rock slab

We don’t talk about the moon enough like it is so beautiful and it’s just a big slab of rock that can make tides like ??? amazing


Captured these beautiful flashes of color on one of my Labrodorite slabs.
Labrodorite is a very magic stone, amplifying one’s psychic power and intuition. This beauty can help one get over issues from past occurances, while also protecting the user from negative energy.


Folded light and dark bands in a metamorphic rock that was heated to conditions where it just started melting (called a migmatite) from Poland.

I’m experiencing my first snowfall and getting emotional so POTTERY.

something I found mildly terrifying when I first started learning how to fire the kilns is that there aren’t /settings/ in a kiln. I mean there are computerized kilns and electric kilns, but even our most modern kiln here is predominantly controlled by how covered a particular hole is by a big slab of rock. Kiln not hot enough? Try moving the rock a little. Nudge the gas valve. It’s like being taught rocket science by your great aunt’s Lupe’s famous rocket fuel chili recipe. You know it’s right when it /feels/ right. Except there’s no training wheels for what ‘feels’ right when you’re working with flammable gas and molten 2000F hot dirt.

So, EU potters that can tell something’s off by the tang of metal in the air, that know something’s wrong by the color of the light, because the flame coming out of a kiln in reduction looks different than a flame in oxidation, because the smell of ozone and burning metal can mean very different things when you’re firing, and they’re things you learn to look for. Artists who know when Elsewhere is close because the air /tastes/ different from the air they’re used to.


CONGRATS ON YOUR FIRST SNOWFALL! And also I’m loving this ceramics mythology that’s being built here! It’s so good for me.

(I’d love to see more about the mythos of various majors, if any of you should feel like writing it out! What about it is strange? What about it is strange at EU? what do you have to trade, what could you not afford to lose, what keeps you safe?)


Constantin Brâncuși“Work like a slave, command like a king, create like a god.”

Constantin Brâncuși (February 19, 1876 – March 16, 1957) was a Romanian sculptor, painter and photographer who made his career in France. 

Considered a pioneer of modernism, one of the most influential sculptors of the 20th-century, Brâncuși is called the patriarch of modern sculpture

As a child he displayed an aptitude for carving wooden farm tools. Formal studies took him first to Bucharest, then to Munich, then to the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris from 1905 to 1907. 

His art emphasizes clean geometrical lines that balance forms inherent in his materials with the symbolic allusions of representational art

Brâncuși sought inspiration in non-European cultures as a source of primitive exoticism, but other influences emerge from Romanian folk art traceable through Byzantine and Dionysian traditions.

Brâncuși always dressed in the simple ways the Romanian peasants did. His studio was reminiscent of the houses of the peasants from his native region: there was a big slab of rock as a table and a primitive fireplace, similar to those found in traditional houses in his native Oltenia, while the rest of the furniture was made by him out of wood. Brâncuși would cook his own food, traditional Romanian dishes, with which he would treat his guests.

Brâncuși held a large spectrum of interests, from science to music. He was a good violinist and he would sing old Romanian folk songs, often expressing by them his feelings of homesickness. After the installment of communism, he never considered moving back to his native Romania, but he did visit it eight times.

Brâncuși died on March 16, 1957, aged 81. He was buried in the Cimetière du Montparnasse in Paris. This cemetery also displays statues that Brâncuși carved for deceased artists.

At his death Brâncuși left 1200 photographs and 215 sculptures. He bequeathed part of his collection to the French state, after it was refused by the Romanian Communist government, on condition that his workshop be rebuilt as it was on the day he died. This reconstruction of his studio, adjacent to the Pompidou Centre, is open to the public

Brâncuși’s works are housed in the National Museum of Art of Romania (Bucharest), the Museum of Modern Art (New York) and other museums around the world. The Philadelphia Museum of Art holds the largest collection of Brâncuși sculptures in the United States.

Representative works (as shown in the above photos): The Gate of Kiss, Mademoiselle Pogany, The Table of Silence, The Endless Column;

Kissing birds, chalice, Venus. 

This is one of the most intriguing rock art panels I saw at Petroglyph National Monument. For one, it is oddly placed, as though the rock slab was deliberately relocated and oriented away from the main field of volcanic boulders on the mesa’s slope. 

