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i’m always rock shopping even when i got No Money bc it’s fun to look at rocks 4 sale and there’s this one seller on ebay with really really good specimens but the shipping is SO pricy and the thing that really drives me nuts is the seller is literally in the same city as me. why pay $14 shipping when i could drive 30 minutes and pick it up for a fraction of the price. op leak your address


so i saw @welcometofalsettos do this a few weeks back and wanted to make my own

{updated because i realized i missed a few things}


yorkshire.fossils Here’s one of our golden stones known as “cannon balls”. These rocks are naturally coated with a pyrite (fools gold) layer and so can be polished! It contains an Eleganticeras ammonite and is 185 million years old from Sandsend UK. Yorkshire is the only place in the world that these cannon balls can be found! The bottom half is yet to be polished, though we quite like it how it is.

I ended up finishing my map before the weekend even got here lol. 
To anyone who wants to know about any witchy, pagan, metaphysical, spiritual, or crystal/gemstone shops in your area or other states, I have made a good map that shows almost every single one of them in the US. c: I haven’t put descriptions on the areas of the shops on the places but I have labeled each of them on their place in Google Maps. You can visit my map for the witch here. II hope this helps all of you, and I hope you enjoy it~! 


Fossil collector/shop prepping a shell from the Jurassic Coast, England

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