rock the farm

I cannot possibly emphasize what a constant trial it is being friends with me.


Video tour around Great Britain, from Scotland to the Channel coast (not sure if I saw anything obviously Ireland in there but maybe there is and I missed it)

Folklore and witchcraft in the north of France: Part 1



There are things from your childhood you can never forget, and my first introduction to witchcraft is one of them: 

My family had been invited for lunch to a place that was ten minutes away from the sea. It used to be a small farm and the owner had a lamb so I spent my time outside playing with her, and that’s how I found some rocks that had a hole in their center. When the owner of the place noticed, he explained to me that farmers and shepherds used to hang them to their walls to protect themselves from a witch’s curse. These rocks are called Cayeux Cornus in Picard dialect, which translates to “horned stones” which usually just means “flint” but that can also represent the good eye:

This custom is very specific to the region of Santerre, Picardy, and Mr. Lefebvre-Marchand, from the Antiquarian society of Picardy, wrote down a testimony he heard near the town of Chaulnes: he explained that to ward off the evil eye, you had to find a rock with a hole that looked like an eye without looking for it on purpose, and to hang it to the walls of your house or stables. That rocks were so powerful that they could protect the household against all kinds of curses, however, if a witch happened to trespass and close the good eye with a smaller stone, the effects of the talisman would vanish and the witch could do anything to you. 

Though it is now rare to see such talismans hanging on houses walls, it is still possible to find those powerful rocks in some farms, just like I did as a kid!

The best part of Rogue One is going to be watching it with the full knowledge that while all this action and turmoil is taking place, somewhere in the galaxy Luke Skywalker is kicking rocks on his Uncle’s moisture farm, whining and playing with his toy plane.