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Put That Body On Me

pairing: daveed diggs x reader 

request: none, i’m just thirsty for diggs like the rest of the world

summary: reader’s goes out to the bar with her friends after a long day and she catches daveed’s eye

warnings: NSFW, smut, swearing obviously, alcohol

words: 3076

a/n: so this is 100% inspired by ed sheeran’s shape of you, that got me in the mood for my first smut fic. i need to thank @diggs4life a million times for being such a great help, and i hope you enjoy!

To say it had been a long day would be an understatement. When you woke up, you had a stable job and a boyfriend, but by the end of the night you had neither of those things. Sure, it was just an office job, but it was a way to make ends meet, and you didn’t know yet what losing it meant for you.

Since before you were in college, you’d had a job and it was part of what kept you sane in day to day life. Your company apparently thought you were replaceable though, so they did exactly what you feared most: replaced you with a younger face with fresh ideas. And your boyfriend? He did the exact same thing.

So yeah, your day had been long and you couldn’t wait for it to be over, but your friends had other ideas for the night. Five minutes after you told them about your day, your front door was flung open and three of your best friends made their presence known.

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So here’s the deal, I haven’t written in a pretty long time. This is the first things I’ve done in a while. I really hope you like it. There’s some shower smut but also lots of fluff. If you have any requests please send them to me, writing this actually really helped to spark some other ideas!

Waverly wasn’t living at Nicole’s per-say…she just spent most of her time there. She officially had her own drawer in one of Nicole’s dressers. It had enough clothes for about 3 days, which is how long she usually stayed. She also may have snuck in a few things like a temporary toothbrush, and her favorite pillow now permanently resided on the right side of Nicole’s bed.

She didn’t mean to exactly! It was just one of those things where she’d go over for dinner, and then obviously had to stay for dessert, and then maybe a movie. But, movies usually resulted in making out, and making out usually resulted in sex, and then sex resulted into…well more sex. By the time they were done both would pass out from exhaustion. Then the sun would rise, and they would snuggle until someone’s stomach grumbled, or until an alarm told them they had work. Some days they wouldn’t even leave the bed. Other days they had no other choice than to part ways for work, but somehow Waverly always ended up back at Nicole’s.

From day one privacy was an issue for them. On the homestead if they weren’t getting interrupted by Wynonna, it was Dolls. If it wasn’t Dolls, it was Doc. Hell Jeremy even had a key to the place now, and had walked in on one almost naked Nicole, on top of an almost naked Waverly on the couch. They had been walked in on enough in their first two months of dating that Nicole finally suggested they spend a night at her place.

It was a big step as she was usually a pretty private person. Inviting Waverly in meant her seeing a bit of a different side to Nicole. A side that was a little overly clean. A side that alphabetized her bookshelves, and color coded her sock drawer. But the minute Waverly walked through her door for the first time, all of those fears melted away. Waverly didn’t care about those things, if anything it made her fall harder for the tall red haired woman she had grown to love.

Nicole gave her a key one month later. At first Waverly was to timid to use it, really it was only for emergencies. But now Waverly let herself in. She threw her coat on the rack by the door and would toss her purse on the couch. She’d reach down to scratch behind Calamity Jane’s little orange ears, and go to the fridge for her no pulp orange juice that was always fully stocked on the side door panel. She hadn’t even realized the routine she had so gladly fallen into.

And it hadn’t hit Nicole either, until she came home from work one day. She walked through the door around 7pm. Waverly’s jacket was on the coat rack and her shoes by the door. She hadn’t told Nicole she was coming over, and Nicole didn’t mind at all. In fact, she really liked coming home and seeing Waverly’s things. It made everything feel less empty.

“Waves?” She called out as she slipped her own coat off. “Baby?”

She took a look in the living room, where she would often find Calamity Jane and her cuddling on the couch, but nothing. She glanced into the kitchen, nothing. And that’s when she head it.

“Life makes love look hard.” A voice was singing.

Nicole’s smile burst onto her face, immediately registering the voice that was signing from her bathroom. God, Waverly Earp was singing in her shower.

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Catch Us

a short 1.6k word blurb about dry humping niall until he comes in his pants :))

His large hands gripped tight onto your waist, calloused fingers creeping up under the hem of your top, his touch lingering at your warmed skin. Straddling his lap, his lean body was slumped back into the red and black couch that wrapped around the rear of the tour bus. His legs were spread wide beneath you, his feet pressing hard into the floor as he tried to steady himself and worked to hold himself off. You could feel him straining hard in his thin sweat shorts, his throbbing length pushing roughly against your own clothed heat. His head was tipped back, resting on the back of the couch as he willingly bared all of his pretty freckle-laced skin for you to have your way with.

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Fall Out Boy albums summarized
  • Take This To Your Grave: Every song has probably ended up on a Tony Hawk soundtrack at some point.
  • From Under The Cork Tree: Jesus These Song Titles Are So Fucking Long Even FOB Forgets Them On A Regular Basis by Fall Out Boy
  • Infinity On High: FUCK ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE PEOPLE ARE ALL TERRIBLE unless youre listening to this album then youre cool
  • Folie a Deux: Woah there pete I think someone needs a hug
  • Save Rock And Roll: Haha we're back bitches and our song titles make sense now deal with it
  • American Beauty/American Psycho: You either wanna cry for an hour or fuck shit up there is no inbetween.
Late Night Texts

So, I may or may not have woken up at 3 in the morning yesterday to jot this idea down quickly. I just needed some Bucky smutty smut and I figured maybe y'all did as well. Posted from phone, so sorry if errors.

Summary: Needs have to be met and Bucky isn’t easily satisfied.


I need you. Now.

The text flashes across your screen,  pulling your attention away from your computer. It was late, but you were still up working, sitting at your computer desk in nothing but a tank top and your panties. You bite your bottom lip as your heart begins to race. God, if there was one thing that man could do well, it was make you fall to bits with just a few words.

Quickly you text Bucky back feeling the need in you grow.

My place or yours? 

Not a minute passes before your phone buzzes again.

Open your door. 

Your heart flutters as you jump up from your desk and run straight for your door, not bothering to put on any clothes. Why, when you knew Bucky would be tearing them off you in just seconds.

You undid the bolt and opened the door to see a leather jacket clad mess of tussled brown hair and blue eyes. Your breath catches in your chest as he takes no time in stepping inside.

“Can’t stay away?” You toy with him.

Bucky eyes your body slowly before catching your gaze. “Not when I have an image like this floating around in my head,” he sighs longingly. “If you only knew what you did to me, doll.”

“I can venture a guess,” You breath as you look at him with lust-filled eyes, “but why don’t you show me?”

With a smile and a growl that sent you shivering with anticipation, Bucky immediately meets your mouth with his. His hands find you waist and grip tight as he turns the both of you around and shoves you forcefully up against the door. His body is pressed tightly up against yours and you can feel his arousal against you through his jeans. Super soldier indeed.

You open your mouth ever so slightly so that he can slip in his tongue. It dances with yours so gracefully you can’t help but moan. How did he always taste so good? 

He breaks the kiss for a moment to remove his jacket and t-shirt as he no longer wants to contain the heat radiating off his skin. “Be a good girl and tell me what you want,” he moans next to your ear before giving it a nip as your hands roam his chiseled chest.

You move him forward a little to look into those sharp blue eyes.

“Your jeans, undo them. Now,” you give the order as a devilish smirk passes your mouth. 

Like a good soldier following orders he unzips the front of his blue jeans, pulling down his pants and boxers just enough to unleash that magnificent cock. 

Immediately you drop to your knees and place your lips around the head, a teaser before taking him fully into your mouth. You feel Bucky’s knees almost buckle from the pleasure as a groan escapes his lips.

“God, doll, what a pretty little mouth you have,” he moans to the ceiling. His metal hand finds the back of your head, guiding you further down onto his manhood.

You bring your hand to wrap around the base, helping you with the size of it. Your mouth and hand work in tandem as you suck and stroke the groans from Bucky’s perfect lips.

“God, baby girl, the things you can do with that tongue,” he says, feeling himself slip closer and closer to release. “[Y/N], you treat me too good.”

Bucky’s hips lurch against your face and you know he is close. His skin feels like its burning and he looks down at you as you look up into his eyes. The corners of your lips upturn into a grin as they are still wrapped around his manhood.

“Oh, so close doll…don’t…oh my God,” his words come out through quick panting as he is barely holding on to sanity. A few more simple strokes and Bucky is come undone. HIs steaming hot pleasure is slinking its way down your throat. You make sure to swallow every drop.

Hearing him moan so loud and gutteral made you so incredibly wet. Sighing, you release his cock and wipe the corners of your mouth as you stand up. You can see the glistening beads of sweat that are covering his torso now and smile, knowing you had done this to him. Bucky takes a deep breath and combs his hair out of his face with his fingers.

“So, shall we call it a night then?” you tease him, knowing what would happen next.

Bucky uses his metal arm to pull you close to him as he just breathes. “You know better than that. We are only getting started.”

His metal hand slips under your tank top and, with almost no effort, he rips it in two. The cold metal freezes the bare skin it touches, making you gasp. When did you get so warm? You let the fabric fall off your shoulders and on to the floor. Bucky bit his bottom lip at the sight.

“It should be a crime to hide such a perfect sight,” he growled. “Now, I ain’t leaving​’ until I hear you screaming my name.”

It still surprised you how quickly he was ready to go again. If only all of your lovers had been genetically enhanced. In one swift motion, two strong hands are on your panties before they are suddenly on the floor and, coming back to your butt, they pick you up and put you straddling Bucky’s waist. He was already hard again and twitching at your entrance. Screw the foreplay, you needed him now.

“Say it,” he says, “and maybe I won’t make you wait.”

Your hands tangle into his long locks. “I need that glorious cock of yours inside me right now,” you say without missing a beat.

You felt the both of you move as Bucky’s mouth hungrily clasp yours. Without warning your back was being shoved against the wall, his bionic arm the only thing holding you up as it was wrapped around your waist. The sound echoed through the quiet apartment.

Sorry, not sorry neighbors, you thought to yourself.

Bucky moved his lips to your neck and with a thrust he was inside of you.

“Buck,” you moaned out his name, your fingernails digging into his shoulder as you body adjusted to accommodate his girth.

“Jesus, baby, I will never get tired of how good your pussy feels around my cock,” his warm breath fanned across your neck.

