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Monk Parakeet amidst Feral Pigeons and White-Winged Doves
Myiopsitta monachus / Columba livia domestica / Zenaida asiatica

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, United States, 2014

A Rock Parrot, Neophema petrophila chills after breakfast.

The Rock Parrot is endemic to South and Western Australia. Though it can be found in multiple habitats, it prefers coastal dune, rock and heath.

My Mother and I spent hours in a hide attempting to get good photographs of a feeding group at Cape Arid National Park, Western Australia, only later did I see them commonly along the south coast near Albany.

Autism and Cockatoos

Warning this is going to be a long post. I love Cockatoos and I also happen to have autism. When I tell people I love Cockatoos they always ask me “Why?” and I never really thought why until recently. The reason why I love them is because they are a lot like me when it comes to autistic behavior. So decided to sit down and think of all the similarities. By no means am I saying that people with autism are animals or unintelligent or anything else insulting.

Rocking and groaning: This is the first thing I noticed. When Cockatoos are upset the puff up into a big ball, rock back and forth, and making groaning noise. I do the same thing when I get stressed, minus puffing up into a ball.

Feet tapping/happy wing flaps/ bouncing: Cockatoos all express their happiness differently. Some do a happy tappy foot dance, but most flap there wings and bounce. When I get excited I shake my hands like jazz hands.

Chewing: Cockatoos all love to chew. They in fact need to chew. They are constantly chewing on wooden blocks and cardboard boxes. I also need to chew, although I chew on gum not wood.

Favorite colors/sounds: Some cockatoos have favorite colors and will collect things that are that favorite color. Fun fact: cockatoos can see colors we can’t. As for sounds, being parrots cockatoos love sound. Most cockatoos like to tap there toes or beak on random objects. Some cockatoos love to ring bells, yell into various different kinds of cups, listen and sing to music, and many more. It reminds me of how I like crunchy slime and ASMR videos.

Favorite words and noises: Cockatoos usually have a favorite word which they say constantly. In most cases the word is “hi/hello”, their name, and I love you. There are a few cockatoos that say things outside of the usual words. There is one cockatoo whose favorite noise is laughing and another one whose favorite word is fuck. At the same time not all cockatoos have a favorite word or noise. Fun fact: Cockatoos can actually talk, just mimic. They show very basic level of the meaning of words and phrases.

Aversion to loud sounds and smells: Cockatoos have very very good hearing. So loud noises freak them out and they start screaming. They are also very sensitive to smell. They can’t stand things like soap, deodorant, perfume, cigarettes, and any other pungent smells like that. This one is so me! I absolutely hate smells. I’ve gotten better over the years but I still can’t deal with smells.

That is why I love Cockatoos, they make me feel “normal”. Cockatoos are wonderful animals and even just watching them on YouTube has helped me a bit. My favorite Cockatoos on YouTube are Gotcha, Max, Harley, Pebble, and Onni. I hope these beautiful birds help you too. If you would like to add to the list please do.

Please research Cockatoos, or any pet for that matter, before buying one. While they are amazing and loving bird they require a lot of attention. They are one of the smartest birds and are as smart as a 5 year old. They are also one of the loudest birds and are only 2 decibels under a jet engine taking off. They can easily live to be 80 years old and form very close bonds with their owners. They are very loving and need their owner or else they will become depressed. These are not birds you can just leave in a cage or throw away. They are life companions. If you do decide to get a cockatoo help a bird in need by adopting from a shelter.


I was working and noticed the cord to my laptop was moving…and then this guy showed up! Hahaha! He’s a tiny rock climber!
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Queer Eye for the Star Spangled Guy
(Part Four)

Here is Part Three

“You know what?” Carson says dreamily as he looks through Steve’s closet.  “I am so relieved that I do not have to wear a hazmat suit while I go through your closet.  Please tell me Bucky Bear’s a neat freak too?”

“Um, only with his clean clothes – ”

And then Carson screams.  “AAAAUGGGH MY GOD!!! KHAKI HELL!”

From the hallway, Ted’s voice is soothing,  “Stand down, soldier, it’s just Carson having a fashion breakdown.”

And then there was Thom, “You sure that wasn’t an orgasm?”

“Carson doesn’t believe in poaching, boo.  Bad karma,” Jai chimes in. 

Steve is hoping that Bucky is not as hopelessly confused as he is. 

“Okay, sweetie sugar pie honey bunch, it’s not that I don’t appreciate a good pair of slacks and khaki pants but you need to remember that jeans are an actual thing now.  We can wear them.  Repeat after me:  I can rock denim.”

Steve parrots it dutifully.  And gets a pat perilously close to his rear end for his trouble.  He eeps. 

“Oh, that future boyfriend and BFF of yours is a lucky so and so,” Carson muses. 


Carson blissfully plunges onwards.  “Okay, I won’t take away all the khaki from you but we need better fitting pants.  Covering up that ass of yours is a CRIME, okay? And you’re supposed to stand for Truth, Justice and the American Way!”

“I think that was Superman.”

“Pfft, whatever.  Also - who on earth told you to wear this size t-shirt?" 

"Oh, those are my friends Milo and Bean, from this store I shop at.  They keep pushing me to wear more denim too. Heh." 

"Your friends deserve Medals of Honor.  You need to introduce me.”  

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