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Ahhh, this is a super belated post but now that identities have been revealed for the Reylo Gift Exchange 2016, this is my valentine’s gift for Inkpress00 who requested a modern day AU!

Just chillin’ with their fav mugs and an overly symbolic and totally impractical ombre scarf :P (also Rey’s giant marshmallow is a sort of homage to her amazing magic bread… ( ๑‾̀◡‾́)b)

Eyes That Know

Summary: The reader is a rock star with heavy addiction issues.  Sam is a former rocker who has been to rehab and been sober for a number of years.  When the two meet at a party sparks fly and they fall into a romance.  After losing one girlfriend to addiction, Sam can’t do it again and makes the reader choose between him and her drugs.  

Author: revwinchester

Pairing/Characters: Sam Winchester x Reader, Lucifer, Dean Winchester, Adam Milligan, Jimmy Novak, Ruby, Amelia Richardson

Word Count: 5697, including lyrics (which are italicized throughout)

Warnings: talk and use of soft and hard drugs, implied prostitution, cocaine overdose, major character deaths, mention of minor character death, mental illness - specifically addiction, anxiety, and depression, all the angst.  Also, one of the character deaths could be read as suicide - though it’s not intended to be one - and the song lyrics mention the historical suicide of Vincent Van Gogh.

A/N: This ended up being for two challenges and it is the angstiest thing I have ever written.  I cried while I wrote it.  First, @nichelle-my-belle is hosting Nichelle’s 4K Angst Challenge and my prompt was “if you kill all my demons, my angels might die too.”  I was looking for a song to frame the fic when @thing-you-do-with-that-thing announced the SPN Anti-Valentine’s Challenge and I saw one of the prompts was “Josh Groban - Starry Night,” which is a cover of Don McLean’s “Vincent,” a song I absolutely love.  You can bet I snapped that one up real quick! Click on each of the links to head to youtube for two different versions of the song.  They are so different but each are beautiful in their own right (though, if you’ve never heard it before, I recommend you start with the original).

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I am seriously overwhelmed by all the support my first attempt at fanfic received. I never expected it at all, so thank you all so very much. Sincerely. Truly. I am just stunned a) people read it and b) people liked it and c) people wanted more.

This is a sequel/continuation to the first part “Seeing”…. I have no idea how to include a link to the first part…so yeah…still a tumblr-challanged dork!

Thank you to the always amazing smuppet-in-arms @therobbinsnest for being the second set of solid eyes on this part. You are a rock-star!

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