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Can you write an imagine where you and Justin spend the day in bed doing lazy and cute stuff?

YESSS Omg I love Justin! This is my first imagine on an ask but I don’t think I like it very much


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     You woke up tangled in bedsheets, your hair in your eyes and a warm body next to yours. You were partially naked, only in a pair of underwear, but one long arm was stretched out over your chest, covering your breasts. It was Justin, your boyfriend, and he was snoring lightly, his hair a mess of brunette curls on your sheets as he nuzzled his face in your shoulder. 

“Justin,” You whispered slightly after glancing at the clock and seeing the time. It was nearly lunchtime and you had never gone to sleep so late before in your life. “Wake up, sleepyhead.” 

You twisted your fingers through his curls and tugged slightly, causing Justin to groan and open his eyes a fraction. A lazy smile sprung up on his features as he saw you leaning over him, and he stretched his arms out before wrapping them around you tightly and dragging you into his chest before peppering kissed all along your face. 

“Justin!” You giggled, grabbing onto his face and finally giving him a proper kiss. After you pulled away and go onto your knees on the bed, crossing your arms and staring at him. “You told me you were going to take me to the beach today, but I’ll bet all the good spots are taken now because of your persistent late night activities!” 

Justin laughed and ran a hand through his hair while adjusting himself so he was laying on his back with the other hand behind his head. “Don’t act like you didn’t like those activities.” 

You rolled your eyes playfully before memories flashed in your head, causing you to shift. “Yes, but I’m sure the neighbors didn’t.” Justin just chuckled and closed his eyes again. 

“Seriously Justin! Come on, take a shower with me and then we’ll head somewhere.” You shed your undergarments but as soon as Justin neared the door you shut it and took a shower by yourself. 

“Y/N, come on!” Justin whined, opening the door while you washed your hair. He knew not to open the shower curtain without your consent so he stayed by the sink, grabbing his toothbrush and lathering it in toothpaste. “The beach is lame, I just want to stay here and be with you.” 

“You had me all last night, Justin.” You said while rinsing yourself off of strawberry scented bubbles. 

“That’s not enough, babe.” He said around his toothbrush. He walked over and tapped the curtain. You made a noise of consent and he pushed it open before climbing in. “I want to be with you not just sexually. I want to watch your favorite movies and feed you your favorite snacks, and I want to lay with you and breath in your delicious scent.” 

Justin had a mouthful of toothpaste but you understood him clearly. Your heart warmed at the thought of what Justin had just said, and when you had first met him at Monet’s you never would’ve guessed he would be this kind of cheesy. 

“Okay, Justin.” You smiled, but it quickly faded when he spit out the toothpaste that nearly hit your foot. “Oh, grosss, Justinn!” 

Justin let out a barking laugh as he washed his mouth out before you grabbed his toothbrush from his hand and stepped out of the shower. He started to wash himself as you dried yourself off. Who knew that having your own apartment to yourself was the best thing ever? No sisters to walk in on you and beg for the restroom, no parents walking in during intercourse with Justin. Just you and Justin. Because nothing else really mattered at the moment or at any moment. 

When Justin was done showering and you were both fully dressed in pajamas (you were actually in one of his shirts and a pair of socks) you ran to the kitchen and started up the microwave. 

“Kettle corn or buttered popcorn?” You asked Justin when you heard him enter, standing on the tip of your toes to look at the boxes you had. Justin walked over and picked you up from behind so you had a better view. 

“Are you kidding, Y/N? Is that even a question?” 

“Kettle it is then.” You grabbed the box before Justin set you down, going to grab some candies from a bowl you had. 

“You know all of this candy isn’t healthy, right babe?” Justin asked while stuffing skittles in his mouth.

You stuffed the bag of kettle corn in the microwave and pressed a button before turning to him. “It’s only unhealthy if you eat it. I haven’t touched that stash since last Monday.” 

Justin closed his mouth and then narrowed his eyes, nodding while pointing at you. “You right.” 


