rock the set

“I like rocks”,  “they just set there being rocks”, “solid”, hard”, “they don’t try to be flowers”, and they don’t try to be trees”, “they like being exactly what they are”, “just rocks”! “That’s why I  like rocks’! 

therock 345am. Man on the run.
Day 47 of 64 shooting our action thriller #SkyscraperMovie.
Shot big sequences tonight requiring lots of moving parts. THANK YOU to the hundreds of extras putting in the hard work.
Fear and terror are never fun emotions to play with - especially for 10hrs straight.
Thanks again and great work.
And I apologize in advance for all the extras I push and shove down the rest of the week shooting these scenes as I’m on the run. Please buy yourselves a bottle of your favorite and most expensive alcohol and send the bill to Universal Studios.
#OnSet #OnTheRun #HongKong #SkyscraperMovie

Rock! CFVY outfits after 10,000 years. Just finally got the focus in to sit down and colour/clean for five hours we’re good we’re good