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Candy Darling was one of the most glamorous stars on the New York Scene. It is with deep sorrow that we mourn her passing. Candy died of cancer this past winter leaving us all saddened. Her spirit is still with us however, as are her inspired appearances in Warhol’s films, Flesh and Women In Revolt. We will miss her.

Rock Scene Magazine, 1974.


Behind the Scenes of Rock Sound Magazine January 2011 Issue 143 pt.1

Date: December 2010

Half a Million Strong by kiddle

Part 1, 50k, M

August 15th, 1969, New York.

Louis Tomlinson is a young writer for a relatively new-on-the-scene rock magazine called Rolling Stone. His assignment is to fly across the country to cover the highly anticipated Woodstock Music and Art Festival. Armed with a notebook, audio recorder, and a camera, Louis just needs one big interview.

Harry Styles. A new name in rock music and a future name in rock history. His first album sold tens of thousands and his interviews attract audiences across the country. He has the poetry of Jim Morrison and the stage presence of Mick Jagger. And after seeing him perform at the festival, Louis is willing to jump through hoops to put Harry on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Part 2: Gather No Moss, 50k, M

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