Three hours later you two were laying in bed while letting music play in the background, just laying in each others arms. Your head was on his chest while one leg was laying over his torso and he was running his fingers through your hair. 

“I love being like this with you, Y/N. I just can’t get en-” 

“OH MY GOD!” You gasped and then jumped up, causing Justin too as well. He looked frightened but when he saw you run to the radio and turn it up he rolled his eyes. 

“Really, Y/N?” 

“Shhh, it’s System of a Down.” You hissed as the intro to Toxicity played loudly. 

“You really surprise me with your music taste.” Justin sighed, watching you play air guitar. 

You jumped onto the bed as the chorus came on, flipping your hair and bouncing on the soft mattress.”DISORDER! DISORDER! DISORDEERR!” 

At first Justin was pushing at your ankles, trying to trip you, but then he joined you. He stood up and threw his head around, pretending as if he were playing the drums. Soon the mattress was creaking under the weight of the two of you jumping on it. 

“Y/N, you’re changing me!” Justin panted when you two were done, throwing himself on the bed. You followed and gave him a questioning look. “I used to hate rock, chick flicks, and kettle corn.” 

You returned to the position you two were in before, looking up at him with a smile. “Is that bad?” 

“No, I’ve never felt better in my life.” 

“Even when I was throwing skittles trying to get them in your mouth and you accidentally choked on one?” You laughed lightly. 

“Even then, baby.” 



I’ll Always Be Here || c.h

its never too much, bb x

I M A G I N E 

You got me so obsessed,” you sang, dancing around in your small kitchen. “I love when east meets west!” 

It’s Friday night and you’re currently dancing to ONE OK ROCK. A kettle was boiling water on your 1970s stove as your hips swayed with every beat of the song. The glossed, wooden tiles kept your feet giddy due to the chill it held. You hopped yourself on top of your granite counter, preparing your ‘i cant even’ mug with a small colander.  

“Can’t you see I’m out of my head for you,” you sung, tapping teaspoons of sugar into your mug as you bobbed your head to the catchy beat. “Can’t you see I’m–” the vibration of your phone distracted you too much to finish the lyric. You press pause on your boombox as you check the caller ID. Your face beamed to see your favorite Maori boy’s name shine on the screen. 

“Hey Cal,” you spoke gently but contently, holding the phone dearly against your ear. 

“Y/N, I need you!” Calum frantically pleaded, shocking you a bit. “Fuck– I mean, I need your advice!” 

“What’s up?” You pondered, stressing concern in your voice as you hopped off the counter. You began shifting around your cabinets for a pot while listening to Calum’s unsteady breathing. 

“Okay, how do I put this without seeming like a dick?” Calum began, thinking to himself a bit as you took out a gallon of milk and poured it into the pot. You place the pot gently on the stove beside the burning kettle. “Okay so you know how I was seeing that girl– Yana?” 

“Uh yeah?” You respond, hopping back on the counter as you watched the flames dance on the stove. 

“S-so, you know how that was about 2 years ago?” Calum begin, having you hum in response. “Because we had… sex, and I left her because I realized I didn’t actually like her that much?” 

“Mhm, I remember.” You recall the moment Calum came crying to you, feeling so bad that he basically used her to a free fuck and then left her heart broken. It was always heartbreaking to see your crush get with other girls but then see him fall apart when he breaks their hearts. 

“I– well, she came by my house,” Calum mumbled nervously, a deep sigh being released on the other line as your eyes widened from shock. “And she left our– my now, 1 year old daughter at my front door…” 

“Calum, are you trying to tell me that you’re a father?” You quietly hissed, feeling all sorts of things as the kettle began to make a loud screech due to the extreme heat. Hopping off the counter, you put some black tea into your boiling milk and shut off the kettle beside it. 

“Y-yeah…” Calum whispered, having you sigh. You found yourself chewing on the nail of your index finger as you looked at the fire dance under the pot of milk. 


