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tbh i love both of them and i would marry both of them. oh wow who’s metal lee’s mother? spoiler alert it’s me


-Lowkey loves it when his S/O plays with his hair.

-He’s surprisingly good at doing people’s hair??? He does Hana’s and Hinata’s hair sometimes. He complains, but he actually likes doing it. If his S/O has long hair, he’s gonna braid it.

-Likes having his head in his S/O’s lap. Or having his S/O’s head in his lap. Either one. Bonus points if his S/O plays with his hair/he plays with their hair.

-Boasts about his S/O constantly. “Wow, that’s so cool that _____ can do that! But hey, did you know that (insert S/O’s name) can do that exact same thing except BETTER?” (Of course, he might put it a bit more tactfully, but not by much.)

-He can flirt without trying, but when he tries it’s a disaster.

-Used to try to get all the white dog hair off his black clothes. He was really meticulous about it. But about 2 weeks in, he gave up entirely.

-Tsundere as hell. Not physically violent or anything, but the second someone is like “Hey, do you like (insert person’s name)?” or anything along those lines, he turns bright red and starts yelling “NO I DON’T SHUT UP I’LL KILL YOU.” Or like, “Aw, that’s so sweet, Kiba!” “NO IT ISN’T. UGH. GROSS. WHO DO YOU THINK I AM.” He yells a lot when confronted with Sentimentality™.

Bonus: Akamaru is Kiba’s wing man but he sucks at it. So Kiba tries to get Shino to be his wing man. But Shino sucks at it too.


-His S/O will be his work out buddy. No arguments. Even if they can’t keep up, he’ll still drag them along. His S/O can watch him work out or he’ll use them to work out. Like, he’ll use his S/O as a weight or something.

-Tries to get his S/O to wear The Jumpsuit. No matter how many times they refuse, he will persist.

-Lee has a requirement for himself that he must be holding his S/O’s hand at all times. Unless he’s working out, but even then he might try to hold their hand.

-Constantly praising his S/O on their “youthful glow”, whatever that means.

-Lee is that kind of person who likes cold showers. They help wake him up and they increase his endurance. Just… don’t ask. Let him do his thing.

-He is wild and crazy, but he’s actually really organized and tidy. He needs everything to be symmetrical.

-His S/O gets flowers every time he sees them. EVERY. TIME. Even if he’s caught off guard and the two bump into each other randomly, he will run off at the speed of light and go buy some.

Bonus: Doesn’t believe he needs a wing man, but Tenten likes to be one for him. But Lee really does need a wing man. And Tenten is not the right person for the job.

I wonder what it looks like to other people when im listening to hard rock with earbuds and im mouthing the words like im screaming and angrily beating imaginary drum sticks

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Do you think you could make a post and give us reasons to stay?

I can try!

Listen, I promise the boys love us so much. Whoever is reading this, the boys love you, I know it in my heart. They’ve shown us that again and again. We’re just going through a rough patch right now.

Remember when Ashton drew butterflies on people’s wrists when he saw they had scars to make them feel better?

Remember that video of Michael listening to a fan sing and looking so so so enthralled?

Do you remember all the times they brought fans on stage, of all genders and ages, to play their instruments and rock out and know that they too could be rockstars if they worked hard and believed in themselves? That they encouraged us, all of us, to pick up and instrument if we wanted to?

Do you remember when they staged not one - but two - conventions to meet with their fans from all over the world and connect with them?

Do you remember when European fans held up signs during their leg of ROWYSO and 5SOS replied?

This quote from a Fuse article from LAST WEEK, that I’m far more inclined to believe is genuine.

“They’re a band that constantly talks about their fans, perhaps with more explicit devotion than any other male act out there, and do so in an incredible empathetic way, where being a fan of 5 Seconds of Summer feels more like being a friend of 5 Seconds of Summer.”

The fact that they JUST released a music video made for us, representing us that was so diverse, to show us how much we mean to them.

The fact that they made the WYA video for us way back in the day too.

All the times in HDWEUH where they talk about how much they love us and how important we are to them, and that bit especially where Calum bought a fan a ticket (I can’t find the gif for this sorry!)

