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Taylor Rooks appreciation post.

At 23, Taylor is making a name for herself as a talented journalist/host/correspondent on the rise.

And she’s our own Big Ten reppin’, STL and Chicago reppin’, Illinois alumna.

wethesherlock  asked:

any famous nonfamous fics to rec?? 😆

Famous/Not Famous Fic Rec

Wholehearted 77k

AU. When superstar singer and winner of The Voice Louis Tomlinson tweets “Nothing worse than waking up with no milk for a cuppa !! Gutted” he doesn’t expect someone to bring him some. And he really doesn’t expect that someone to have bright green eyes, long curly hair, and (fucking) dimples.

When It’s Late At Night 25k

Louis has zero interest in an ex-boybander turned solo artist when his appearance on the show gets announced, but that’s exactly who he gets stuck with when Harry Styles shows up at the Late Late show to promote the release of his debut album. For an entire fucking week.

The Wonderlands 150k

“Somewhere between chaos and control — these are the wonderlands.”

Harry’s daughter, Andy, is signed to Louis’ girl band. Her path to success is marked by competition, chaos, and for Harry, a love affair.

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Who Tells Your Story (33129 words) by lululawrence
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Félicité Tomlinson, Tomlinson-Deakin family, Jon Shone, Dan Richards, Sandy Beales
Additional Tags: okay now let’s see, Anal Sex, Anal Fingering, Blow Jobs, Phone Sex, ish, it’s complicated - Freeform, liam is just kinda mentioned, sorry liam, i’m really awful at tags, but i don’t think there’s anything triggering in here, just talk of illness, not life threatening!, okay i’m stopping now

Louis stands and is about to stop recording when he hears Fizzy say, “Holy shit, it’s really you!”

Curious, he picks up the camera and is attempting to keep it focused in case Fizzy gives him some good footage.  The camera focused on a very familiar torso and tattooed arm causing Louis to freeze and glance up from the screen to see a dimpled smile.

“Uh, yeah.  Hi, I’m Harry.”

Without thinking, Louis answers, “Figured that much out, yeah.  Why are you here ?”  Wincing, he shakes his head and is about to take it back when he hears Harry laugh.

“Well, I kinda wanted to surprise you, or Fizzy specifically.  So…surprise?”

Louis finally comes to himself and turns the camera towards his sister, who is still standing with her hands covering her mouth trying not to cry.

“Would you like to come inside?” she squeaks.  Harry Styles, pop star extraordinaire, nods his head and steps in with a soft word of thanks.  Louis quickly shifts to the side to allow Harry through their narrow hall and widens his eyes at Fizzy.

Where should we take him? he mouths at Fizzy in worry.

I don’t know!

Louis flaps his free arm before scurrying to reset the living room from their interview setup and something more befitting an international celebrity.  Shit.

…or the one where Harry is a rock star, Louis is just another midwestern kid who put his dreams aside for his family, and a wig for Fizzy changes everything.

Title: The Wonderlands // Author: Stylinsoncity @alienproof // Rating: Mature // Word Count: 150520 // Chapter - AU Famous Louis / Single Dad Harry // Completed: 06/26/2017 

Actual Summary: "Somewhere between chaos and control — these are the wonderlands.“Harry’s daughter, Andy, is signed to Louis’ girl band. Her path to success is marked by competition, chaos, and for Harry, a love affair.

Green’s Summary: Harry is a single dad to Andy, a budding rock star. Louis is the producer of her all girl band. Harry and Louis have a pretty immediate attraction to each other but Andy has made her father promise that he won’t go after Louis. A lot of pining and sexual tension ensues. 

Hi! It’s Green here with another review. I can’t believe I actually finished when I said I was going to. The Taming of The Shrew who needs that when I can read Stylinsoncity’s The Wonderlands. Guys, I’m obsessed with this fic. I’ve literally just finished it (at work!) and I cannot even think straight it was so amazing. Every chapter – every page – was so much better than the last one. THE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. THE DECLARATIONS OF LOVE. I feel like I’m not even processing anything right now. My brain is just screaming: incredible, beautiful, amazing, talented. Picture me as Lady Gaga in that interview right now. Anyways, I guess I’ll stop screaming and we can get into the grit of this fic yeah? Here is my review for Stylinsoncity’s The Wonderlands.

Rest of the review under the cut <3 .

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Louis blinked and tore his eyes off of Harry, who was on the move now, his long legs sauntering up and down the stage, every line and ripple of muscle beneath those tight, tight pants showcased for all the world to see. “Harry who?”

Niall chuckled and puffed in his ear, “Harry fucking Styles, Lou. Where have you been? Under a rock or somethin’?”

