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Miyavi in the July 2015 issue of +act. magazine.

Stream info/update

Until Picarto gets fixed with the bugs of loading and crashing this month, I’m gonna switch to twitch (heh that rhymed). And also looking forward to learn flash and camera movement. I did look up tutorials but it was just.. confusing.. and got frustrated.. I’m rather a slow computer at first but I do pick things up quickly once I get used to it. But I’d rather have a one on one experience so it’s easier to work with and ask questions if anything and thank heavens to my wonderful amigo will help me out ^^ Though she’s still on vacation so it’s questionable if she has time and I respect that she’s busy but we shall see. :)   

-Jakei Flash Animation School- 

@jakei95 Wizard Art Sensei in the house as I am Wizard Art Student~ Teach me your ways of flash and their secrets *take your art pen wands up*  


cry out [RIJF'16]