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League Office Hours

So one thing about the League that I like to think about is that the League isn’t that tight with work when it comes to filling out papers and forms. In fact, I can’t imagine it being as bad as working under a business because the full purpose of the League is to allow Champions and Elites to show up in different areas of the Region / Outside of their region so that way they can be in the public’s eye more. 

Steven has his traveling and is seen in multiple areas around Hoenn, for example. That gives off the impression that the League just doesn’t drop paperwork on him when he’s working as a Champion. In fact, i’d like to imagine Steven and the League’s paperwork is to be done at the end of the month. 

Why? Because if the League runs as it is, public appearances are the main thing that everyone needs from their fellow Elites and Champions. Pushing paperwork to the end of the month means that the league, as a whole, works together to get it all done and filed away so that way they can focus more on other things that needs to be done. 

The end of the month is also typically when everyone gets the bills and forms, which is not only filled out by the Champion, but with the help of the Elites too. 

This leaves up a lot of planning and scheduling throughout the month, a lot more breathing room, and a lot more workable after-hour hobbies that everyone wants to do in their spare time. 

Being part of the League is important because it means that the trainers there are tough battlers that are certified to give people their names in the Hall of Fame. They don’t just stay at the league building. Elites and Champions go around and study their region, help in any way they can, and provide care when it’s needed. 

Having a part-time hobby is also important because the League wouldn’t allow anyone to stand around and do nothing. That’s unacceptable, because the Champions and Elites need to be doing something in order to keep up their title and appearance to the public. 

This is sometimes how Charities are held when planned, how most of the Elites and Champions have other jobs and hobbies to tend to, and pokemon to tend to when they need to. (Also don’t forget about being able to work around it to see that special someone ;) ) 

Tl;Dr: All of the League paperwork essentially is due at the end of the month, giving lee-way to the League members to be a lot more active with their region! A champion / elite’s work isn’t paperwork every single day. It’s manageable and easy to work around compared to an actual 12-hour shift full time job at a company.