Slowly he began to thrust in and out, trying to find his rythym. Soon you were joining him in rocking your hips back and forth. Bucky placed his forehead on yours as you began to pant. The rough wall rubbing on your back mixed pleasure with a little pain in the most tantalizing way.

“Oh, Bucky,” you moan louder this time, “please.”

Bucky knew exactly what you were begging for and lowered his head to your nipple, which was already hardened for him. His tongue flitted around the pink flesh before he took it into his mouth to suck and nibble.

“Yes, baby…yes,” you breathe as your head rolls back to rest against the wall. You could feel that familiar warm growing in your stomach. Bucky picked up his pace.

“So close, baby,” you say in between ragged breaths. “Don’t…stop…”

“Say my name, doll, I  need to hear you scream it,” he said as he came up for air.

“Buck-y” you say.

“Louder,” he growls.

“Bucky,” you screamed as your orgasm washed over you. The feeling of your walls closing around his member sent him over the edge for the second time.

“Oh, fuck yes,” he bellowed as he rode out his own ecstasy with you. Minutes passed as you both stayed connected, riding out the pleasure with heavy breaths. Once you both had stopped shakily, Bucky gently pulled out of you and set you back on the floor, kissing you sweetly. You smile satisfied at him.

“So, is this going to be a weekly thing or…?” you pick at him.

He chuckled. “What, you are tired of me already?” He pulls you into him and holds you close.

“Not at all,” you say, “I was just wondering how long I have until we do something like this again.”

Bucky looked around until he found the clock on your wall. “Well, I’d say you have about 15 minutes.”


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Genre: Smut, Jealous Jungkook

Word Count:1,005

Jungkook x Reader

I want to say thank you guys so much for 140+ followers like its crazy thinking 140+ people took time out of their day to visit my blog and follow it. so my way of saying thank you here is a nice jungkook smut for you guys.

You opened the door to your apartment that you share with your boyfriend Jungkook; you were balancing your books and notes on your hip when you turned to face your study partner Jihoon.

“Thank you so much for giving me a ride to and from study group Jihoon”, you thanked him as you step inside your apartment.

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Get A Room

Request: Could I get a Peter Parker x reader where they are in a relationship, but it’s like, a normal relationship, not super romantic, but still sweet, where one gets grossed out because the other one drools in their sleep, or one gets mad at the other for touching them with their cold feet, or for wiping their popcorn fingers on them? Just normal things? Thanks! 

Warnings: None…. Maybe something suggestive towards the end… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A/N: So, I might be writing a part two to this: Wait Up!, but in the meantime, you can pretend that this(Get A Room) is a part two to Wait Up!, because I think that would be cute. Oh, and if you do do that, just ignore the fact that I wrote about the reader’s parents. Or just don’t do that at all because wow that got really long and I’m gonna stop talking now bye enjoy the story.


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A weekend at the Avengers tower, what a weekend it will be.
Your parents were out of town for the weekend, and you didn’t want to be alone, so Tony had graciously invited you to the tower.

But, it that obviously wasn’t enough, so you had invited your boyfriend, Peter, over as well.

“Hi!” You jumped on him when you saw him in front of the elevator, “Let me get that for you.” You picked up his backpack.

“Jesus, Pete. What’s in here?!”

“I always bring my pet rock collection with me!” He exclaimed, holding his hands out in defense.

“Wait, seriously?” Your smile dropped.

“No!’ He shook his head.

You giggled, “Whew! Okay, that might have been a deal breaker.” (Tbh a pet rock collection doesn’t sound that bad)

“But, um, will you hold my socks?” He held out his socks to you.

You looked at him, raising your eyebrows, “Fine.” You rolled your eyes.

“Thanks!” He beamed, kissing you on the cheek before reaching inside his bag.
“Alright,” Tony looked at Bruce, “I don’t want them thinking that this is what we do every night.”

He gestured to the empty, quiet room. And then to his beer.

“But, this is what we do every night.” Bruce Shrugged.

“Exactly!- Oh hey guys!” Tony sat up straighter at the sight of you and Peter In the hallway, “We were just gonna… Watch a movie! Right Bruce?”

“Yup.” He answered quickly.

“Okay,” You looked at Peter, “Does that sound good?”

“Yeah!” He smirked at you.

You raised your eyebrows at his expression, nudging him gently with your shoulder, “You’re scaring me, Peter.”

“Alright, I’ll get the others.” Tony stood up and rubbed his hands together.

You heard Natasha’s voice coming from the other side, “What? but we never do stuff on Friday night!”

“Okay, ready?” Steve popped a disk into the million dollar DVD player.


You snuggled closer to Peter, only to be met with his freezing cold feet against your thigh.

“Ew!” You squealed, earning a few glances from the other Avengers, “You’re nasty, Parker.” You pushed his leg away.

He giggled and turned his head to the side, admiring your beauty.

“I can literally feel you staring at me.” You whispered.

“Sorry.” He looked away quickly, “You’re just, so gorgeous. It’s hard not to stare.”

“Peter Parker, if you’re being sarcastic-”

“No! I mean it!” He cut you off immediately, much louder than he had intended.
You blushed, “Okay.”

“Ew!” Peter exclaimed, looking down at his shirt.

“What?” You asked innocently.

“You’re literally rubbing your buttery fingers on me as I speak!”

“Eh, I’ve seen better puns.” You motioned to the words on his shirt.

He sighed, looking at you with his eyebrows furrowed, “Y/N, will you hand me my drink? It’s over there,” He pointed to the table on your left.

You nodded lifting your arms up.

Peter took advantage of the situation, poking your sides with his fingers.

“Peterrrrrrr!” You attempted to pry his hands off of your sides, “No! Stop!” You giggled.

But he wasn’t going to stop, he could watch you smiling for hours and hours.

“Get a room!” Tony yelled, throwing a handful of popcorn on you.

You looked at Peter, smirking, “Don’t think we won’t!”

You poked him, then grabbed his hand and ran off with him.



@wannabe-weasley, @flowerprincessofcryptids, @ 8181pjh

With You (G.D)


Your limbs were tangled together as your head rested on Grayson’s chest. His hand caressing your bare back lovingly, earning a soft moan. Your eyes fluttered open at the feeling of the sun’s rays peaking through Grayson’s bedroom window and you yawned softly. You shut your eyes briefly and opened them back up again to get used to the light. You hummed and lifted up your hand to draw circles onto Grayson’s chest and stomach. “You’re awake?” His raspy voice made you smile, you looked up to meet his gaze, “Morning handsome.” You continued to draw shapes onto his warm chest as he flashed you a sleepy smile. “Morning beautiful.”
You lifted up your leg and draped it over his, angling your head so that you could admire Grayson’s bright hazel eyes. He shut his eyes and you frowned. “Baby?” You murmured softly, your hand lifting up to trace his jawline gently. Your dainty fingers grazing over the light stubble growing on your boyfriends chin. “Hmm?” He raised his eyebrows, eyes still closed as you continued to outline the features of his face. “Open your eyes.”


“Just do it.”

But why?-“

You sat up and straddled his waist, just as your predicted, Grayson’s eyes shot open. You smiled down at him as he lifted up a hand to cup your face. He brought your head down and tilted his head to give you a soft, sweet kiss. You felt him smile against your lips and you returned the favor. You brought a hand up to cup the hand Grayson used to hold your face, your eyes falling shut as Grayson watched you intently. Grayson used his other hand to trace your face, his rough fingers brushing against your bottom lip. You opened your eyes and playfully nipped at his finger, causing him to let out a soft chuckle. You laced both your hands with his and leaned down to press your lips against his for what felt like the billionth time. As your lips parted you heard Grayson mutter a soft “I love you.”
“I love you too.” You replied and rolled off of his waist. He pouted as he watched you crawl off the bed.

You stood up and walked over to your suitcase to grab a few of your belongings. Currently, you and Grayson were staying in Jersey, his sister Cameron, a good friend of yours was about to give birth any minute now so you had to be ready.
“I’m really enjoying this view.” Grayson grinned at you, licking his lips while raising an eyebrow as you bent down to pick up something. “Shut up.” Your cheeks turned a shade of crimson since all you were wearing was his navy blue, deep V-neck shirt and nothing under. He propped himself up on his elbows and continued starring with no shame whatsoever. “Are you done yet?” You giggled as you turned to face him. He frowned since his so called, view was gone and you rolled your eyes playfully. “Your mother would not approve.” You teased and wagged a finger in his direction as he stood up and walked towards you. His boxers hanging low on his waist so his v-line was prominent.
“Yeah, she wouldn’t approve of a lot of stuff I do.” Grayson smirked before leaning down to kiss you. You hummed into the kiss as he pulled away. “Like what?” You asked biting your lip slightly as you trailed your hands down his chest.
Grayson’s eyes widened and he grinned. “Like this.”
And with that, he lifted you up by your thighs, walking you both over to his bed. He set you down gently and right when he was about to kiss you his phone began to blare. The classic apple ringtone causing Grayson’s head to droop, a groan escaping his lips.

“We’re finishing this later.” He gave you a chaste kiss before rolling off of you to grab his phone. You just giggled and sat up as he answered the call. You began to dress yourself in clothes as Grayson remained silent besides you. Once you were done getting ready for the day, you turned to look at him. Eyebrows furrowed together in confusion as Grayson’s haw fell slack. “Uh- okay mom! We’ll be there.” He stammered and hung up the phone. Grayson quickly rose up from the bed and darted towards his dresser, shuffling through for a t-shirt. “What’s going on?” You asked while tying your hair up into a messy bun. “Cameron’s having the baby! We have to go.” Grayson ran into his closet while you stood there dumbfounded. When reality sunk in, you grabbed the closet pair of shoes you could find which was your white Adidas.