“Please don’t hate me, Y/N!” Calum immediately cried, stopping your sentence as you listened to his broken voice. “I know I fucked up and should’ve worn a condom. But I thought she was the one when, in reality, she wasn’t and I was the asshole who led her on to believe that. I don’t deserve anything but a fucking scolding but please Y/N, please don’t abandon me on this one. You’re my best friend, you’ve always been there for me and just– please don’t hate me…” 

The pot of milk suddenly turned a lovely shade of gray. 

“I’ll be there in 10,” you replied, walking over to your cabinet to reveal a burgundy travelling mug. You were definitely gonna need your tea. 

15 minutes later and you found yourself at Calum’s door, cold with your black tea in your hand. 

“Y/N!” Calum exclaimed as he opened the door to his house. You offer your travel mug, having him give you a puzzled look as he takes it to hold. Letting yourself in, you quickly peel off your hat, scarf, gloves, and coat and hang them at his coat hanger. “Y/N, are you ok–” 

“First things first– why the hell did you not wear a damn condom?” You said quietly, being cautious over the baby that’s potentially nearby. “You only dated her for a good 3 weeks! It doesn’t matter if you thought she was the one because you didn’t give it enough time to decide that properly. Sometimes you act too careless and drown into that fantasy world of yours too much.” 

“Y/N, I–” 

“That’s your first stupid mistake being scolded at,” you interrupted, taking your mug from him as you jabbed your finger in his chest. “Another stupid mistake of yours is thinking that I’d actually hate you. How dare you? We’re best friends, Calum, I’d never hate you. Even if I wanted to, trying is do so would be absolutely impossible.” 

You then lowered your tone, calming your running mouth as you gently placed your hand against Calum’s chest. He was furiously blushing at the little distance between you two, but you were too heated to notice. 

“One more stupid mistake you made is thinking that I wouldn’t be there for you,” you said quietly, looking up to give him a sheepish smile. “You’re supposed to make mistakes anyways so I can be there for you. I’ll always be here for you, Calum Thomas Hood. There will never be a time where I won’t be there for you. Ever. Do you hear me, Hood? Ever.”

“I hear you loud and clear,” Calum muttered, giving you a big smile as you backed off and took a sip of your tea. 

“Now then,” you said, clearing your throat as the black tea danced on your tastebuds. “Where’s Baby Hood?” 

“She’s on my bed, c’mon,” Calum said with a smile, guiding you up the stairs to his bedroom. You walk in quietly to see the small human sprawled on Calum’s bed, obviously in a heavy slumber. You put your mug on Calum’s nightstand as you take a seat on his bed. 

“She…” you began, your fingers rubbing along one of her rosy cheeks. “She looks just like you. What’s her name?” 

“Zoey, but it’s spelled with an X,” Calum said, chuckling at the uniqueness of her name. “So it’s X-O-E.” 

“Xoe, ay?” You whispered, carefully scooping her into your arms as you rocked her gently. “Well, Xoe, it’s nice to meet you. I’m your daddy’s best friend, Y/N, and I’ve saved his butt one too many times. I’ll be sure to help him, though, raise you up to be a pretty rad chick, okay?” You plant a kiss on her forehead while continuously rocking her in your arms. 

Calum was watching you with awe, seeing how much love and care you had for his daughter. Your gentle arms and loving voice was evident, having Calum bite his bottom lip in adoration. The way you spoke to his daughter as if she were your very own made Calum see you in a completely different light. You, his very best friend and partner and crime, became the woman that he has always needed. 

I’m in love with you, Y/N. Calum relays in his head, his almond eyes studying you with temptation.

“It was you all along, wasn’t it…” Calum said, having you turn over to him in confusion as he chuckled. 

“What’d you say?” You replied, watching as he walked over to you and gave you a goofy grin. 

“I’ll tell you over dinner, okay?” Calum mumbled, kissing your cheek before rubbing Xoe’s soft cheek. You blushed, feeling your heart beat a little too fast as you held Xoe close. 

“Are you… asking me on a date, Calum T. Hood?” 

