rock quartz

Chalcopyrite with Calcite, Quartz, Dolomite


Viburnum Trend, Iron Co., Missouri, USA

Breccia matrix are coated by pearly white dolomite crystals and then scattered with gorgeous iridescent blue chalcopyrite crystals. Numerous gemmy amber crystals of calcite are scattered throughout .

Photo by  David Nash

Fluorite with Topaz, Quartz, Arsenopyrite and Muscovite


Minas da Panasqueira / level 0, Aldeia de São Francisco de Assis, Covilhã, Castelo Branco, Centro, Portugal

 Small spheroidal aggregates of cubo-octahedral Fluorite crystals, with a color between blue and lilac, that are partially coating the faces of a group of clear and bright Quartz crystals partially coated by Chlorite, with Arsenopyrite crystals, small Muscovite aggregates and an aggregate of Topaz crystals with very well defined faces and edges. 

Photo by  Jordi Fabre