over. Maybe the light reflecting off the window from the late-afternoon sun was creating a sort of illusion. But even after scrubbing his eyes with his knuckles, they were still there, massive and feathered and very, very real. So, some kind of costume, then. How were they moving though? Not much, but just so slightly, opening and closing, the muscles flexing as he crossed his arms and leaned against the edge of his desk. “Serizawa, right?”

“Oh. Yes. Um. Thank you for having me, Reigen-san.” He waited to see if he would accidentally sit on the huge appendages, but they shifted, fanning out around him.

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I don’t wanna talk about it - Pt 1.(Jimin Scenario)

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Idol: Jimin (from BTS)

Type: Angsty but fluffy

Word count: 1793

Summary: You had the worst day of your life on Jimin’s day off. You try to keep calm but end up releasing all the pressure on him. 

A/N: This wasn’t a request but I had some trashy days and decided to do something with it, so I wrote this. I hope you like it.

This was one of those days. One of those shitty days where nothing works out no matter how hard you try, and everything that could possibly go wrong goes wrong.

Whit the rage boiling in your blood, all you wanted to do was punch someone straight in the face but of course you couldn’t because you were a good girl, always smiling even when the world fell down on you. You treated with respect everyone even when they treated you like shit, sometimes you wondered if you were being nice or just stupid. After that day, you were starting to think “being nice” wasn’t even an option, you were indeed being stupid.

In that moment, you felt like you could win a war all by yourself and kicking some asses without any regrets, but once again, you couldn’t. Today was Jimin’s day off and how were you supposed not to spend it with him?

He was your boyfriend and due to all his schedules you were barely able to see him late at night when he got home, both of you so tired you just went to sleep after a little chat about your day. You didn’t complain about it, you both could handle that kind of relationship just fine, but definitely his days off were like a blessing.

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Questions Answered (Part 2)

Title: Question Answered 

Prompt: @fangirl-faye : In response to “Questions Answered” OHHHH THAT WAS SO FREAKIN’ CUTE! Can I have a second part? How Deanie-Beanie and Samshine react to it? The jacket and stuff

 Pairing: Gabriel x Female!Reader

 Summary: The boys hated TV Land, when Gabriel threw them in…but you had a different experience.  

 Warnings: Language. Yelling.

 Part 1 

Masterlist of FanFiction

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The boys were still asleep when you got back in, so you just snuck in and crawled right into bed.  Gabriel’s warm jacket you left wrapped around you like a second blanket, enjoying how it smelled of him and how warm it made you feel.  A small part of your brain said to hide it, but you were too tired to listen.

You should have listened.

“Where the hell did you get that?!”  You woke to Dean shouting loudly as he glared down at your sleeping form on the couch.

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