“Why yes I am, Y/N Y/Middle/N Y/L/N,” Calum replied, having the both of you smile at one another before your eyes were directed back down to the small child. Her eyes were opening groggily, revealing the eyes identical to her father’s as she familiarized herself with you. 

In just a few moments, Xoe gave you a big and happy smile and you found yourself stupidly smiling back. 

🎂 Stenbrough Headcanons🎂

This is dedicated to the wonderful @trashmouthloser because it’s their birthday today. Go over and give ‘em a follow  

- Bill plays with Stans hair like 24/7

- “You hang up first”

- “K”

- Bill goes to Stans Bar Mitzvah

- When he was mad at him, Stan would bitch about Bill in Hebrew so Bill wouldn’t understand

- Eventually, Stan would teach Bill Hebrew because they wanted to talk shit about Richie in front of Richie

- Bill have matching ”His (⬅️➡️)” coffee mugs

- Bill celebrates Hannukah with Stan, and Stan celebrates Christmas with Bill

- So like, WHEN THEY GET OLDER things might get a little steamy in the Temple sometimes

- Stan’s parents absolutely adore Bill

- Because he’s so polite and his voice is so soft

- They both end up working as teachers at the same school because talk about relationship goals

- PDA is kinda on the down low but when they’re alone they’re so cuddly and they always hold hands

- Stan tries to help Bill with his stutter

- Stan’s heart skips a beat everytime Bills tongue would skip one

- In public, they’d try to discreetly brush their hands together to stimulate some form of hand holding

- Can we please talk about Overprotective Dad Stan™

- He always needs his children to be home by 7:00 pm

- And boy if you got there at 7:01 you’d get a two and a half hour long lecture about how wrong your actions were


- Bill would tell a funny story but couldn’t always finish his story

- Because Stan would lecture him about that too

- Bill always catches Stan looking at him

- They both blush every time

- Bill is a ball of sunshine in the morning

- Stan is super tired every morning and needs coffee to function

- Can we talk about how Stan would get them matching sweaters??!!

- They’d probably be reversable ones too

- But like Bill would tag along with Stan while he bird watches

- And sometimes they start early

- Like I’m talking four in the morning

- And Bill always tries not to fall asleep

- But every time he does

- And then when he wakes up they have breakfast together

- Because Stan didn’t want to start eating without Bill

- You know those couples that are tea freaks?

- They’re that couple.

- You name it, they got it!

- Matcha powder, a steeper, like 17 different types of tea, an original tea kettle, rock sugar

- Teavana is like their church

Cupcest Fluffy Headcanons! [Cuddling / Pining]

This is a gift for @cupcest-fluff since they’ve pointed out this ship is lacking fluffy content! 

Hope you like it dearie!

💕 Ever since they were sippycups, Cuphead absolutely adored his little brother, ever since that first day he held Muggsy in his arms, it was an instant bond.

Cuphead always laughs whenever Elder Kettle tells the story, while Mugman just rolls his eyes, cheeks flushed, smiling all the same; 

the day Mugman was brought home from the hospital by their parents, Little Miss Teacup and Tea Kettle Jr., Elder Kettle was absolutely overjoyed– but it was Cuphead[age 2/ almost 3?] who was rather suspicious and skeptical of this new found creature his parents dared to bring home. If anything, as Cuphead began to get more jealous of how the little rugrat was getting more attention, despite thinking the little baby was just a useless addition to the family, he didn’t want anything to do with baby mugs.

Then, one weekend when the two brothers had been left in the care of Elder Kettle while the boys’ parents went out, Mugman was having a particular fit and no matter what Elder Kettle did for the baby, absolutely nothing seemed to appease or calm him down. 

It was hours of this intense tantrum, and Cuphead could only take so much before using a pillow to cover his ears no longer worked, and decided he had enough!

So, Cuphead marched into Elder Kettle’s room, where he found a very exasperated Elder Kettle rocking a very upset Mugman in his arms while he sat in his rocking chair.