It is tempting to read a left-to-right narrative from the figures, though there is no reason to suppose that the artisan who made these glyphs intended to express any kind of linear idea. The figures are not words, but mnemonic prompts that recall histories or myths or dreams and visions. If there are stories to tell they are oral transmissions, and the glyphs are just reminders and cues.

And I really have no reason to call the central glyph a chalice other than that is what it looks like to me. The four-pointed star is typically described as a representation of Venus (the planet, not the goddess) by descendants of the ancient Puebloans. 

Half Love - Prologue

Prologue | Part 1

Genre: Drama/Supernatural

Word Count: 641

They say that vampires are superior to humans. They are tremendously strong and swift, able to punch dents into solid brick walls and silently slip away without a trace. Their eyes are extremely hypnotic, a stare which no human can avoid. The victim to falls for their supernatural stare, fated to be commanded by the undead being. They were also incredibly alluring and charming, a feature which many people could not resist, allowing for easier hunting. Yes, vampires were quite extraordinary. However, they were cursed creatures who could not be exposed to sunlight unless their desire was to turn to dust. They were cursed to constantly feed upon the living, forced to suck the life from others to sustain their immortality.

Humans were free from these restrictions. They could move about at any time they pleased, whether rain or sunshine. They weren’t immortal, but there was no need for them to hunt down prey to ensure their survival. They could eat, drink, taste. Something the undead couldn’t do. They were free. Free to live, free to laugh, free to love. Humans were strong.

Unfortunately, the human body could only take so much. The birthing of a cursed being would have led to consequences that could not be repaired, not even with immortality, for the damage was too great that a transformation would have instantly ended their life. The consequences would continue to torment the human, ultimately leading to their imminent death. Humans were weak.

And the gravestone you stood in front of was a constant reminder.

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We Intertwined: Ch. 6

An Ignis Scientia Story

Chapter 5 | AO3 | Chapter 7
Word Count: 1,676

A/N: Let me know what you think of this one! Tagging some friends, @chocobro-daydreams @mistressoli @teneniel @iinkpools @chocobrodreamteam @ladyscientia @cupnoodle-queen @itshaejinju @themissimmortal

Ignis realized he was pacing, but his legs wouldn’t stop. He was still outside of the campsite, marching in tight circles so quickly that the grass was starting to erode under the red soles of his shoes. His feet protested, but he couldn’t stop his panicked canter.

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Polishing a fossil bearing rock slab, Morocco

I Don’t Dream At All. Chapter 1

May have gotten some of the details/lines wrong.
References to David’s assault on Daniels, TW for that.
Anyway, my addition to the Walter x Daniels collection! I Hope you enjoy!

“Is that how it’s done?” his voice is devoid of any warmth, colored by malice and sickening curiosity. His body pressed down onto hers as he whispered the words too softly, too gently to her face.

Daniels strained against him, not wanting what was being forced onto her at all, but knowing it was fruitless. David was much too strong. The harsh power in his limbs pressing into her–


–feels trapped. pounding against the glass, looking into the green eyes of her captor. The hiss of the glass door sealing shut–


She should have seen it. It’s the eyes. Walter’s were always more blue, and they were kind.

Daniels begins feeling claustrophobic immediately, struggling against the oncoming sluggishness of the pharmaceuticals in the stasis pod. David’s depraved smiling face looming above her. Promising nothing but anguish.


“Look out!” She is pushed to the ground as Walter jumps in front of her blocking the oncoming attack. Daniels’ heart is beating too fast. Her breath coming in ragged shallow bursts.

Hands are touching her face.

David’s hands. She can’t breath. She can’t move. She lashes out and catches something in her hand, but suddenly she’s back on that slab of rock, beneath David, struggling to move away from his mouth as he takes from her what he wants.

“Captain Branson, open your eyes.”

This scene is unfamiliar. She catches a glimpse of the creature–pale. white. splayed open on the table of a cold, stony room. Its skin stretched, pinned to the table, entrails spilling out. But, she can still hear a beating heart. A pained and desperate breath coming from that direction.

Daniels finds herself moving closer to the table. The ragged breaths louder than ever. Her throat and chest aching, but not understanding why.

“Walter. What’s going on here?”