Most importantly, at least to me, is Sounds Good Feels Good as an album. They could’ve churned out another that was easy, full of songs about some random girl and getting wasted, but they didn’t. They wrote an album full of truly incredible songs, about situations all of us experience – mental health issues, broken families, feeling isolated and alone – and they told us through it, again and again, that they love us. They love us and they care, and that none of us are alone. They ended it with the words “It’s gonna get better.” It’s simple, but it’s something a lot of us need to remember and they wanted us to know that. They created a movement for us, and for them, and they reminded us that we’re in this together. They’re one half of the broken heart, we’re the other half, and the music is the safety pin. 

I know it in my heart, that 5SOS love us. They care about us. I’ve seen it again and again. I’ve heard about it through fan encounters, seen it in videos, read about it in magazines, and I FELT it, when I saw them live. One shitty interview won’t change that for me.

I don’t know if this convinced you to stay, but I hope it showed you that 5sos does love you, and they love all their fans so much. And more importantly, if they are important to you, if they are your safe space, your happy place, you shouldn’t let anyone take that away from you, least of all some middle-aged shitty journalist who thinks he knows better. There are a million reasons to stay, but I hope that this gave you at least one.

(I mostly googled to find the gifs/images used but I also looked on Max @mukenope‘s page so credit to her as well!)

Rocking Chair (Bucky x Reader)

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Marvel

Character: Bucky Barnes

Persona: Female

Word Count: 499

Request: you’re like one of my fav blogs so. i was wondering if you could do a bucky x reader drabble where you’re in a rocking chair just relaxing and he’s pushing your chair while having a convo with steve and he rocks you too hard and you fly out your seat 

A/N -  matteblackvevo thanks love, enjoy <3

“I mean you have a point Steve but you’re still wrong” Bucky laughed from behind you. For the past half an hour Steve and Bucky had been arguing none stop about something, what it was about though you had no idea. You hadn’t been listening.

The Winter Soldier had been pushing your rocking chair gently, with each rock you grew more and more drowsy. “Buck we both know you’re the one who’s wrong” Steve replied with a smile on his face. Bucky’s laugh sounded from behind you and he subconsciously pushed the chair a little harder. You felt your eyes close as you relaxed into the chair more, you hadn’t had much sleep last night and having to actually work had completely drained you. 

Soon enough you were dozing off, completely unaware that Bucky was pushing you faster.

“I’m telling you Stars’N’Stripes, WiFi is the best thing the 21st century made” he smirked knowing full well that his statement would only fuel their ‘argument’, his metal hand gained a tighter grip on your chair. 

“Bucky you’re my friend and all but you’re an idiot”, Steve playfully sighed, “The best invention is clearly toasters, I mean c’mon it’s so easy to get your bread done now compared to our days”. Bucky involuntary scoffed, “Out of all the things you think the toaster is the greatest? And you say I’m the idiot…”. Your head swayed to the side as you fell deeper into your own world, you still hadn’t noticed the change in speed.

“That’s because you ARE an idiot”, Captain America laughed. Bucky rolled his eyes, “Steve please, check yourself before you wreck yourself”, the chair tipped slightly, jolting you away. Opening your eyes you noticed that everything was okay, closing your eyes once more you quickly slipped back into your sleep-like state.

“You spend too much with Tony, no wonder why you think WiFi is the greatest” Steve said, making the conversation a little more tense. “I do NOT sound like Stark” Bucky growled back rocking your chair harder.

“Yes you do” Steve retorted childishly, “No I don’t” Bucky replied quickly. “Do too” the First Avenger snickered. “NO I DON’T SOUND LIKE TONY” Bucky growled, in his child-like tantrum his metal arm shot out with force, forcing the chair forward at an alarming rate. Your body flew out of the chair and landed on the ground with a loud thud.

It was silent as the two men watched you, “Owch” you mumbled, sitting up slightly and rubbing your head. Instantly the friends burst out laughing while you sat staring angrily at Bucky for the rude awakening, “Thanks for that”. 