“Gray, hurry!” You whined from the passengers seat of his bronco. “I’m coming!” He exclaimed and hopped in the front seat. “That’s what she said.” You giggled and turned up the radio as Grayson playfully glared at you through his sunglasses.
Grayson was shaking the whole ride there, it was understandable. His sister was giving birth, he was going to be an uncle, You’d be doing the same.
Dashing into the hospital you immediately heard the yells of profanity and shrieks of pain coming from none other than Cameron. Grayson grabbed your hand and led you to the lady at the reception desk. “Hey, I’m here to see my sister, Cameron Dolan?” Grayson asked while tapping his fingers onto the desk impatiently. You soothingly ran a hand up and down his arm as the lady got to typing onto the computer. “Cameron Dolan..” She muttered, you could see the vain in Grayson’s neck enlarge as he grew more and more annoyed. “Hmm..says she’s in room 4b.” Before she could even look back up for a reaction Grayson had already dragged you away. “Gray- calm down!” You sighed as he pressed the button onto the elevator. “I’m just really scared, Y/N. Anything could happen.” Grayson looked down at your intertwined hands and brought your hand up, pressing a soft kiss to your knuckles. “I don’t know what I would do if my sister lost the baby. The little boy means everything to her, and I’d hate to see that happen.”
“I know Grayson. But being rude to the lady at the desk isn’t going to stop that from happening. It’s like you always say, everything happens for a reason.” You said and pressed a kiss to his knuckle as well. Grayson inhaled a deep breath and nodded, the elevator made a ding noise, signaling that you had arrived to the floor Cameron was on.

The wailing grew louder and you both entered the room. There Cameron was laying on the hospital bed, both hands clutching her husbands and her mothers as she screamed in pain. Lisa looked over at you, silently asking if you could take over. You nodded, released Grayson’s hand and walked over to Cameron. You took her hand in yours and she squeezed it hard in response. “I’m here for you Cam.” You said and peppered her hand in small little kisses for reassurance. “Y/N.” Cameron whined and looked over at you. You weakly smiled at her and leaned over to brush the strands of hair out of her face. “Almost there! I can see it’s head.” The doctor exclaimed. Cameron squeezed your hand once again and began to push. You looked back at Grayson who was watching you intently. Not Cameron, just you. You gave him a small smile before directing your attention back to Cameron.

Newborn cries soon filled the room and Cameron’s husband bursted into tears of relief and joy. Tears filled your eyes and you choked out a sob as you watched Cameron rock her new born baby. She cried and through her exhaustion she smiled at the fragile baby. You felt a hand on your shoulder and you turned to look at Grayson. He looked down at you with glossy eyes and laughed softly, bringing you in for a hug. Even if it wasn’t you two having a baby together it still felt like a moment that needed to be cherished forever.
“Do you want to hold him?” Cameron extended her arms out, the baby boy known as Alex began to coo and kick out his legs. Grayson shook his head and backed away. “I don’t want to drop him.” You laughed softly at Grayson before Cameron extended her arms out in your direction. You smiled and took Alex from her grasp. You mentally aww’d at how tiny and frail the baby was. Her newborn baby’s smile was as sweet as sugar and filled you with a feeling you never knew existed in the world. You wanted to protect this baby as if it was your own, and love it like it was your own.

Tiny fingers curled around your pinky as you watched the newborn peer through its brand new hazel eyes at what must be such a strange world after life in the womb. A tear escaped your eye as you pressed a soft kiss to his forehead, rocking him in your arms. Grayson lifted up a hand to trace Alex’s face lovingly, admiring the baby boy’s features that resembled his own due to the fact Cameron was his sister. He smiled down the the baby and he began to fuss, you gave him your hand again which he squeezed softly and cooed at. Grayson wrapped an arm around your shoulder and you both admired the child together, “hold him.” You whispered. “He’s so perfect, I don’t want to hurt him.”

“Grayson Bailey Dolan. You’re going to hold your nephew right now.” You heard Cameron’s voice from her hospital bed. You laughed and extended out your arms. “Fine, jesus you’re sounding like a mom already.” Grayson took the baby from your arms and his legs kicked in a tiny jagged motion, looking for that resistance they are used to from being in the womb for so long.
Grayson held the newborn to his shoulder and chuckled at the tiny toes that peeked out from his blanket, dangling in the air as he rocked him. He couldn’t believe how tiny new humans were, how vulnerable, how awe inspiring. He couldn’t believe he found himself wanting this. He wanted to hold his own child like this and rock them to sleep, he wanted to experience it all but most of all, he wanted it with you. So as you found yourself shutting the door to the passengers side of Grayson’s car, Grayson awkwardly shuffled in his seat.
“Gray?” You questioned as he stared out the window. “Yeah babe?” He replied, not bothering to spare a glance in your direction. “Are you okay? You’re acting a bit weird.” You pointed out as he shoved the key into the ignition, the engines of his car blasting. “Yeah I’m fine.” He forced a smile and began to back up out of his parking spot. Deciding not to question him further, you sat back in your seat and grabbed the aux cord, playing the playlist of songs you and Grayson jammed out to whenever in the car.

You grabbed Grayson’s hand after a few minutes and began to pepper it in soft, memorable kisses. “I love you.” You murmured against it, Grayson took a quick glance at you and smiled. He took your hand in his and brought it up to is lips, leaving soft kisses there as well. “I. Love. You.” He said with each kiss, you smiled and leaned forward to turn down the radio.
“So, how about when we get home we make a baby, but without the baby part?” You teased and inched your hand up his thigh jokingly. You felt Grayson stiffen and you retracted your hand. “Gray, what’s wrong?” You asked as he parked the car in front of your shared home. “Nothing’s wrong Y/N. it’s just that..I’ve been thinking a lot and..I want it. I want the joy of bringing a new form of life into the world. I want to feel what that’s like, to hold something you created in your arms. I want to watch it’s eyes open as it adjusts to the new world. I want it all.” Grayson sighed and slumped in his seat. “And I want it with you.”

By now you were in tears, you sat up in your seat and turned your whole body so you were facing Grayson. “ want kids? With me?” You smiled through your teary eyes as Grayson nodded. “Of course I do.” He smiled at you, “I wasn’t sure if you wanted that or not though.” He explained which made you gasp. “Yes! I want kids so bad! I just never knew how to bring it up to you. I want one, and I want you to share the joy of creating life with me. I want you to be the father.” You got up and out of your seat to crawl over onto Grayson’s lap. You cupped his face in your hands and stared deep into his glossy eyes with a smile. “In time Y/N.” Grayson said and you nodded. “We’re so young. But once I make you my wife, I can guarantee you we’ll be already discussing baby names” he joked and you laughed while playfully slapping his chest. “I’m just so glad you feel the same way.” You grinned and pecked his lips. “I am too. Now what were you saying earlier about making a baby?” He muttered against your lips. You smiled against his lips and he began to trail his hands up your shirt. “The house is literally right there Gray, you cant wait a couple more minutes?” You giggled as he tore open your blouse. “No, I mean the backseat does look pretty roomy.” He said as he began to trail his kisses down your jaw and neck. Your mouth fell agape as he sucked and licked a hickey onto your sweet spot. “You have a condom right?” You asked breathlessly. Grayson stuffed a hand into the hidden compartment of his car and fished out a condom, flashing it in your face. “I always have a condom babe.”

Gasoline: Chapter 3

Members: All

Genre: Angst, Gang AU

Words: 2.1k

Warnings: violence (srs it’s intense), a lot of stuff i guess don’t read if you’re sensitive to that kind of thing i’d say

Chapter 1 , Chapter 2 , Chapter 3 , Chapter 4 , Chapter 5 , Chapter 6 , Chapter 7 , Chapter 8 , 

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“You, up” A voice yelled. I woke with a start, groggy and confused. I clutched my side, now bandaged, but still painful. A large t-shirt encased me, smelling unfamiliar and alien on my frame.

“Up!” The voice yelled again. Feeling the sense of urgency, I rose to my feet, stumbling slightly on my injured leg.

“What? What’s happening?” I questioned, bleary-eyed and aching.

“I take that as you’re ready.” Johnny appeared in the door, beckoning me to come over. “Time for your interrogation.” He smirked, grabbing my arm and dragging me out the door.

“You’re not going to blindfold me this time? You sure about that?”

“Doesn’t matter if you don’t live to see the outside of this place.” His cold response deterred my attempt to appear strong, silencing me as he lead me down a flight of stairs. Grey walls and grey floors surrounded me, a dull and uninviting setting that held a stench of gunpowder and bleach. A yellowish light flickered above me, and it struck me that this entire place had no windows.

“This dump is your base?” I tried to joke, probably out of sheer nervousness.

Johnny scoffed, “This isn’t our base, dumbass. You really think we’d take you there? This is just a safe house we use for interrogations.” Despite the cruel tone, I absorbed the information.

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Driving Lessons - Driving Stick

My prompt was Driving lessons. I had too much fun writing this one for sure! My other fic is such a slow burn that it was nice to just get to it, lol!

Any part of this fic may contain purposeful content by the writer to induce: emotional distress, anxiety, and all of the feels! It is NEVER my intent to cause vomiting! ;)   (Seriously, could be one of my fav convos ever!)

May also contain: swearing, Negan being Negan, angst (see above), fluff, smut

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“Well I’d say that this was a productive damn trip gentlemen. And lady.” Negan said as he watched the last of the supplies being loaded into the trucks, winking at you slyly.

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macdennis, it’s summer. the a/c is broken. den has strep/tonsillitis and is uncomfy and whiny

(what up my friends i was cursed with a nasty bout of tonsillitis last june and it has returned!!!! so naturally, i’m transferring my pain onto dennis)


It’s absurdly hot in Philly for early June. It’s upwards of ninety degrees and the humidity is a solid forty percent. The bar would be the perfect cool, dry sanctuary, but unfortunately a burst pipe has flooded the place. A crew is currently draining the water, and then a second crew is coming to assess damage and future protection.

After the pool fiasco of 2010, as well as the 2016 bloodbath at the water park, Dennis has been turned off of any public or private pool. Instead, he’s elected to stay inside the apartment. And that would be all fine and dandy if their A/C hadn’t just completely shit on them. Mac is god knows where with Charlie, and Dennis has called him five times now. When he is once again greeted with Mac’s voicemail, Dennis calmly sets down his phone and then screams at the top of his lungs.

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Fortune Teller (Poly!Hamilton Squad x Reader)

Word Count:2,477
Au: Modern / Post High school
Triggers: SMUT, cursing, Alexander Hamilton
Authors Note: I’m sorry but finals have been kicking my ass and this story was dragging forever. Ps. I have never had sex with more than one person so not quite sure what it looks like with 5.
You couldn’t believe it. You can’t fucking believe it. Y/N L/N was going to see a fortune teller. You had joined the ranks of the exact people you made fun of throughout all of high school. You weren’t quite sure why this was something you had to do, but I guess it is your time to do so. At least.. now that Peggy was practically pushing you towards the awkward tent set up in the park. Fortune Tellers. What a load of shit. How could somebody tell your future out of some “magical orb”? You were a psychology major at Kings College and had just learned aviut hiw the brain tricks you into believing “magic” to be real.