Tennessee is at the mouth of Daniels’ tent peering in, flashlight in hand and worry evident on his face.

Walter has the fingers of his right hand on Daniels’ wrist. “Her heart rate is currently 170.”

“Jesus Christ.” Tennessee steps fully into the tent, placing his flashlight down and kneeling next to Walter. “What, I mean…what can we do? Should we wake her up?”

“I have been trying to gently coax her awake, but my attempts appear futile.” He motions to his left arm, showing Tennessee just how tightly she is gripping his new hand. Her nails biting into his synthetic flesh hard enough to break it. “I have turned off the nerve receptors in that hand for now.”

The Covenant had a small stock of android parts for repairs Walter would have needed to make to himself during the voyage to Origae-6. With Daniels’ mechanical help, Walter was able to replace his missing hand. Tennessee didn’t know shit about mechanics, but watching Daniels and Walter interact was one of his favorite pastimes.

Approaching the stone table, the shape of the creature morphs before Daniels’ eyes. Her heart stops and she feels her blood run cold.

“I am detecting heart palpitations.” Walter’s focus moves back to Dani’s face immediately. “Her nightmares have yet to be this severe. I was hoping that this would pass without interference, as it is unwise to suddenly wake someone from a nightmare. However, it seems the more time spent asleep, the deeper she is delving into whatever trauma this nightmare is making her relive.” Walter reaches out with his free hand to firmly grip Daniels’ shoulder, leans his face closer to hers and says her name loudly and forcefully.

Tennessee doesn’t have much time to process this information as a heart-stopping scream erupts from Daniels in front of them and she sits bolt upright. Eyes open, red from tears, and wild, they erratically move around the tent.

Daniels still feels trapped. Her right hand feels crushed. Immobilized. She remembers pounding on the glass of her stasis pod looking into the face of the Devil. Everything feels and sounds chaotic. The voices around her a mad jumble.

“Dani. Jesus shit, are you alright?” at the same time, “Daniels please focus on your breathing.”

The hand on her shoulder a confining pressure, her right hand trapped in something, all the muscles in her body are taut and her breathing is rapidly getting worse.

She needs out.

“Daniels, I need to you focus on the sound of my voice.” Dani’s eyes snap to Walter. There must have been something in her eyes that told Walter that even though she was looking at him, she wasn’t seeing him, because at that moment, Tennessee could see Walter very quickly adjust his stance to face Daniels fully as her eyes went even more wild and she lunged toward him, her left hand grabbing at his neck and jaw and her right hand digging even deeper into his new hand, twisting and gouging out his flesh. Walter let her weight knock him over. His right hand having slid down to her left, holding it in place at his neck.

“Let go of me!” Dani screamed into Walter’s face. “You monster!” She tried to rear her left hand back to attack, but found it trapped in place by his. She snarled and twisted Walter’s left hand back to an unnatural angle.

Tennessee hearing a mechanical pop in the android’s wrist, sprung to action. He reaches toward Dani, only to be stopped in his tracks when Walter fixes his eyes on him. Walter’s message, though unspoken, is loud and clear, Please do not interfere yet, for your own safety.

“Daniels,” Walter’s right thumb begins gently stroking Daniels’ hand at his neck. “I am Walter. You were dreaming. David has been decommissioned and you are safe.”

“Fuck you!” Daniels’ spat back into his face. How dare he. How dare he take everything from them, from her. How dare he masquerade around with Walter’s face. Kind Walter. Her tears of grief and rage flow down her face. She follows a drop that lands in the corner of David’s eye

David’s…blue eye. She falters.

The image in front of Daniels’ eyes begins to rapidly shift–the android pinned below her changing from cruel to innocent and back again. Her breath stops and her vision begins to blacken around the edges as her muscles begin to shake.

Feeling her strength waning, she is no longer clawing at his neck with her left hand, though her right still has his left in a death lock. That’s alright, Walter thinks to himself, as he slowly moves his hand from hers around his neck, to slide up to her elbow and brace it there so she won’t fall over.

There’s a long tense pause in the tent, where all that can be heard is harsh breathing, and then…

“..Walter?” It comes out heartbreakingly unsure.