“Now, you listen ‘ere stinky baby!”
Cuphead snapped, which got the baby to silence for a minute as both he and Elder Kettle looked over at the frustrated Cuphead. As best as Cuphead could at his age, he told off his baby brother while stomping over to the two. 

Mugman only watched his older brother as he hiccuped from crying so hard– Cuphead, who was huffing and puffing, scolding and yelling at him –and when Cuphead was done, he emphasized it by reaching out and giving his baby brother a boop to his nose.

Mugman’s reaction? He laughed. The little baby laughed, clapping his hands– both Elder Kettle and Cuphead shocked by this quick turn of behavior.

“Is this baby broken or sumpin?” Cuphead asked, looking at his little brother with such puzzlement– especially when Muggsy started reaching out towards Cuphead, whining and whimpering if he wasn’t handed over to Cuphead this instant!

And so, although not exactly wanting too, once Elder Kettle moved to allow Cuphead to sit in the rocking chair, Elder K. carefully handed Cuphead baby Mugs. At first, Cuphead wasn’t entirely sure what to do or how to correctly hold the baby, at least til Elder Kettle helped him properly hold and cradle the baby.

The baby just looked up at Cuphead, who in turn stuck his tongue out at him and gave him a stink eye– which Muggsy responded by laughing brightly once again, squealing. 

It was when Muggsy nuzzled his face into Cuphead’s chest, letting out a content, soft cooing noise– Cuphead felt.. something like protectiveness for the little baby, and something bubbling in his chest, warm and strong– love, Cuphead loved this stinky little baby that apparently was his little brother. At that moment, Cuphead promised to be the bestest big brother ever, holding Muggsy close to his heart.

💕 Once again, ever since that moment the two boys were basically inseparable, almost as close as twins are– and this led to them being unusually physically close for siblings.

💕 Mugman situating himself onto Cuphead’s lap whenever the older boy is sitting criss-cross– even if it’s when he’s studying or reading or playing a video game, Cuphead didn’t mind it, if anything it made him feel all warm and happy inside, and he’d just rest his chin atop Mugman’s head.

💕 Bearhugs! Surprise bearhugs that lead to the two brothers losing their balance and toppling over– both giggling and laughing at this; or bearhugs that lead to falling into bed or onto the couch and turning into intense snuggling.

💕 The boys clinking their heads together as a form of reassurance or solidarity– I’m here, we’re here, and we’ll get through anything together.

💕 The Cupbros taking naps together whenever the moment hits them [which is almost always, napping together are the best quality times!] typically wrapped up and entangled together; whenever they get too arm to snuggle close while sleeping, to keep some type of contact, they’ll usually keep one of their hands held together between them, or just have their fingers lightly brushing the others.

💕 Movie night always consists of a big bowl of popcorn, a large, thick blanket where Cuphead and Mugman could snuggle and cuddle together underneath.

💕 Cuphead and Mugman falling asleep against one of their favorite oak tree, under the warmth of the setting sun, flushed side by side, Mugman’s head sweetly resting against Cuphead’s shoulder, while his older brother’s head rested against his head.

💕 Cuphead comforting Mugman during really intense thunderstorms; holding Muggsy in his arms, rubbing his back in small, comforting circles– Mugman basically trying to crawl up Cuphead’s shirt with each crash and boom of lighting and thunder –curling into himself and trying to make himself as small as possible while cradled against Cuphead’s warm chest. Muggsy usually began to feel better as time passed, protected by Cuphead’s strong arms wrapped around him, not to mention how Cuphead will either try and whisper soft, comforting words, or he’ll just start talking, talking about anything and nothing– he’s even pretended to scold and yell at the thunderstorm for scaring his little brother, that he’d go up there and kick that storm’s butt if it doesn’t knock it off! Mugman always laughed at that.

💕 Whenever Mugman is alone, he’ll pull out his journal from under his pillow, and just gush about his silly, romantic feelings he holds towards his older brother– spills his heart out into the pages with how much he yearns for Cuphead to hold him like– like how those handsome actors embrace and hold those beautiful actresses in the moving Picture Shows. He wanted that so badly it made his chest hurt.