Through his cackles he managed to spit out, “I’m so sorry (Y/N)”. You gave him another foul look and stormed off to your bedroom where you could go to sleep without being interrupted. After the giggles had died down Steve stood up and patted Bucky’s back, “You should go apologize Buck, otherwise you might be sleeping in that chair tonight”

Preference #3: You Steal/Borrow His Clothes

Ashton: You loved taking Ashton’s bandannas. You would sneak one on before you went out with him, and he would make fun of you, but you knew he loved it. It started when you were hanging out one day, and you took his bandanna off of him, retying it around his head like a biker. You told him his true calling was to ride his hog down the roads and never settling down. You both laughed, and he pulled it off and tied it around your head the way he usually wears his. “Look at me,” you said in a ridiculous mock-Australian accent. “I’m Ashton and I play the drums and think I’m punk rock!” You laughed, getting yourself out of breath from laughing too hard at your own joke. Ashton laughed along, pulling you into his side. You took a deep breath, leaning into him. “That looks cute on you, you know,” he whispered in your ear. “We should make this a thing.” And you did.

Luke: Spending the night at Luke’s was usually unplanned, but never unwelcome. You would go over to chill or study, and it would be 1 a.m. before either of you knew. Luke would usually just let you stay at his place, and you would agree, not able to complain about sleeping with Luke. He never let you sleep in your clothes, even though you repeatedly told him it was fine; he was too much of a gentleman, and he always wanted you to be comfortable. He always let you sleep in one of his shirts, and lately, it had been one of his flannels. It was always so comfortable and soft. Luke was a giraffe, so it was huge one you, and he was so broad, it hung loose around your arms. It was your favorite, and Luke had probably caught on, because he “forgot” to ask for it back the last time you wore it. Crawling in bed with Luke at night, your eyes heavy with sleep, and curling into his side, smelling him from his shirt and being cuddled in him, was always a relief to you. 

Calum: You liked to tease Calum, and he you. It was what you two did to each other. Calum had been your best friend for as long as you could remember, and you were visiting the boys while they were back home in Aus. Calum had collected a large number of snapbacks while he was in America, and while he was downstairs getting a movie ready, you had snuck up to his room and grabbed as many as you could and hid them throughout the house. You walked back downstairs, hiding the last one under the couch cushion while Calum wasn’t looking. You snuggled under the blanket on the couch, scooting over so Calum could sit beside you, on top of the thin cushion hiding his snapback. “Do you feel that?” he asked you. “Feel what?” you replied innocently. Calum shuffled around underneath the blankets, bringing his hand up and exposing his Cincinnati Reds snapback. “You did this, didn’t you?” he asked you, and you had tried to keep a straight face, but caved, and began laughing. You grabbed it from his hands and put it on, cuddling back into his side to watch the movie. Calum, however had different plans. “Did you do this to all of them?” he asked you. It was hilarious, watching him freak out about not knowing where his hats were. “I’m serious, Y/N, when I find these I’m going to fucking kill you.” You whined for him to settle down and watch the movie, and he did, but getting up immediately after it was over and demanding you show him where they all were. You did, and once they were all safely returned, he grinned at you. “You know, I think I’m going to have to ban you from my hat collection,” he told you. “But you know I look cute in them,” you pouted. “That’s the thing,” he said, grinning. “I suppose you’ll just have to wear them all the time so I can remember just how cute you are.” He leaned down on top of you, kissing your nose.

Michael: You stole Michael’s Pokemon shirt on a regular basis. And he would make you give it back on a regular basis. But you continued to take it, because it was so comfortable, and today was special, because you had found your old Pokemon movies and TV shows, and were having a small marathon. You were cuddled under your blankets in your room when Michael walked in, laughing at you in your introvert state, piled under a mound of blankets and watching an episode of Pokemon from 2004.  He climbed in under the covers next to you, and you worried he would see his shirt on you, but he didn’t seem to notice. You began to relax, but then he said, “I bet you’re wearing my Pokemon shirt, aren’t you?” You turned over to him and tried to give him an apologetic look, hoping he wouldn’t mind. “You know, if you didn’t have a whole stack of Pokemon movies waiting to be watched, you would so be dead right now,” he told you, grinning. You let out a sigh of relief and cuddled into him, holding him tight. He kept you close, and you eventually fell asleep, him cradling your head in the crook of his neck. “I love you,” he whispered into your hair.