“Peggy, do I have too?”you complained. “Of course. I’m going to go first then you will ok?” she replied. You had to admit, for her being the forgotten daughter, she was the most persuasive and most fun to be around. She entered the tent, smiling at you and asking you to wait outside. 2 hours later she slid out of the tent, giggling and blushing.

As you whisper to her, “How was it?” She answered you in giggles and pushed you in. The woman inside was older and was dress in a metallic emerald dress and accessorized in silver. You sat nervously in the chair provided and waited. The woman looked at you, no.. not looked through you. She was looking for something inside of you. She reached for your hands. In a misty voice, “My dear you have been looking for a man to help you feel complete. Correct? Well if you look into my crystal ball you would see that I predict 4 men who will fall in love with you.” You look at her like she is a total lunatic. “Are you serious? I have spent the last 7 years trying to talk to someone to try and start a relationship and I get shot down faster than the Titanic!” you start to get angry with the lady. She shot you a look of understanding. “Sweetheart. I know. But you can’t understand without looking through my crystal ball.”

“If you say so?” You lean forward and gaze into the crystal ball. The milky white seemed to take over your senses. You were frozen, unable to move your arms or legs, only thing capable of moving were your eyes. Out of the mist, you saw a familiar face of an old friend from elementary school. “Is that John Laurens? Hey lady your crystal ball is broken, I know this guy, and hate to be that girl, but there is only one guy here.” Her face swelled in the mist and seemed to seethe with anger, “Just wait girl, you only just started.” The face was wiped out of your view and Laurens slid into the top left corner of your view. Then a new face appeared before you. He was painting flowers on a canvas, then your name is etched into the petals of an elaborate rose. At the bottom of his canvas with such a grace he signed it as Lafayette. His image was swept into the top right as soon as the next figure cane into focus. A man with medium build and a scarf around his forehead was slaving over a mannequin and was making the most beautiful dress you had ever seen. The fabric glimmered like a sapphire in the candle light. He took a step back as a man called out his name, Hercules. Another man entered the field, he was smaller than Hercules,but had a face burned with determination that haunted your heart. Hercules hugged the smaller man, kissed his forehead and said, “Why does it seem like your later every night Alexander?” Alex sighed and just laid into Hercules’ arms. The other two boys merged into this image bringing Lafayette and John into the hug.

The milky void released its hold on you and the woman behind the ball smiles at you. “Go for them, dear. They are waiting.” You run away from the tent and realized it was dark. You checked your phone and noticed it was 11:30 at night and started panicking because Peggy had left without you. You reach for your phone and call John.

“John, I need your help. I’m alone in the park and I’m afraid. Can you please come and pick me up?” you beg. Several voices were heard on the other side of the phone. “Please John?” “I will be there ain’t 8 minutes Y/N.” You stuck your phone into your pocket and hold back your tears.  

8 minutes. Why did 8 minutes seem to drag on for what felt like an eternity? Why did you stay outside in the dark? You heard voices and started panicking, but still waited for John to save you like he always seemed to. Ever since elementary school when he said that he’d prove that you were important to him. Lucky for you John took being your white knight very personally and was there in 5 minutes. He ran across the lawn and you threw yourself into his arms and kissed him as fiercely as your body would allow. “Y/N..wait.” John kissed into your lips as he started to push you away. “John. I know everything. The others and you and.. me… we belong with each other. That crazy lady in the tent just showed me everything.” John smiled and almost cried, “I’ve been waiting for you to say that since high school.” He carried you bridal style to his pick up truck. The same car he had used to drive you to school everyday of high school. He sits you in the passenger seat and travels around the car to take a seat in front of the wheel.

You tell him your story and he blushes at the idea of him even being seen in your vision. “When we get to the apartment, let me go first. We have to make this easier on you. 4 guys. Its intense. So I can understand if you want anyone in bed with you, or bot. You can, but we need make sure we don’t force you towards 4 guys in one bed all at first.” John suggests. You nod in response and he squeezes your thigh. You smile at him the same way you have since you met him, but somehow it seems different.

You finally got to the apartment and he asks you to wait outside while he explains the situation to the others. You sit on the floor against the wall and start to panic on whether or not they will accept what have you seen. Then a door opens and a single figure slips through. A slender man with a tight bun on the top of this head. Lafayette.

“Bonjour mi petite ange. Are you ok?” he whispered in a heavy French accent. You weren’t quite sure how to respond so you just nodded your head, completely unaware of the tears that crawled off of your face. His hands reached to either side of your face to wipe the tears away and kissed your forehead. The other 3 boys came outside and watched as Lafayette kissed your forehead delicately.

The boys ushered you inside. Hercules had pulled out a really big tshirt and some boxers for you to put on. He seemed really upset that he couldn’t make you something, but time was the current enemy. Alexander and John had made some hot chocolate for you. And Lafayette had gotten you a cozy blanket to hang out in. “Thank you so much. I’m sorry for putting everyone on the spot like this.” The guys all nodded their heads giving you words of reassurement.

Weeks past and all of the boys had accepted you into the apartment and you officially moved in. The boys made a chart for who got to share the bed with you and who would sleep in the extra rooms. “Guys, isn’t this a little silly?” you would scold. “Y/N we want you to be comfortable and slowly accept all of us.” Alex would continually tell you. “If you say so.” You would always whisper. So first night of the chart was Alexander.

The two of you laid cuddling on the bed watching some cheesy movie about singing cats. You would hold in a snicker whenever Alex would start singing. He would shoot you with his caramel eyes whenever you’d start giggling. “Y/N it’s not very ladylike for you to be laughing at me.” He’d groan. “Oh yeah? What do you know about ladylike?” you sit with your chest against his knees. His senses overwhelm him and causes him to lose all control of his body. You move into his lap seeing an opportunity and started playing with his hair and clinging to his chest. “Oh you poor baby.” You would sigh in an almost mocking tone. “Y/N whatever you are doing, you need to stop, because the others will find ou-” he stops abruptly as you start sucking on his neck innocently. He pushes you away gently and you get a view of the hickeys you have placed on him. “Y/N, whatever you are doing is going to get me in trouble with the other guys.” Alex looked at you with dazed interest. “But Alex…. The chart says I get to choose when.” You whine. “Fine, but you asked for this.” he smirked. You tilt you head in confusion and his mouth latches onto your neck and shoulder. His hands start to roam aimlessly around your body before pinning you down underneath him. “Are you sure you want me to do anything?” he asks quizzically hovering over you. You nod your head, trying not to break contact with his eyes. After coaxing your torso out of your shirt, he lowers a couple of inches and lays with his head on your chest for a minute. He takes your breast into his mouth and starts to suck expertly. You start to moan he stops to put your shirt into your mouth. “We can’t have them hear us, Y/N.” Alex growls. He traces his finger along the length of your body and pulled your waist close to his. You could feel his massiveness against your stomach and gulped. He pushed into you and smiled deviously. “What? Do you want more?” he whispered into your ear.  You shimmy out of your pj pants and wrapped your legs around him. Still fully clothed, he began massaging your vagina with his palm and worked you into a point of being wet. Once he decided you were the right level he stopped and switched out of his clothes. He went back on top of you and slid right into you. He froze in pure bliss and kissed you. “Y/N, Y/N, Jesus Christ.” Your hips start to rock into his and push him further into you. Finally getting the message he slams into you as fast as he can. You whisper, “I’m about to..” He slams into you one last time and you ride the orgasm together.

Just as you two finished, the other three walked in. None of them really noticing what happen, were all saying things like, “We heard slamming”, “Are you two alright?” and other things before realizing that the two of you had sex.

Lafayette, Hercules and John all instinctively stripped down to nothing and crawled into bed with you and Alex. “No no no it’s my night with Y/N back the fuck up!” Alex growled. Laurens sat behind Alex started nibbling his shoulders causing Alex to surrender. Lafayette picks up and pulls you into his lap. He starts to suck on your collarbone and massaging your ass. Hercules sits behind you and moves your hair so that he could bite your shoulder. You tilt your head onto Lafayette’s and enjoy the pleasure these two men were giving you. Hercules pulled you back onto his dick and slammed into your vagina. You moan and lean forward to heighten the pleasure. Lafayette and John switched places and John had taken position in front of you. He was kneeling on the bed with his massiveness erect in front of your lips. You waited a beat and took a deep breath, looking at him with your best begging face. His voice let out his drawl and he whispered, “Well darlin, show me what you can do with that pretty little mouth.” You pull him into your mouth and start sucking furiously. You were sucking the tip as hard as you could before he started thrusting into your mouth. He couldn’t hold back anymore. John seemed to be hellbent on fucking your mouth properly, and wasn’t going to stop until he had finished. Hercules pulled out of you and join Alex and Lafayette who were naked messes and cuddling. John pulled out of your mouth and takes your chin in his hand pulling you up. “Where would you like me to finish, darlin?” he whispered his voice husky and smooth like Jack Daniels. You laid on your back and smiled at him. He took this as a sign and slid his dick into you and slowly as he could. Once he was all the way in, he slowly started rocking his hips against yours, and biting your earlobes. He whispers quietly enough that the boys don’t hear him, “Y/N, I have wanted this since we started middle school. I have always wanted just you Y/N, you have always been the goal.” You wrap you arms around his neck and pull him closer to you. He works his way into you harder and faster with every thrust. Your moans turn into screams that echo through the apartment. You released first and John being sure to finish inside of you with one last thrust slammed into and released inside of you.

The five of you laid in bed cuddling for 20 minutes just enjoying each other’s company. You sat on John’s lap with Alex’s head resting on your thigh. Hercules with his arm around John’s shoulder and Lafayette laying on his lap. Everything seemed perfect for those peaceful twenty minutes. Then Alex refueled his ego and started lecturing, “Wait a second guys it’s my night with Y/N so everyone needs to get out. We were watching an awesome movie and having a good time before you all barged in. I don’t do this to you on your night. Why did you decide all of a sudden that it was fair to do this to me? C'mon guys I have waited long and hard for tonight. Please just go. Gilbert, stop don’t give me those eyes. Stop it. Get on out.”