💕 Cuphead has always tried to ignore the Itch he sometimes gets whenever he’s around or even thinking about his little brother. He notices how, well, he notices everything about Mugman, and how every little detail is just so important to him, especially when far apart from his brother– Muggsy’s laugh, the way he’ll try to hide his adorable smile behind a hand as he giggles; his smile shouldn’t be hidden, because it’s almost like the sun when it comes out, so warm and bright; the way Muggsy’s eyes crinkle with laughter, how they seem to catch sunbeams when the light hits them, how Cuphead could get lost in those gentle, brown eyes. The way Mugman’s body moves, bends and stretches– each curve, each line, Cuphead could just spend hours studying his little brother, basking in his presence. No matter how hard Cuphead tries, he can’t fully ignore the Itch. 

💕 The boys always end up sleeping together in one of the beds in the bunk, always have napped together as children, it only felt natural to sleep side by side, legs tangled together, hands clasped; and then they got older, and then they no longer could sleep together, and it was miserable. It was almost like breaking an addiction– Cuphead would toss and turn rigorously, his skin crawling as the Itch to look and touch Mugman hit full force– for Mugman, he had to swallow down the need to cry, rolled into a ball as he squeezed his eyes to try and force himself to sleep– but everything felt so wrong, his body and heart yearned to be by his older brother as they slept, he’d get night sweats from just how bad this ache was, just because he couldn’t sleep by his brother.

rosestylers  asked:

For the ask thing with the list of prompts, could you do Blue x Ronan and E? (That is if you're still doing those, and if not, then that's cool too.) Thanks!!

Well this got out of hand. Who is surprised? No one is surprised. I honestly just set myself the challenge of finishing something tonight. Two hours later, this. Please leave all champagne sabrage to professionals. Or at least, to your more responsible, most un-Ronan Lynch-like friends.

This is E: Sharing a drink.

As a rule, Blue didn’t like being sent on errands. She especially didn’t like being sent on errands that might involve cleaning up after Ronan Lynch. But she was also growing tired of smiling and nodding and pretending like she didn’t have rather strong views about reproductive rights and forests that shouldn’t be thrashed for more wood paneling for rooms like the one she had spent most of her night in, so at the moment being sent to check up on Ronan was something like a gift. She suspected Gansey knew that, but she wasn’t ever going to tell him he was right about it.

She searched the mansion’s many corridors–seriously, who made children grow up in a fucking museum–she searched the rooms they’d been given to sleep in for the weekend, she searched every bathroom and dark archway, and she searched around the back yard where the guests who needed air were milling. There was no sign of Ronan. She was starting to think he’d flown the coop and wondered if maybe she shouldn’t double check to see if the Pig was still in the driveway, just in case.

When she finally found him, he wasn’t doing anything heinous at all as far as she could tell. He was just standing, looking up at the sky with his hands deep in the pockets of his black trousers. Blue often begrudgingly thought of Ronan as handsome, but right this moment the light bleeding out from the large windows of the Gansey kitchen caught on the angles of him and made him look a great deal more touched, angelic maybe, than anyone would ever think of him naturally. Then again, what did she know of angels? Maybe they were all reckless jerks too.

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Not that I ever ABANDONED the ship of Hanson… I’ve kind of neglected them over the years. 1997-2000 I was pretty die hard… but I think I then became blinded by Britney Spears… and “If Only” kept beating out… Stronger? Or Oops… I Did It Again on TRL and I made me SO MAD!! Because of that, I kind of pushed them to the side.

But no more, no more! 15 years later, I remember what it feels like to be brought such joy by these guys, and I am now 23!! LOL.

December 17, 2011 was the first time I ever saw them perform live… definately lagged on getting on that ship… I hope to see them here in San Diego and NOT miss them!

OH! And THEN! For Drake Bell to hang with them and jam with Taylor last week?! Like seriously?! Childhood fantasy met with teenage fantasy and I died. Why was I not in Oklahoma?!

Oh the glory days… <3