Tennessee is familiar with nightmares. He’s had his share since they’ve touched down on Origae-6. He understands what PTSD can do to a person better than anyone, and if they were back on Earth, between him and Daniels, they’d be any psychoanalyst’s wet dream.

Tennessee shifts forward cautiously, hands raised in front of him, “Hey, Dani…” Daniels lifts her face away from the pinned android and looks in Tennessee’s direction. “We only found one spare hand part for Walter on the Covenant,” nodding his head down to where her right hand has mangled Walter’s left. “Now, I know how long it took y’all to put that hand on him, I would hate to see that good work get fucked up so fast.”

Daniels looked quickly down to where her hand was clenched tightly around the hand of the android beneath her. Her fingers coated in the synthetic’s white blood and sees it dripping to the ground, the wrist at an extreme angle, with some carbon-fiber poking out where bones would be if who was beneath her was human. The back of the hand has deep gouge marks on it and she can feel the colloid material under her fingernails, three of the fingers on the hand appear broken.

Her breath leaving her body in irregular pants, she continues to stare at her hand grotesquely entwined with his.

Walter, attentive as always, notices a shift in Daniels’ demeanor.

She seems to be coming around to herself, he thinks, “I have lost this hand before for you. I am unafraid to lose it again, if I must.” is all he says, looking up into her face from his supine position underneath her.

Her eyes move to his again. “Walter.” this time certain. There she is.

All of a sudden the fight drains out of her and she heaves a couple broken sobs. The proverbial floodgates now open, Daniels removes her hand from around Walter’s neck and tries to disentangle her hand from his. It’s hard though, she can barely see through her tears and her hand muscles are clenched so tightly it feels as though they are stuck that way.

She is sobbing uncontrollably, the muscles in her whole body spasming with each convulsive gasp. Daniels’ is trying to speak past her tears but all Tennessee and Walter can make out is variations of, “I’m so sorry,” and “Fuck, I am so sorry.” sometimes interspersed with Walter’s name.

Daniels moves back, though not completely off of Walter, giving him room to sit up. His right arm moving from her elbow to her waist. His hand coming up to rest against her ribcage.

“Daniels. I need you to breathe in on four and out on eight.” Walter begins counting, his hand at her waist giving her something to focus on to regulate her breathing. “Good. 1…2…3…4…” Daniels pulls in a shakey breath and releases it on his count of eight. Tennessee having moved forward works on dislodging her hand from Walter’s, wiping both their hands down as best he can, and despite his inexperience begins inspecting the structural damage to Walter’s hand.

Fuck Weyland-Yutani. Fuck the Company. is all Tennessee can think at the moment as Walter works to calm Daniels down. She is all but cradled in the android’s lap, her face now buried at his neck. The same spot she had been gripping him by earlier.

Tennessee looks up and makes eye-contact with Walter. We’ll be fine, thank you for your assistance, is written all over Walter’s face. Another silent message Tennessee picks up on easily.

He gives a nod to his robot-pal and quietly leaves them, trusting Walter to deal with the aftermath. Stopping in front of his own tent, not too far away from theirs, he looks up at the sky–the foreign stars of this new system winking down at him. Tennessee takes in a deep shuddering breath as all that they have lost to get to where they are flashes before his eyes and, raising his middle finger to the night sky, picking out one especially bright cluster of stars, he softly says, “Fuck. you.”


I’ve had the incredible chance lately to do some work cataloguing my school’s fossil collection, and this has put fossils rather at the forefront of my mind in the past few days, so I figured I’d talk about that a bit. Specifically, I’m going to talk about Knightia.

You may not recognize the name, but I’m sure you recognize the fossil itself. You know those little fish fossils, the ones with one or a few brown fish outlines in a slab of rock that you see all the time in fossil shops? That’s Knightia.

Knightia is almost certainly the most common vertebrate fossil on the planet. It was very widespread in North America and Asia during the Eocene, when the Earth was much warmer than today and the mid-latitudes were very tropical, and it lived in warm, placid lakes, rivers and wetlands. This were very good conditions for fossilization – a dead animal would sink to the mud-covered bottom and would be fairly quickly covered by soft sediments, protecting it form scavengers. Since there would be very little oxygen in the mud, the body wouldn’t rot easily, and would be very likely to fossilize with minimal damage or scattering of the remains.

