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I ended up finishing my map before the weekend even got here lol. 
To anyone who wants to know about any witchy, pagan, metaphysical, spiritual, or crystal/gemstone shops in your area or other states, I have made a good map that shows almost every single one of them in the US. c: I haven’t put descriptions on the areas of the shops on the places but I have labeled each of them on their place in Google Maps. You can visit my map for the witch here. II hope this helps all of you, and I hope you enjoy it~! 


Fossil collector/shop prepping a shell from the Jurassic Coast, England

On Love: Agape | Welcome to the Madness

Yurio: Slayed

My edges: snatched

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This is some serious amethyst. Color is caused by radiation attacking quartz over millions of years.


crystals_geodes_wholesale HUGE ORTHOCERAS 😍❤️ it is a genus of extinct nautiloid cephalopod!!