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Fan account of Sons of an Illustrious Father at Obaren (Stockholm, Sweden)

Soooo me and one of my closest friends, @imbossthatswhy​, went to go see the Sons of an Illustrious father show on the 13th of September in Stockholm, Sweden. I’m a bit late in writing this as I have been super busy working.

That show was so awesome. The vibe, the love, the overall good feels everywhere was so entoxicating. 

Just gonna recap this adventure so I can remember it in the future cause I have a shit memory.

We live in Denmark so first of all we had to get to Sweden. Day of our trip, I find out that I forgot my passport so I had like severe anxiety the whole journey to Stockholm and tried to get my friends to take a picture of my passport for me, just in case you know. Luckily, we weren’t checked so we made it safely to Stockholm and checked into our hostel. So, we wander around a bit, grab a coffee and try to get a grip of our nervousness. A lot of cigarettes were smoked on this 1-day trip.

We walk around a bit trying to locate Obaren but we’re hella confused ‘cause we see a seemingly swanky restaurant where the place should be at. We’re confused but determined to find the place. We end up going inside and my girl asks one of the workers where the bar is. She leads us into the swanky restaurant and towards some hidden stairs. We’re both like…what? How were we supposed to be able to find this place? Anywaaaays…We get there and we both don’t know what to do with ourselves. The door was closed and the facebook event said that the doors first opened at 8 pm but I checked the door just to be sure. It wasn’t locked or anything but all I could see was the stairs and some lights. No music, just silence so I went out again. 

We went outside to smoke a bit more and kill some time because we were there about 2 hours before opening because we were expecting there to be a queue. There wasn’t but we did run into a few people that came early like us. We met this one guy, who is now our friend, who was carrying a DC tote bag around along with wearing a Batman shirt, so we knew he must’ve been there to see Ezra. Luckily my friend is like super extroverted so she started all the conversations. Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without her because I am extremely introverted and I don’t know how to strike up a conversation.

We end up going inside to wait in front of the Obaren door again. We wait some more and then suddenly the band comes downstairs and I was just gob smacked cause there he was. Ezra fucking Miller. I usually don’t get star struck because I work with actors and musicians as well but I could just feel my knees get weak when I saw him. First word that struck me about him was aloof because of the way that he walked around. Josh Aubin close behind and then Lilah Larson at the back. They went around a corner and then I didn’t see them again. At this point me and my friends were low key freaking out at the close proximity of the band.

We wait some more and people started eventually going into the bar. On my way up, I see the band and Ezra’s bodyguard sitting at a table waiting to get served. Struck again by awe by the casualness of it all.

So we get in and find some really good seats right by the edge of the scene at the bottom of the stairs that were there. We order beers and just start chatting again about how excited we all are.

I decide to go out to smoke to try and take my edge off and pass by the band’s table where they are all engaged in conversation. I hurry on out cause I really needed that smoke now. Finish smoking, pass the table again and rejoin my friends.

Time passes and eventually Ezra’s bodyguard comes to take a look at the accessibility point for the band to get up on stage. Some people were moved out of the way because they were sitting on the stairs. Me and my friends look at each other and concluded that the band was going to pass right by us when they were gonna go up on stage. We get even more excited.

The time finally comes. I see Ezra’s bodyguard closely tailed by Liliah, Josh & Ezra. They walk right past us and get up on stage. Ezra’s bodyguard stays down by the end of the stairs right next to me.

Lilah, Josh and Ezra then proceed to hug each other in one big group hug before settling at their instruments and starting the show. They started off with my favorite song, U.S. Gay. Lilah managed to break the A-string on the guitar early in the show. She was rocking out too hard I guess. The band proceeds to play songs (even with guitar) and change between singing and playing different instruments.

All in all, the performance was amazing! They all really did great. The energy shared between them was just awesome and ugh…I just can’t put into words how happy I am to have experienced them.

After they finished the show, we just sort of bask in the glory that was SOAIF.

Afterwards we see Lilah standing by the merch table so we walk over and wait in line to say hi to her. There was a lot of movement all of the sudden and I just remember being hella confused as to what was happening. My friend then proceeded to tell me that Ezra was out and that our new friend had made a beeline towards him. We had promised each other to take pictures of us interacting with him earlier in the evening so I just tried to keep up with them with my phone ready. So I’m there taking pictures of our new friend while he is talking and taking pictures with Ezra. After he was done with his interaction, people started moving again. My friend asks out loud what we’re all asking “Wait, what’s going on?”

Ezra heard her and replied back with “Oh, I’m a fire hazard so we’re just moving over here.” All smiles and everything. We just laugh at each other and then wait in line in front of Ezra. My friend starts talking to Ezra and I’m just behind her playing paparazzi cause we’re probably not gonna have an opportunity like this again. Everything must be documented! After a few hundred pictures (gonna be honest, my finger barely left that camera function) and some more waiting it was my turn. My friend managed to tell me that Ezra had stolen her pen and that I needed to get it back. No probs! Now it was my turn.