Further, Knightia –  a schooling fish – seems to have had a tendency to die in mass mortality events, with large schools all dropping dead at once. As a result, it’s actually fairly common to find massive numbers of these fish preserved in the same rock layer, scattered around randomly in huge clusters.

Today, the lakes and marshes where Knightia lived are preserved as layers of mudstones and limestones brimming with excellently preserved fossils of all kinds, and since Knightia was one of the most common animals there, their fossils are some of the most abundant.

In life, Knightia was a clupeid, a member of the herring family, and would have greatly resembled its saltwater relatives.

Naturally, it would’ve sat pretty low on the food chain, and its number would’ve meant it was almost certainly a staple prey item for almost every small and mid-level predator in the area: Knightia remains have been found in the bellies of fossils of almost every fish known to have lived in the area, including Knightia’s own larger relative, Diplomystus.

And there’s the long and short on Knightia. Personally, I find having a little extra information on a fossil I happen to own greatly increases the enjoyment I get out of it, don’t you think?

Bigger Office

Working for a major company had its perks, corner office, great views and of coarse, the interns. Usually only get two or three of them at time to handle, each of them very eager to please… very eager.

Interns wont say a word about mistreatment or abuse, and that just the way I like it. heck I remember even making a few of them wash me down from from my broad muscle shoulders to the bottom of my feet, and you better believe I made them wash my cock, several times. watching their hands going across every fiber of muscle that was on my 7ft 2 body was ecstasy It was a new day, fresh intern was waiting for me in the lobby, through out all my exploits I had never had sex with one, and I had decided that this one was going to be the one. 

at first glance he wasn’t much to look at, very scrawny, almost baby like face as well as short blond hair, it didn’t even look like he had gone through puberty yet but on his form it said he was around twenty four. he was eager to please and very nervous, any mistake he made was met with “im sorry” about 10 times. after watching his tight ass bend over for me so many god damn times I swore he was doing it just to tease me, it was time I made a move. 

There was only one problem… my cock its not a usual size, its… colossal, gigantic even, so much so I had to order custom underwear to fit its girth and wear several pairs as to not have a distinct bulge out in public. it was as big as my four arm and the head was as thick as a cola bottle was wide and thats just when its soft! There was no way his scrawny ass was going to fit it, it had to be trained. I have had several instances were I have had to rush my partner to hospital to get my cock removed from his rear end, I swear he said he could handle it, not my fault he was too tight for my beastly member. 

I looked online for a solution, butt plugs were an option but thats a slow process of getting him used to a certain size before moving up. time I didn’t have patience for, I could feel my own cock fighting the fabric of my pants, wanting to be free and to be buried deep inside him. I stroked it through the fabric and bit my lip as I scrolled through pages and pages of sex products. Eventually I found the perfect one… some kind of experimental hardware that lets the butt plug expand while inside, the perfect solution! I ordered over night delivery, deciding against touching myself that night, I could feel my balls swelling, churning with enough cum to over full a bucket. 

I ordered him to my office first thing in the morning, my cock just about ready to explode at this point, not even trying to cover up the bulge I stood at my desk proudly as the fabric lost some stitching to the strain of my erection. 

“S-sir you wanted to see me?” he said his cheeks blushing as he glanced down towards my crotch. “yes well, to be in this sort of business you need endurance… and I have devised the perfect way for you to learn some” I gripped his shoulder tightly, most of my hand seemed to be spilling off his shoulder though, man was this guy tiny compared to me! I moved him to my desk and gently yet forcefully bent him over, I didnt feel any resistance from him, but even if he did, I doubt I would even feel it. “… how about you be a good boy for your big boss and lower those pants?”

he let out an audible gulp as he pulled them down, revealing his big bubble butt towards me connected to two spindly legs. I grabbed the device out of my pocket before gently pressing it into his anus, he let out a moan and seemed to be pushing his rear into it, forcing the butt plug into his virgin anus before panting. “God you took that one like a pro… I bet you’ve shoved things up here before huh?” I could see him nodded before he glanced back at me, begging me to do more to him with those big eyes of his, between his legs his cock seemed to be fully hard and dripping. 