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HEya! can you hit me me up with some engagement ring headcannons for the RFA+v+saeran

A/N: hi cuties!!! Sorry mine isn’t that great but I did have a lot of fun looking for the rings! 10/10 I love them and I want them all ineedasugardaddy ~ Admin 626



-Okay did y’all think his wasn’t gonna be game related

-He had to pick a traditional game that the both of you loved playing together!

-You bonded over the different Mario Bros games! (Not to mention you always kicked his ass in Mario Kart)

-And??? Hello??? It’s also a star, that’s literally his trademark

-Thinks it’s really cute! Just like you!

-He also knows that you’re more of a simple person, like he is! That’s why he went with something smaller, and no gemstones


-He picked it for you because it holds more meaning to the bond you two have, not to mention that you’ll always think of him when you see it! That’s better than some huge, shiny rock in his opinion (and he hopes yours as well)


-Okay, but princess diamond what else would he get you guys


-He just wants the best for his Kitten, so he had to get something to express how he sees you

-Elegant, bright, ornate, and beautiful

- MC the cost doesn’t matter but yes it was a lot of money

-He has it hand-crafted by the best professionals in the world

-If he has to travel to pick it up, sO BE IT!

-He hopes you’ll love it as much as he loves you, because this is as close as he could get to capturing even a FRACTION of your beauty


-He wanted to find one as unique as you are

-So he opted for an opal rather than a diamond

-Not to mention that the opal looks like the moon, to represent the light you bring into the night sky he calls his life

- he’s the type to always be like, “WOAH MC, LOOK AT THAT ROCK! Get it? Cause its a gemstone and they’re rocks lmao”

-He’s honestly very worried that you won’t like it, of course if you don’t, he’ll get you something else!!! Whatever you want!!!!!!

- no, saeyoung, its fucking beautiful pLS

-It’s gonna be a real surprise when he slips and actual ring on your finger instead of one made out of Honey Buddah Chips wrapper when he’s messing around

- its golden like the chips tho MC


-ah yes, it’s black like my soul, I…I meaN HIS SOUL, YES, BLACK LIKE HIS SOUL *nervous sweating*


-He can’t imagine a huge, overly bright ring on your finger, it’s just….not your style

-An opal though, they change colours depending on how you look at them, and that’s how he sees you- as a colourful person

-Only got one stone placed on it though, because he’s not into the ones that have, like, 7 why does there need to be more than one, one conveys the message just as well

-He got the black band to represent himself, while the bright opal was how he saw you

-You’re the one bright thing in his life, and he wanted to make sure you knew how much he appreciated and valued you

- don’t worry, he actually put thought into this, it wasn’t an impulse EdgelordTM decision


-This cinnamon roll is really confused about what to get you

-She doesn’t wanna get it wrong!!!

-But her poor bby booty also can’t afford anything too extravagant and she feels so bad

-When she went into the shop, the saleswoman gave her a look that made her feel SO guilty when she told the sales lady the rings had to be under a certain


-Yes it was simple, but it was elegant like you <3



-Listen…this boy went all out for you

-He found a super expensive, elegant ring because you deserve the best, you’re his princess



-Why did he pick one with three stones???

-The big one represents you and the two little ones are supposed to represent your two future children

-He can’t wait to marry you and start a family <3


-Omg of course V’s hipster ass would pick this ring


-He couldn’t even find the perfect ring for you, he was so stressed poor bby


-Listen,,, this boy loves rose gold (AdminspeakinghereidkifthisisrosegoldbutiwentwithitLMAO) because he thinks it’s pretty like you!!!

-He wanted a ring with leaves on it because his favorite photograph of you is in the fall and you’re smiling up at the trees <3 (hemadeyouposeforitbutstill)

The Salt Must Flow

I wasn’t going to make this post because 1)I’m opening myself up for some Discourse™ 2)It’s going to take forever to write. But whatever, I’m salty as fuck right now for lots of more important real life reasons so I’m just going to spread it around on this.

ANYHOW. This post is my longass response to seeing comments like “I don’t understand why people ship Desus, they’ve had zero meaningful interaction” or “Desus shippers are all straight girls who want to watch two guys make out, there’s absolutely no other reason” and then in the very next sentence say “Anyway, Jesus is going to get with Aaron, the fact that you don’t ship this 110% canon ship is just because you fetishize gay men :)“

So I’d thought I’d explain, with visual aids, why I prefer Jesus & Daryl to Jesus & Aaron at this particular point in time. Warning for length, my god did I ramble on, what is wrong with me.

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We’re Not Too Far Gone (Part 4) - Carl Grimes Imagine

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

requests: could you do a multi chapter fic where like the reader is like 14?? and like negan takes her from hilltop to raise her as his own but she doesnt like him so she runs away and she gets captured by like dwight and thats the part where glenn and michonne are also captured aswell and they get to the lineup and thats where negan notices her and ricks group are “ shookt ” and when carl tries to hunt down negan and fails he ends up meeting reader during the tour and they form a great friendship??

and about the “ negans daughter” thing can you make the reader really close w jesus and he gets really upset when negan takes her away?? thanks aha

omg i’m loving the we’re not to gone series you have to continue it !

pairings: new friend glenn x reader

a/n: this is lame and so am i but i swear it’ll pick up soon i just gotta get some basic stuff outta the way

word count: 1,158

tagged users: @deeindarkwonderland @namelesslosers 

Negan turned on his heels and faced you once again. “Got something to say?” he asked loudly. You thought for a moment, deciding on whether you were going to save this kid’s life like he had saved yours, or if you were going to remain silent. Negan raised his eyebrows at you again, then rolled his eyes when you didn’t reply. 

“You got one of our guns,” Negan continued, pointing at the boy. The boy exhaled calmly, closing his eyes for a moment. Negan crouched down so his face was level to the boy’s, and they made bold eye contact with each other. “You got a lot of our guns.” 

The boy stared at Negan, refusing to falter. “Shit, kid. Lighten up. At least cry a little.” Something about the look in the boy’s eyes told you that he wasn’t going to cry any time soon. You could tell from just one look at him that he was strong. You knew all too well what strength looked like. 

 Negan looked at you, then chuckled. He stood up quickly, making you flinch unnoticeably. He adjusted his belt and cleared his throat. Each breath he took was visible against the cold air of the night. He sniffled once, then stood before the woman with the short hair who Glenn was crying for, Maggie. 

Jesus, you look shitty,” Negan sighed. Glenn rocked back and forth until he fell on his hands, sucking air between his teeth. “I should just put you out of your misery right no-”

“No!” Glenn shrieked, interrupting Negan mid-swing of his bat. “No! No!” He stood up from his knees and lunged at Negan. You reached your arm out for him, but the man with the scarred face tackled him along with two other men, forcing him to the ground. 

“Stop it!” Maggie wailed, reaching for Glenn as he was kicked and punched. The man with the burned face grabbed Glenn by his t-shirt and held a crossbow to his chest, and your breath left your body for a moment. He tossed and thrashed against the man’s forceful hands, but didn’t succeed. 

“Nope. Nope. Get him back in line,” Negan demanded, surprisingly calmly. 

“No, no!” Glenn continued to scream and yell as he was dragged next to you. Once he was close enough, you reached out an arm to touch his shoulder. He was on his back, and you helped him back up to his knees. You remained silent, though, unsure of how Negan would reply if he saw your exchange. 

Glenn cried, and his throat croaked. “Don’t,” he pleaded to Negan. “Don’t.” 

Negan chuckled, but he didn’t seem to care about your contact with him. That was the thing with Negan: You never knew what was going to tick him off, and sometimes, he could surprise you. 

“Ay, listen. Don’t any of ya’ do that again. I will shut that shit down, no exceptions. First one’s free. It’s an emotional moment; I get it.” Negan pointed to Glenn and smirked, clearly enjoying the reaction he was receiving from him. 

Glenn tried to silence his cries, but he was having trouble. You squeezed his arm once again, and he reached it across his chest to grab yours. Maggie and Glenn wore identical expressions, and they each took turns glancing between each other, Negan, and you. 

Rick shook with his head facing the floor, his eyes red and swollen. “Sucks, don’t it,” Negan asked, sarcastically sympathizing with Rick. Negan turned his head back towards you and Glenn quickly. “Well, ain’t you two the damn cutest things I’ve ever seen!” 

He paced towards you slowly, dragging out each step he took. “Hell, kid. Did I steal ya’ away from your mommy and daddy?” 

You shook your head, and tried to flinch your hand away, but Glenn held you still. You relaxed again, letting Glenn know that you wouldn’t let go unless he was ready. 

“Moment you realize you don’t know shit.” Negan walked away from you and Glenn and towards Rick. He raised Lucille and pointed it at him, painting an invisible line from Rick to the boy in the cowboy hat. “This is your kid. Right?” Negan laughed joyously, looking back at Rick to make sure he was paying attention. “This is definitely your kid!”

“Stop! Stop this!” Rick screamed, shifting so his hands were on the floor in front of him. 

“Do not make me kill the little future serial killer! Don’t make it easy on me! I gotta pick somebody. Everybody’s at the table waiting for me to order.” He stopped talking immediately, and replaced his voice with a chilling whistle, pacing past Rick and towards you. 

“I simply can not decide,” he claimed, tossing his hand in the air. Negan rubbed his head for a moment, before turning around with the most cynical smile you had ever seen. “I got an idea!” He chuckled once again, and stepped forward so he was in front of Rick. 

“Eenie.” The end of Lucille was pointed at Rick’s head, but he quickly moved on to Maggie. 

“Meenie.” Glenn squeezed your hand and whimpered, cowering his shoulders as Lucille swung close to her face. 

“Miney.” The man with the red hair stood up on his knees, rocking his weight off his heels in defiance. 

“Mo.” Michonne glared at Negan, but also seemed scared behind her facade. You could always tell when someone was faking, and she was. 

“Catch a tiger by his toe.” Daryl shook beneath the white blanket, which had been thrown over his shoulders like a shall. 

“If he hollers, let him go.” A woman with her thick hair braided back, then a man with curly, dark hair were passed. 

“My mother told me to pick the very best one.” Rick’s son scowled at Negan with the same glare of his father. 

“And you are it.” A man squinted as he seemed to reverberate in fear, his black hair falling in curls behind his neck. 

Rosita stared past the bat as it hung in front of her face. A tear rolled down her cheek, but she was still sitting strong. 