Louis stared at Niall for a moment. Well, no, not a rock exactly, but he hadn’t exactly been social over the past few years. He looked back to the stage. Harry walked in those fucking boots like a runway model meets porn star, strutting and rolling those sinful hips under the bright lights. In the flashing lights that had appeared after the intro, Louis could see the miles of skin under the sheer indecent shirt and tattoos that ran up and down the singer’s arms and torso. He was like a mirage up there. Singing his heart out and shaking that round little ass of his. He was like a different person — like maybe he had two personalities. Stage Harry and regular-trying-to-pick-a-guy-up-at-a-bar Harry. 

walk on the ocean - by Anonymous 

Harry is an on the rise rock star. Louis is as far from the music scene as a famous producer’s son can get. They meet and everything changes.

anonymous asked:

I think it's kind of unfair to in a way say the only reason harry is the "rockstar" is because syco 'chose him'. Also I don't think louis wants to be a rockstar. I think he has a whole different style that fits him and he will be great in.

I don’t IN ANY WAY think he’s a rock star only because Syco promoted him that way. Harry would be a rock star no matter what. That kid was born to be on stage and born to perform. There’s no doubt in my mind about that. What I was pointing out was that the reason LOUIS wasn’t promoted that way is IN PART because Syco et al had their eyes on Harry and more or less ignored the other guys (not completely, but to some degree) because they were stuck in looking at it as if there could only be one breakout star. 

And yeah, when I say “rock star” in reference to Louis, I’m not talking about being one in the same way as Harry is. What I meant was that I think Louis wants to perform and be successful and do the type of music he wants to do - whether it be EDM or whatever. I meant it more in the way of being a “star” or a “success”, if that makes sense. And yes, he’s too smart not to choose a style that fits him and that he will be successful with. I’m excited for it!
I'm Just a Moment, So Don't Let Me Pass You By

By Anonymous (Author will be revealed in a bit)

Harry is a rock star and Louis is a doctor and they are in a mutual adoration of each other’s cuteness.

For etamine, part of the Autumn Cozy Fic Exchange

Ao3, Oneshot

Week Four Roundup!

Take a Chance (4k, Teen and Up)

Harry and Louis meet in what is probably the most awkward way they can - singing a duet in the loo.

Walk on the Ocean (26k, Explicit)

The boy smirked. “So we’re really playing it this way, huh?”

Louis didn’t miss a beat. “We can play it anyway you want darling.” He dragged a finger along the soft inside of the man’s inner arm, earning a shudder as his nail scraped lightly against the sensitive skin there. He liked that he made him do that, wanted to do it again.

The other man stared down at Louis and searched his eyes. “Yeah. Ok,” he finally said, grinning widely. “My name is Harry.”

Harry is an on the rise rock star. Louis is as far from the music scene as a famous producer’s son can get. They meet and everything changes.

They Never Quite Leave (24k, Explicit)

When Liam Payne inherited his great aunt’s mansion, he never expected it to be haunted. With the help of famous ghost hunters Harry and Niall, Liam is hoping to evict the ghost and sell the house once and for all.

There’s just one problem: Louis has been in that house for a hundred years, and he doesn’t much feel like leaving.

Alternatively; come for the ghost sex, stay for the feels.

You Took My Heart By Surprise (33k, Teen and Up)

There is reason to believe Prince Harry’s life is in danger. After a failed kidnapping attempt, Louis is assigned to guard Harry around the clock. He is the best at what he does, but he has a tendency to not get along with clients. Louis and Harry start off on the wrong foot, but it soon becomes clear that neither is at all what the other expected.


Queen Anne met Louis’ eyes. “While your file documents many remarkable accomplishments, it also contains a number of early terminations. Why is that?”

“It all depends on what your priorities are,” he said slowly. “If your primary concern is protection, I’m your guy. If you’re looking for someone polite…” He shrugged. “I don’t generally try to be rude, but social graces aren’t what I’m being paid for. If someone values being sucked up to over being protected, that’s their problem.”

“You seem quite well-mannered,” Anne said, frowning.

Both Nick and Louis snorted at that. “You’ve only known me for ten minutes,” Louis said. “Give it time.”

Who Tells Your Story (33k, Mature)

“Baby girl, you’re always beautiful, you know that, but I am so excited to see how much brighter your smile is with a wig that is made especially for you,” Louis says, completely heartfelt.

Fizzy is incredibly smart and he knows that she tries to not let her lack of hair bother her, but you can’t help but hear what others say. All the years building up on her of having to hear remarks about how unfortunate that such an “otherwise pretty girl” has to be left bald, in addition to hitting the height of puberty couldn’t have made things easy for her. This wig means so much more than just a way for her to feel pretty. It is the stepping stone for her confidence as well.

Or the one where Louis never thought he’d get to tell his sister’s story, Harry never thought he’d find the right person to tell the story he wants told, and Fizzy has a way of making it all come together.

Epic Fail

noun, Slang. 1. a spectacularly embarrassing or humorous mistake, humiliating situation, etc., that is subject to ridicule and given a greatly exaggerated importance. 2. a person who fails in this way: He thought he was being funny and charming, but no, he was an epic fail. 3. Louis Walsh on Harry Styles