rock star niall

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on your "this or that" meme. i don't understand all the choices. i haven't been in the fandom all that long and i just got into ziall so i'm a little confused?

you poor thing.

i swear or shot for me (them singing about THE STARS AND THE MOON. fuck both you and Shot For Me. The epic love story of Zayn being too shy to sing a drake song so Niall starts singing so he wouldn’t have to sing alone…….ouch)

blowing kisses or shoulder squeeze (everyone was confused about the kiss thing, i’m sorry you’re all blind….and the shoulder squeeze is their thing to calm one another down…..i’m emotionally drained)

niall’s my rock star idol (i love niall) or he’s so great (i love him)

las vegas (marriage) or las angeles (their anniversary) (pick your poison they were the best 2 weeks in the ziall fandom because they were the pinnacle of discussion)


there is so much underlying meaning from both these trips.

niall wearing the zm sweater or cooking chicken korma (the most confusing because you really had to be present for these events to fully appreciate them and everyone chooses to ignore them, stop that)

the funny thing is greg posted this picture and probably didn’t even realize what he did. i’m present thanks.

niall (totally by himself lol) was cooking chicken korma and telling the world about his domestic life on twitter. welp. it doesn’t take a genius to look into that. you can look at this post for the full experience.

zayn grabbing niall’s waist or the chin grab (basically zayn acting like a possessive little shit. would you have domestic married life or that cheeky i only touch your face thing. tsk)

fish and chips date or the eid holiday. (niall telling everyone on twitter that HE and ZAYN were on a date or niall spending zayn’s religious holiday with him not even a year knowing each other. ) i knew eid would get picked automatically but niall posting their date is ouch.

there was a lot more i wanted to add but seeing people respond to many of the options and not even knowing some of them made me feel relieved that i didn’t add harder more obscure things.