Glenn still did not let go of your hand, squeezing it tightly as Negan paced in front of him. 

You closed your eyes for a moment, silently willing him to walk past Glenn. You had just met him, but you thought he was a good person. There weren’t many left to spare. 

“Anybody moves, anybody says anything, cut the boy’s other eye out, and feed it to his father, and then we’ll start. You can breathe. You can blink. You can cry. Hell, you’re all gonna be doin’ that.” 

Negan rose the bat over his head, and he joyously took the life of the red haired man whose name you never got the chance to ask for. As his skull cracked and his body grew lifeless, Glenn whimpered and held your hand as tightly as he could. 

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“Halloween” Stiles Stilinski Imagine

“Ugh why did they have to make her hair so complicated.” You whine as you keep pausing and unpausing  the hair tutorial playing on your computer.

“Just make sure it looks perfect, we need to make these outfits look legit.” The voice replies through the phone speaker.

“Stiles, your lucky I’m even doing this, do not test me.” You warn.

“I’m just saying this has to be the best Halloween ever and because you love me and would- Ok I can sense your death stare through the phone I’m going to stop talking.” He rushes out, god this boy talks fast.

“Good idea.” You laugh.

“So your coming to my shmmmhshsh?” You say as you place a bobby pin between your teeth as you try to roll the plait in circles.

“I got none of that.” Stiles stated and you groan and reluctantly take the pin out of your mouth and let your hair drop.

“I said, your coming to my house at eight right?” You ask.

“Oh yeah eight, yep.” He confirms.

“Ok babe I’m gonna go.” You say. “Ok, I’m serious I can not wait I have been counting down the days and you are going to look so-” He rambles. “Stiles!” You laugh. “Yeah?” “I love you and goodbye.” You giggle. “I love you too but-” You hang up on him and shake your head as you continue to try and get your hair to stay in position. Oh god how did I let myself get talked into this.

“Ok I have an idea what we can go as!” Stiles says excitedly as he types quickly into google imagines.

“Oh god what?” You ask. “Batman and Robin! Obviously I would be Batman-”

“Your kidding right? First off I am not going as a dude and secondly and most importantly I am not going as a side kick! I’m way above that babe.” You argue flopping down on his bed. “You’ve got a point, ok what about..” He says deep in thought as he sits down next to me. “I know! Han Solo and Princess Leia, you can wear that really hot gold bikini- ow!” He yells as you smack him around the head.

“Alright I deserved that.” He admits rubbing his head.

“Ok what about, oh I know!” He says then his eyes widen as a light bulb goes off.

He rushes over to his closet and fumbles around with his back to me.  He turns around with a Darth Vader mask on. “Luke I am your father.” He says in a deep voice causing me to giggle. “That’s cute but no.” You say seriously. He quickly rips off the mask chucking it somewhere, “Luke, your father I am?” He says desperately. “You are not going as Yoda, Stiles.” I giggle and he moans in annoyance and flops down next to me.

He keeps listing ideas off and I continue to say no as I fall back onto the bed and stare up at the ceiling declining all of them. “Ok what about Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia?” He asks as I feel the bed dip and I feel his body heat as he lies down next to me. “No, they’re brother and sister and we are dating, true they didn’t know they were twins when they kissed but it’s still really weird and I could not bring myself to kiss you in those costumes.” You sigh.

You feel Stiles turn his body on his side to face you and you glance over to see him smiling at you. “What?” You ask turning to face him. “Nothing it’s just your so hot when you talk nerd to me.” He smirks. You giggle and lean over gently placing a kiss on his mouth. You shuffle over so your resting your head on his chest and he happily snakes his arm around you bringing your leg over his so your bodies become entangled.

“You created this nerd.” You joke as you gently trace the lines of his plaid shirt. “I know.” He says smugly.

“Look can’t we just, go as Mario and Princess Peach or something?” You ask biting your lip to resist from smiling to spoil the joke. You look up to see him death staring you. “Are you freaking joking? Please tell me your joking or I swear-” “Relax babe, I was kidding.” You laugh as he rolls his eyes and lets his head rest back on the pillow.

“Ok I will go as Princess Leia but-” You say giving him a pointed look as his eyes light up. “Only if I wear the white dress.” You say and he grins. “Deal babe.” He smirks bringing your head up for another kiss.

You sigh adjusting your hair one more time as you look in the mirror. Yep definitely needs another coat of hairspray. You grab the can and apply as much as you can before your eyes start to water. You spin around in the mirror picking at the white material, you stumble around and groan. You could barely walk in these ridiculously high boots.

You hear the doorbell ring and you grin. You slowly make your way down the stairs gripping onto the railing. You call out a good bye to your parents and you swing open the door and immediately let out a snort of laughter at Stiles. God he was a dork. His eyes widen at the sight of you and his jaw literally drops.

“Holy shit you look- I mean you look- like really hot.” He admits causing you to go a crimson red. “That was definitely not in the movie.” He says referring to the slit in your dress exposing your skin right up to your middle left thigh leaving your knee high boot on display. “I know I’m sorry, but this was the only one they had-” “Are you kidding, do not apologize you look amazing.” He breathes.

“Why thank you Mr Solo, you don’t look to bad yourself.” You smirk. “Your majesty.” He bows jokingly. “Would such a beautiful princess like yourself do me the honor of escorting me around the streets as we knock on doors for candy?” He asks extending his arm for you to loop your arm through.

“Well since Chewbaccas not here I guess you’ll have to do.” You tease sliding your arm through his as you walk out of your front yard. “Ah yes Chewie my faithful companion…” He begins causing you to giggle.

You had been out for an hour now and so far it had been way more fun than expected. Even though most of the people out where like half your age you and Stiles didn’t mind. He kept asking you if you wanted to bail and head to Lydia’s annual Halloween party but you insisted you didn’t care, you would rather watch Stiles act like an adorable child than be pressed against sweaty bodies for hours.  

“Stiles!” You say pulling on his sleeve. “What.” He says looking back at where you were staring. Once he spots what you were indicating, you both look at each other smirking and nod together. “He’s home alone, Melissa is out on a shift and he told me he was going to study instead of going to the party.” Stiles adds as you both speed walk towards Scott’s house.

You grab his hand in yours and ring the door bell rocking on the balls of your feet as you hear his footsteps running down the stairs.

“I’m sorry I’m out of-”

“Trick or Treat!” You and Stiles both scream causing him to jump.

“Jesus Christ, *yn*, stiles? What the hell are you guys doing?” He asks his face full of pure confusion. “It’s Halloween.” Stiles states. “Duh.” You add.

“Yeah but why aren’t you at Lydia’s party, oh yeah ok just.. come on in.” He continues as Stiles leads you past Scott as he continues to ramble.

“We went trick or treating.” Stiles grins stopping once he’s insider and swiveling around. “Thoughts?” He asks gesturing at our costumes.

“Uh, good….” Scott trails off.

“You don’t know who we are do you?” Stiles questions.

“Yeah of course I do! Uh you guys are from um Star… Trek?” He winces and I internally cringe. Bad mistake.  “Star Trek, S-star Trek.” Stiles says letting out a loud harsh laugh.

“Oh god here we go.” You mumble  rubbing your temples.

“It’s Star Wars man! Oh my god how many have I told you to watch those movies! They are pure freaking art Scott!  It’s literally a blessing to sit and watch those movies! Jesus what’s next, you’ll be telling me Anakin and Luke are brothers? Or the correct chronological order is movies one, two, three, four, five, six and not four, five, six, one, two, three?” He says forcing out another bound of stressful laughs.

“Why wouldn’t it be one, two, three, four, five, six?” Scott asks glancing at me. Oh those adorable brown eyes aren’t going to save you this time Scotty.

“Oh god it hurts, it physically hurts.” Stiles says dramatically as he clutches at his heart.

“Stiles don’t you think your being a tiny bit over dramatic, I mean they’re just some stupid movies.” Scott says attempting to lighten the mood.

“Oh you’ve really done it now Scotty.” I sigh shaking my head as I watch Stiles turn slowly to Scott. “S-stupid movies? Stupid movies! That’s funny Scott, hilarious.” He says. “Quick question, will it still be as funny after I beat you over the head with this a couple hundred times?” Stiles asks as he pulls out his fake light saber. Oh god.

Stiles begins to run at Scott and I shove myself infront of him. “Stop!” You yell. You were about to get up both of them when an idea came to you. Probably your best one yet. One that definitely benefited you.

“I have an idea how we can settle this.” You smirk.

“Wait so what are we doing again?” Scott asks as he watches you move the coffee table out of the way. “Simple. You and Stiles are going to have a duel.” I say grabbing Stiles’s light saber from him and mine out of its holder on my hip. “Now who wants-” “I shots blue.” Stiles calls snatching it out of my hand causing me to roll my eyes.

“Ok,” I say as I sit down on the couch, a perfect seat to witness the entertainment. “If Scott wins he gets all the candy we collected tonight.” I say pointing out our two over flowing bags as they both stand on either sides of the carpet. “What do I get if I win?” Stiles asks. “Me.” You smirk sending him a playful wink. I watch him as the grip on his light saber tightens, now he had something to fight for. “How do you determine who wins?” Scott asks. “When the other one surrenders.” You say in a mock evil tone drumming your fingers together, Stiles had rubbed off on you way too much.

“And remember Scott no wolf powers.” You warn and he sighs and nods.

“Ok, let the duel begin!” You yell.

For a while both fidgeted, slowly edging towards eachother. Stiles was the first to launch at Scott, out of nowhere he wacks him on the arm. And then chaos ins-sued. Both boys were stumbling around just barely missing things, it was a miracle nothing was broken. Every now and then one would get a good wack in but it was pretty evenly matched. And it was the most entertaining thing you had ever seen. You were in complete stitches as you watched the two idiots dodge each other and fumble around, of course you were filming all of it.

Eventually you noticed Stiles beginning to tire, and you knew Scott was always going to win. You really didn’t want him to, even though it was all in good fun you knew Stiles always felt so inadequate compared to Scott like ‘the sidekick’. You’d tried convincing him that he was the brains and was like the glue holding everyone together but he had trouble believing it. He needed to win this, and the only way that was going to happen was with your help.

You watch as the boys begin to walk towards you, Scott walking backwards with his back to you. Ever so slightly you subtly stick your boot covered foot behind his ankles and as he took a step he tripped over and landed on his back. Stiles yells in triumph as he knocks his light saber out of his hands and points his own at Scott’s face. “I surrender!” Scott laughs putting his hands up.