(A/N) it’s really bad i’m sorry omg michael’s was so short and calum’s was so long it’s late and i have a cold i’m sorry

All tied up

anne-the-kindred-spirit said: Nat and Steve go rock-climbing, Steve is not as flexible as he thought.

((Post Cap 2, Steve/Nat and I know nothing about rock climbing so that was a minor problem.))

“How’s it going there, Cap?”

Steve resisted the urge to say something distinctly ungentlemanly. “Fine,” he gritted out from between his teeth. He shifted his weight, as much as he could, and tried to reach for the next handhold. His fingers, white with chalk, scraped against the rock, and slipped free.

He bit back a curse as he fell back, his weight snapping the rope taunt.

“You taking a break?”

Steve took a deep breath. “Yes.” He shifted to the side, trying to twist his leg enough to get his foot free. But between the tension in the rope and the way his boot was wedged into the rock crevice, he couldn’t push himself low enough to work his ankle out of the gap.

He was completely stuck.


His head tipped back. “Yes?”

Natasha was braced, just a few yards above him, one hand holding her rope, her feet resting easily on a small rock ledge. She was smiling, just a little. “You’re stuck, aren’t you?”

“Nope. Just fine,” Steve said. He wondered if he could just break his ankle. It’d heal fast. He’d done that before. Sure, it wasn’t fun, but neither was having Nat smirking down at him. “I just-” He pulled hard, and the rock above him crumbled as his rope pulled against the anchor point. “I might’ve lost my footing. It’s fine. I’m fine.”


“Because I could come down there and help,” she pointed out.

“That’s fine. I’m fine.” He jerked his leg. It didn’t budge. He sucked in a breath. “Nat?”


“I’m stuck.”

“You don’t say,” she said, deadpan.

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I went to the Black Veil Brides show in Cardiff, Wales on October 3rd and as I was waiting for my ride home I met the guys from Drama Club since they were one of the support acts. They were so sweet and give really good hugs! These guys really aren’t given enough credit, they are very talented. We spoke about their set since it crashed due to “bring too much bass”. The entire sound cut out since they rocked too hard! Luckily they made up for the lost time between Fearless Vampire Killers and Attila.

I’ve been sitting on this for a week-ish because I didn’t want to spoil the surprise for anyone buying the rachelandmiles zine at Rose City Comic Con. Basically, when I sat down to draw something for the zine this was what came out. Which really isn’t much of a surprise to anyone who knows me, I guess. I like Cyclops and I like cool guitars, so here we are, Cyclops rocking out on a cool guitar. Just don’t think too hard about how that guitar works, okay?

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can you write a luke one for where you think he's going to hit you but doesn't and then explains that he never would :) p.s I LOVE YOUR ACCOUNT SO MUCH


Michael/4 is here 

Ashton/4 is here



Ok so Luke wouldn’t even like to say anything wrong to you or hurt your feelings at all, well, at least when sober. He’d never bite back when you’d argue with him or even retaliate to your childish comments, but his drunken attitude would more than make up for that. He’d come home drunk after a party with the guys and you’d be fuming that he’d ignored you for hours and come home 3 hours later than he’d said.

“Shut up moaning" would be all he said for about half an hour until you’d start to get even more worked up and scream in his face. His inhibitions would be rocked and he’d push you out of the way a little too hard so you’d trip over your own feet and fall to the floor. You’d be in utter shock and full of devastation that he’d even be able to do something like this, drunk or not.

He’d actually fall asleep on the sofa whilst you’d sob thinking about what he’d done and he’d not even realised. But the morning after would be a whole other story. He’d wake up before you and crawl into bed with you, wrapping his arms around you and humming in your ear. When you’d wake up, you’d be shocked but he’d just keep whispering how he loves you and never meant to hurt you. He’d even make a suggestion of cutting out alcohol as much as possible around you, but you’d laugh knowing he’d never be able to stick to it.

- sarah x