“what… oh god its so tight and… b-big” he whimpered. “boy you have no idea what big is” I finally pulled down my own pants, unleashing the beast, letting out an aggressive moan as it hit against his balls, nearly lifting him off the ground. “THAT… is BIG”

“theres… no way that thing will fit! its bigger then my fist!!” “never say never…” I said and with that I switched on the plug, seeing a blue glowing light from within it start whirling as the butt plug started to widen inside him, his anus spreading apart slowly as he let out orgasmic moans, cumming onto my cock instantly. “I dont see why your the only one who is getting pleasure… see that cock down there? you want that job don you? see if you can fit it into your mouth” he bent down resting his body on the cock as he put his lips around it and started to suck lovingly on the tip, it was all that could fit in. I grabbed the back of his head, palming it like a basket ball before using my muscle to force him down further onto it, he tried to shout but it was blocked by the beastly meat throbbing in his mouth, threatening to break his jaw. 

My cock began to feel strain, like it was fighting something. as I looked across his back I could see… muscle, muscle I had not noticed before. I was sure he was just skinny and not lean. with my head clouded it was hard to see that he was… he was growing! his shoulders snapped into a larger frame, becoming broader and larger, his body began to surge with rippling muscles as my cock strained to keep his feet off the ground. his head beginning to fight my own grip as he seemed to just well larger and larger, his bubble butt ramming into me with now two slabs of rock hard ass cheeks into my muscled gut. “what… what on earth!? I have to… have to…” my mind was lost, his body weighing down on my member was incredible, feeling his thighs thickening rubbing against it with every pulse and twitch, soon his huge feet touched the ground  as he struggled to bend over, his muscles forcing him up to stand, his head rising above mine as he slowly turned around. his chest nearly pushing me over as he flexed them, swelling over his chin as he stared down at me. 

“oh god this is fantastic, my body feels…. ugh… amazing… god your getting so tiny down there… my muscles are just… keep making me feel like im going to explode but… they just keep GROWING”. I backed up, the once twinkish boy that walked into my office was now a towering beast of muscle, his body continuing to swell and pump up before me, his legs and feet damageing the concrete as he walked towards me, his cock stretching out further and further, thickening even bigger then my own! his clothes ripped and tore to shreds he kept swelling and moaning, his body just getting out of control. his shoulders and back hit the roof of my office as his voice lowered into a guttural roar. 

Narrowing my eyes I dived between his legs, now forced apart by how much muscle he was carrying and it was only getting worse. I turned around and looked at his ass, seeing the butt plug still expanding within him, somehow affecting his body. I knew I had to get it out! I wrapped my hands around the device and started to pull on it, he laughed and moaned “what TOO BIG TO HANDLE!?” he clenched his butt cheeks nearly crushing my hands, but crushing the end of the plug, the plug now lost inside him and still going. in fact I could hear it whirl up, speeding up like a turbine on a jet engine.  his arms exploded in size, reaching the floor before the rest of him, every inch of him was just exploading in rapid succession growing larger and larger , his pecks so large he couldnt even see over them anymore. He was so heavy that he broke through the floor falling down to the bottom level with a thud that shook the entire block. 

I sighed in relief before hearing something… boom… boom… boom… the whole building was shaking, he was still growing! bursting through one floor at a time as his shoulders and back muscles so big they shot through the ground of my office first before I saw his face, covered in veins as he struggled to contain himself “this is all your fault… im getting so fucking gigantic im practically a fucking GOD. You thought that fall would of killed me didnt you fucker… oh how you were wrong… why dont you be a good former boss and stroke yourself for me! Yeah thats it, get off to your new boss. no your new GOD” his voice sounding like thunder as he tore what was left of the building, my small body only safe between his solid pecs as I had to obey his orders. his body continued to swell above the city casting a long shadow across it as he started to jerk himself off, his arms only jut barely able to touch his massive cock that was getting longer then he was tall! his balls on the other hand were so large that buildings bellow him were getting erased by their swelling. the military and government were powerless to stop him, having to accept that his growth was unstoppable.

Hey guys, hope you like this one. its been a while since ive wrote another one of these. I dont think ill be uploading them to my JackFrostBow account and leave that to just pixel art, I might start a dedicated muscle growth tumblr where I just post my stories on hyper guys and them growing, depending on how you guys react to this one. let me know what you guys think!