You giggle as you watch Stiles face light up in pure joy, how is it possible to be so hot and cute at the same time? You march up to him and grab his face roughly kissing him. You hear his light saber drop to the ground, as he begins to react wrapping his arms around you.

You pull away breathless and he eventually opens his eyes in shock.

“What was that for?” He asks in confusion.

“Well my daring rescuer had to be rewarded.” You smirk and his face lit up in a goofy smile.

“I did what I had to do Princess.” He jokes causing you to giggle.

“Oh Han, kiss me, please kiss me!” You fake gasp dramatically placing your hand on your forehead like in the movies. “With pleasure.” He smirks pulling you closer to him and smashing his lips to yours. You run your hands through his hair as you deepen the kiss, ignoring Scott’s awkward cough.

“Well I’m going to go and get some water.” He mumbles.

You moan lightly as Stiles squeezes your sides gently, as he bites down on your lower lip as you get more and more into the kiss.

“Oh my god you guys are still making out seriously! No get out! Stiles go fulfill your weird Star Wars kink, freaking fantasy shit somewhere else!” You hear Scott groan. Stiles breaks away from the kiss only to scoop you up bridal style causing you to squeal.

“Of course Scott, we’ll just vacate to your front porch and continue to make out there.” He says sending you a wink before carrying you towards the door, the candy and light sabers forgotten. “That’s not what I meant can’t you guys just- And your making out again.” He sighs as he stops at his front door to see Stiles seated on his deck chair with you on his lap kissing.

“Alright I give up, happy Halloween you freaks.” He sighs shutting the door behind him.

Stiles pulls away from your mouth and you whine in annoyance trying to pull his head back down again. “You know I was thinking for next year we could dress up as-”

“Oh my god shut up and kiss me you dork.” You giggle cutting him off and pressing your lips to his again.

Best. Halloween. Ever.

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Professor Park

» Part one  

Ok so here it is, my first and endless Jimin smut story. I reaaally hope y'all like it. Please don’t be to hard on me, as English isn’t my first language, i really tried to make it as read-able as possible. If it gets enough positive reactions i will think about writing a part 2.

Author: amsimaria

Word count:  4,4K

Feature: Jimin x Reader

Genre: SMUT/ANGST and a little bit of everything i guess 

“Wake up! (Y/N), we’re going to be fucking late again”
You hear your roommate’s voice coming from across the room. You look up, while rubbing your eyes to get a clear sight of the situation. “What time is it?” You ask while slowly sitting up and scratching your head out of confusion.
You see your roommate rushing into her favorite jeans.

“ It’s passed 9 already, we’ve got to leave in like 10 minutes if we still want to make it to Economics.”

Economics was giving by Professor Park, the young handsome professor who you spend way too much time staring at during lectures. You quickly rush into the bathroom to brush your teeth and wash your face. You didn’t have enough time to pick out a trendy outfit, so you just chose a a baggy vest and summer dress with some ballerina’s to wear under it. You both rush into the halls of the campus on your way to the classroom the lecture is being held in.
Relieved to finally arrive, you stumble in loudly, still laughing about the joke Melanie made about Prof. Park’s nice round butt. You both swallow your laughter after looking into the very quiet, not so amused class and a serious looking Mr. Park.
“ You ladies decides to come early today? ”
“ Sorry professor, we keep getting lost in this gigaaantic place.” Melanie replied in a innocent and childish like tone while moving her hands apart to indicate how big she was talking about.
You could tell he hadn’t had much experience as a professor, as her reply made him act a little uncomfortable.
“ Alright girls, last time.” He said while turning his back towards both of you.
You quickly walk up to find a spot in the back of the room.
At the end of the lecture you grab your bag and make your way towards the door, when a sudden voice stops you from moving.
“ (Y/N) could you come here for a second? ”
You turn around to see Professor Park looking at you.
“ Uh yeah.. Sure professor.” You reply
You tell your friend to wait for you outside before turning around and walking towards the handsome professor.
“ I noticed you are having trouble following my lectures, is there maybe something i can help you with so that your thoughts don’t wander off as much as they do? ”
You felt your face turning red.
Could he have noticed your endless staring at him whenever his plump lips explained the hectic arts of Economics?
Of course he noticed, he’s a teacher. And besides, every time he asked you something you didn’t even know what the question was, let alone having an actual answer.
“ I uh.. I’m just not really into Economics professor.” You said while looking down at your blue and white dotted ballerina shoes.
“ Well, i could help you with learning a few basics maybe? So you could at least know where to get back to if you are completely lost ” He offered kindly.
You restlessly look behind you and back to the ground.
Is he serious? Like you could actually pay attention to stupid economics when you’re in a room with him alone.
You look back at him to find him staring at your chest. He quickly looks up and turns around to take some papers from his desk.

What the hell.. Did he just stare at your breasts?

You look down at your chest, finding your nipples to be pointing straight forward.
Fuck, you were in such a rush this morning that you forgot to put on a bra.
You awkwardly cross your arms against your chest.
He hands over a piece of paper with says “The fine lines of economics”
“ Maybe this can help you.” He says while returning to his desk and sitting down.
“ Thank you professor, i will read it through before coming to class next time ” you thank him before rushing out of the classroom.
You make your way to your second class when you spot Melanie a bit further making her way to the entrance. You take sprint, to get to her before she gets in.

‘’ MELLL!’’

‘’ MELL wait, why didn’t you wait for me asshole? I just went through the most awkward shit ever ’’
“ What? You mean when you were alone with Park? Couldn’t you just text me after? ’’
“ NO I COULDN’T. I had to tell you this in person. I forgot to put on a fucking bra Melanie! He was staring at my rock hard nips.”

“ NO. ”

“ YES! ”

‘’ NO WAY ’’ Melanie says before bursting out of laughter
‘’ YES WAY MEL! Caught him staring at them for like a full 2 seconds.’’
‘’ Fuck my life seriously. He probably thought they were hard because of him.’’ you said while baring your face in the palms of your hands out of shame.

‘’ HAHAHAHA you are such a slut, (Y/N). Hard nips are like a girl-boner. At least that’s what guys think.’’ she says before bursting out again.
“NO THEY’RE NOT. The damn room was cold okay? They weren’t hard because of him JESUS’’

You storm off into the classroom with a red face and your friend still screaming out of laughter and making fun of you.

You both arrive at your dorm room.

‘’ God, i feel so dirty. I haven’t showered this morning and my perverted professor stared at my tits.’’ You sigh while making a staring face with open mouth looking at Melanie’s breasts.
‘’ Yeah the guy’s probably thinking about your tiddies right now ’’ Melanie replies while making a jacking-off motion with her hands.
‘’ Isn’t he like married though?’’ Melanie said while letting herself fall into her bed.
‘’ Seriously? I didn’t even know that? ’’ You look up, shocked and kind of disappointed.
‘’ Yeah i think so, or engaged or something like that. I saw him kiss a woman once before class. It wasn’t french-ing or anything it was classy, like a mall kiss on the lips.’’
‘’Really? Was she pretty?’’ Escaping from your lips, sounding more desperate than you wanted it to sound.

“ Are you jealouuuus..’’ Melanie said while narrowing her eyes at you
‘’ NO, why would i be jealous? He stared at my boobs not the other way around. You snort, sounding overly cocky and headstrong.’’

‘’ She wasn’t ugly. She had a cute doll-like face and she seemed happy.’’ Melanie finally replied.
‘’Hmm.. Well maybe she just doesn’t have nice perky tits like meee’’ You proudly laughed while lifting up your dress and sticking out your tongue before making your way to the bathroom to take a shower.


‘’What??’’ You yell from out of the shower.

No sound.

‘’What????” You yell a bit louder this time
‘’Let’s go to a bar tonight’’ Melanie replies
‘’Uhh.. Ok but let’s not make it too late, i’ve got a lecture at 11.’’


‘’ Which bar are we going? ‘’ You ask while struggling to walk proper on the rough streets with your delicate pumps on.
‘’Uhm.. Let’s not go to that dumb place all the students go to, i’m kinda sick of their faces’’
‘’Ok, so where to then?’’
‘’Let’s go to somewhere more classy.’’ Melanie replied with a calculated grin on her face.

You arrive at this modern-styled bar with handsome looking bartenders wearing tight white blouses with black bowties.

‘’ I already like it here.’’ Melanie said sounding like a little kid in a candy-shop’’
‘’Let’s sit at the bar’’ She said while pointing at a particular spot.

You make your way to the spot Melanie referred to.

‘’ Aren’t you ladies a bit young to hang around a place like this? ’’ A bartender said, pouring a clear drink he’d just shaken up out of his cocktail-shaker into two martini glasses.’’
‘’ Well the bouncer sure as hell didn’t think so, he didn’t even ask us for ID. ’’ Melanie snorted flirty
‘’ Oh well, If i didn’t know any better i’d definitely think you two were early college students.’’ He said while putting the drinks in front of us without taking his eyes of off Melanie’s.
“ Maybe you should find out then.’’ Melanie replied playfully, bringing her glass to her lipstick-red lips and taking a sip, looking back into his eyes.

You start to look around to see if people were paying attention to the two of you.
If he noticed you were college students, wouldn’t the rest notice too?
You suddenly see a familiar face sitting a few tables further. You narrow your eyes to get a better view of the man.
You suddenly recognize him.
You recognize those unique beautiful brown eyes you spend so much time staring at during his lectures.

‘’FUCK. He’s here Mel, he’s here!!’’ You said while nervously yanking on her skirt. Not losing sight of Professor Park
‘’Who? ’’ She looks down at her skirt and then turns her head 180 degrees to see who you’re referring to.
“FUCKKK. Park is here!??’’ She said said while looking back at you and then back at him

He notices the commotion and sees you both looking at him. He looks shocked. You and Melanie put on an awkward smile and look back to each other.

‘’(Y/N) he is with his fucking wife’’ Melanie shouted quietly  

You were in such shock that you hadn’t even notice the woman sitting across to him.
Was he really with his wife?
You were so eager to see her face, you had become restless.

“ I want to see her face Mel ’’
‘’ No you don’t. Stop making it more awkward than it already is. ‘’ Melanie whispered in an angry tone.
‘’ He sees us as nothing more than dumb college girls who are seeking attention at a bar like this.’’ She continues.

She was right. You felt embarrassed by the thought of him seeing you act so childish like you just did.
So you decides to act like it was the most normal thing in the world and stood up to walk your way towards the bathroom of the bar.
You wore a little black dress and your legs still had that nice golden bronze color from that day at the beach a few weeks ago. You wore pumps which made your legs even more feminine and you walked passed the couple like your were attempting a Victoria’s Secret runway show.
You saw him looking at you from the corner of your eye, but you decided not to look back at him.
Once in the bathroom you grabbed some mascara and gave your eyes a nice touchup. A few minutes later you walked out and finally saw the woman’s face.
Melanie was right. She was pretty.
A little dull-looking, but she seemed confident enough to not pay you any attention, like you were no match to her.
As you sat back down at the bar chair you saw him looking at you again, as soon as he noticed you looking back, he looked back at the woman and started laughing at something she had just said.
He just had the most beautiful smile. He never really smiled like that when you say him during lectures, or even in or around the campus really.

That night you couldn’t stop thinking about him.
How handsome he looked in his casual clothing. Those light blue jeans which showed the lines of his strong muscular thighs so well. How sexy he looked when he pulled his hands through his thick, shiny black hair before bringing the beer-bottle to his plump pink lips and taking a sip.
And how intriguing his gaze was when he looked at you.
Would he fantasize about you when he is laying in bed is with his wife?
Such a naughty thought, but you couldn’t help yourself enjoying thinking about it.

2 Days later.

‘’Ow girl you look so fiiiiinee!!’’ Melanie said in a hoarse voice, looking at your extremely short pastel purple tennis skirt you bought from American Apparel.
“Going for it today huh?’’ She continued
‘’What’s wrong with your voice? Feeling sick’’?
‘’Yeah i’m staying home today, can’t even swallow my own saliva without being in pain, let alone boring lectures all day.

‘’ Is it not to much?’’ You asked completely ignoring what she just said
‘’ Well not if you want Mr. Park to get a boner during lecture.’’ She replied
‘’ Oh shut uppp. I think it looks cute’’ You said while looking at yourself in the mirror.
“He sure will too’’ Melanie said while rolling her eyes away from you and pushing her tongue against the inside of her cheek with a closed mouth.

You put on your low white Converses, give your friend a kiss on her cheek and promising her to bring home some fruit and Thai soup to ease her flu, before quickly leaving the room.

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Will You Stay?**


The arm around your waist tightened slightly as you turned over in bed. You looked over your shoulder seeing Joe still peacefully asleep. You carefully removed his arm from around your waist and gently placing it back on the bed before grabbing your clothes and slipping out of the room just like you have many nights before.

Joe always hated it when you left early in the morning without saying goodbye but you couldn’t bare to wake him. The two of you weren’t exactly in a relationship but were still hiding yourselves from the boys. And since Joe, Caspar and Oli were working on a project, they would usually come around in the morning not necessarily invited to discuss the project. You didn’t exactly want to get caught in bed with your best friend by your other friends even if nothing had happened that night, so you eliminated the chance of that her happening but leaving undetected in the wee hours in the morning. 

You had kept up this routine for quite some time now and even though Joe understood why you did it, he didn’t like it. Sometimes he’d wake up and ask you to stay but you’d lie and say that you had to be into work early. You didn’t really see the point in staying if the two of you weren’t exactly in a relationship, even though you two were good friends, you felt weird every time he asked you to stay. 

That was until last night, Joe had invited you over and he cooked you a nice meal and after the two of you talked and laughed like you always did, you slipped into you bed with him and drifted off to sleep. 

When you woke up, your back was flushed against Joe’s chest, his arms wrapped tightly around you. You tired to wiggle free but the grasps just tightened. 

“Y/N” Joe groaned into your hair and he snuggled his face into the crook of your neck. 

“Joe let go, I need to go” You said attempting to get out of his arms but failed once again. 

“No you don’t Y/N its Saturday. Just please, will you stay and have breakfast at least?” Joe was now wide awake, his lips dancing against your bare shoulder. 

“What about the boys?”

“They aren’t coming over till later, we have plenty of time.” Joe said loosening his grip on you. 

“Plenty of time for what?” you smirked as he hovered over you, his lips attaching themselves to yours.

“Round 2″ Joe spoke as his lips moved down your neck to your breast.

You let out a small moan as he teased each nipple before leaving a trail of kisses down your stomach to your thighs, getting extremely close to your exposed core. 

You gasped as you felt one of Joe’s fingers trace its way down your slit followed closely by his tongue. Your hands instantly went to his hair letting out a loud moan as you Joe inserted a finger into you while mouth did wonders on your clit. You pushed Joe’s head further down into your core when you felt another finger being pumped in and out of you quickly. 

“JOE” You moaned out as you felt the pressure build up inside. Joe picked up the pace with his mouth and finger as you clenched around his fingers, more moans escaping your mouth. 

With a few more pumps from his fingers, you came hard onto them, incoherent sounds leaving your mouth. Joe licked your juices off his fingers before grabbing a condom from the bedside table and rolling it onto his hardened cock. You flipped yourself over so you were on your hands and knees and waited as Joe aligned himself up with you and pushing himself in with a low groan. 

Joe steadied himself with his hands on your hips as he rocked back and forth into you. The sound of skin on skin and your moans were the only thing that could be heard. 

You struggled to keep yourself up as you were still coming down from your first orgasm and you let your head fall into the pillows in front of you.

“Fuck Joe!” You cried out feeling another wave of pressure build up inside you you. 

You squeezed around Joe causing him to grunt as he continued to thrust into you. “Jesus Y/N” he struggled to get his words out between the pants were escaping his lips. 

Joe let out a loud moan followed by your name as you felt his cock twitch inside you. You came for the second time shortly after with another load moan. Joe pulled out of you and went to throw away the condom as you laid in his bed catching your breath. 

You felt a hand brush back a piece of your hair and you smiled as you open your eyes. 

“How about that breakfast?” Joe asked looking down at you tossing you your panties and his shirt from last night after you nodded.

You followed Joe down the stairs bumping into him as he stopped abruptly on the stairs. 

“Hey guys..” 

You glanced over his shoulder confused as to who Joe was talking too. Your eyes widened when you saw Caspar and Oli sitting on the couch looking over at you guys. 

“Hi Joe, hi Y/N. Sleep well?” Caspar asked with a laugh as you turned and ran back up the stairs to put the rest of your clothes on.

Switch [a Barry Allen/Sebastian Smythe Smut]

Request: can you write more barry allen/sebastian smythe/reader smut?


WARNING: Smut (threesome)

“Sebastian, get your hands off my body.” Barry grumbles, continuing to scribble notes on the sheet of paper, ignoring the set of hands on his chest. The hands move down his chest, to his abdomen, fingering the burgundy flannel. “Sebastian!” he hisses again, seeing you bop around the kitchen in nothing but your underwear. “Why don’t you see Y/N?”

The Warbler frowns, resting his chin on his boyfriend’s shoulder. “But… think about it! Me…inside you…” he walks his fingers down Barry’s jeans. “And you…inside her… We need to switch things up…” he mumbles, smirking. “Right, Y/N/N?!” he calls out, standing up. Sebastian jumps when you’re suddenly behind him, licking stray frosting from the spoon. “Jesus, babe. We gotta get you like a bell.” he mutters, fingers clutching the back of an empty office chair, hip popped to the side.

You grin, pushing some of his growing chestnut locks off his forehead. Sebastian’s lime green eyes widen when you offer the spoon to him, mouth opening instantly. “I like his idea. We should switch.” you say innocently, watching your boyfriend’s lips slowly pull off the utensil. “Please?” you whine, rocking back and forth. After swallowing, Sebastian joins you in the long, drawn out ‘please’.

Two against one. Barry tosses the pen down, spinning to look at you two; his boyfriend and girlfriend. “Fine. Just give me a minute to… you know.” he stands up, zipping to the bathroom, leaving behind a trail of abandoned clothes.

A whistle escapes Sebastian and he stands up straight. “Gotta love our speedster, right, hot stuff?” he smirks, stripping off his (Barry’s) sweatpants, kicking them to the side. You hum in agreement, completely bypassing his lack of boxers. “Ah, sex, how I love thy…” he sighs, following you towards the couch.

You climb on it, positioning your back on the cushions, dropping your bra and panties as you wait for Barry. “You wanna order pizza after?” you ask; he nods, shrugging. The door whips open and Barry kneels in between your legs, completely naked. “Oh! Seb, we’re doing it now!” you giggle, feeling the speedster attack your neck with open mouth kisses.

“Okay, you go first, B.” Sebastian orders, moaning along with you when Barry pushes his dick in you. Your hands wrap around Barry’s thin neck, pulling him in for a kiss. He slowly rocks his hips in between your thighs, sneaking his tongue inside your mouth, tilting his head. “Okay, okay, I gotta do this right now.” the Warbler pants, pressing his chest to his boyfriend’s back. As the speedster thrusts into you, Sebastian slowly enters Barry, stopping when he hisses against your jaw. “You guys good?” he asks, hair dangling in front of his brightly.

Groaning, Barry slams back, taking Sebastian by surprise. “Move, Bas, I - You gotta move…please.” he begs, hands roaming your body, squeezing your hips. Biting your lip, you tilt your head back, grinding against Barry..

“Aye aye, captain.” Sebastian winks, blunt nails digging into the speedsters pale chest while he snaps his lower body. Skin slapping skin echoes through the house and Barry whimpers into your collarbone, feeling your walls around him. “God, you’re so tight, baby boy…you and princess…” he breathes, thrusting in his boyfriend, reaching for your hand. “Are you close, babe?”

Nodding, you cry out their names; Barry shouts, filling up the condom. Mouth ajar, you squeeze Sebastian’s hand. “Come for us,  Seb.” you murmur, rubbing up against Barry. Sighing, Sebastian pounds into him, dick twitching before he completely lets go. Matching groans leave the two boys and the Warbler’s head drops in between his boyfriend’s shoulder blades.

The three of you take a moment before Sebastian pulls out. Barry’s breath hitches and you peek up at him. “So, how was that?” you ask, seeing Sebastian’s long fingers in the speedster’s hair. “Was that okay?”

“My ass hurts.” Barry pouts, plopping next to his boyfriend; who laughs with you.