Eek. My mind turned to mush as I stepped in front of Ezra. This was a whole new thing compared to watching him perform. I lean in to talk to him because the venue had now turned into a club and loud music was blaring out of the speakers and some partygoers had arrived. I was super clumsy with my words cause, hahahahaha, introvert here! I am verbally incapable of making a good first impression. Didn’t tell him anything remarkably memorable because brain was mush. All I could manage to say to him was that I’ve been a fan since I saw him in “We Need To Talk About Kevin”. He replied with “Oh, that’s a long time!” I forget to tell him that I actually only saw that movie last year and just start giggling nervously. The one thing that I did notice throughout our interaction was how intense his eye contact is. He kept eye contact the whole time I was fumbling with my words and I swear he has the most kind eyes ever. I proceed to ask for an autograph and he just looks after a pen. “Oh, yeah you kinda stole my friends pen” I tell him as I find it on the table next to him. “Ah, yeah I have a habit of stealing things” he jokes to me whereas I reply with “Don’t we all though sometimes?” I then ask to take some pictures with him. He just goes “Alriiiight” and smiles at me. I tell him that I’m gonna take a few hundred pictures and he says something that I can’t remember and starts to laugh a little.

After the photos, I just thank him for coming somewhere remotely close to where I’m from (Denmark), give him a big hug and then I went on my way cause I wanted everyone that came to have a chance to talk and take pictures with him. I really didn’t want to take up more time than was necessary even though I could have stayed in front of him babbling like in idiot for hours. Also if you get a chance to get hugged by Ezra, GRAB HIM AND HOLD HIM CAUSE HIS HUGS ARE SO WARM AND LOVING. I could’ve died a happy woman on the spot.

I then turn to Ezra’s bodyguard who was standing right behind him and I just had to pay him a compliment. I told him that I had always seen him in pictures and thought that he had the most awesome style. He thanks me and pulls me in for a hug and gives me a kiss on my forehead. I then ask him how long they’ve been in Sweden for and if he has enjoyed himself. They were here for 2 days and yes they had been enjoying themselves. 

I regroup with my friends and we’re just so fucking excited cause we just met friggen’ Ezra Miller. Our new friend had to leave so we said goodbye to him.

Me and my girl then scan the room and see that Josh is now by the merch table so we finally go there to take a look at the merch as well. I found the pin that I had previously seen on their website but was sold out. So I ask for one of them and ask how much it costs and how to pay for it. We were told that we could download an app to pay for it or pay in Swedish kroners. New dilemma. I thought that they would have had a terminal to buy merch with so I’m slightly distressed by the thought that I wouldn’t be going home with that little pin as something else to remember the night by. So I ask the lady that I thought was in charge of the merch of what we could do so I could pay for it. She said that I had to ask Josh about it cause it was after all the bands’ merch. My friend jumps in and starts asking Josh if there was any other way that we could pay for the pins for (cause she wanted one as well). We tell him that we came from Denmark to see them and that we didn’t have any Swedish kroners or card to pay with. Josh just looks at the pin and then at her and me and quietly just tells us to take it. 

MY heart! My itty bitty heart couldn’t handle him being adorable. We thank him profusely and I gush about how I loved the gig that night. The whole vibe and them were just absolute love. Then I ask him if I could take some pictures with him. He gladly obliges and I take a few photos with him as well and invite him and the band to Denmark. I also got his autograph.

I had a much easier time talking with Josh cause he felt somewhat as awkward as I normally am. I then tell him that if they ever need a tour guide or a friend in Denmark then they can just go ahead and contact me as I dig out one of my business cards and give it to him. I then tried to look around after Lilah but I didn’t see her anywhere. I then ask out loud where she is and Josh starts looking around for her as well. “Hmm, I don’t know actually.” I thank him a lot again and then try and move out of the way cause I noticed that a lot of people had started queueing up for the merch.

I get out in the middle of some open area and reestablish some composure again. My friend and I have literally turned into teenagers again and are just so completely stoked by the whole concert and meeting the band. We compare autographs and I honestly felt a little let down because Ezra had written “Get it” along with his autograph on hers while he only wrote his name on mine. She said that she was gonna go back to him and get some new pictures cause hers didn’t turn out that well. I asked her if she could get him to write something a little more personal for me as well and then she was off. There were still a few folks in line waiting to meet Ezra and honestly….The face he makes when he’s hugging is just ugh…So serene, so peaceful. I couldn’t help but take a series of photos as well when he was hugging another fan.He hugged her for the longest time also and I was just thinking…”Yes, girl…I understand. You hug the hell out of him!”

I got some more photos of her with him and could see that she got some more photos in as well. She then takes out her little booklet with our autographs in it and I can see that she’s explaining what I asked to him. He took the longest time to write out the note and I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw what took such a long time.

What an adorable bean!

Honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t just ask him myself. Now looking back at it, I could’ve gone back for more hugs and a more personal note. I’m an utter idiot. 

But yeah, she got new photo’s and I got myself a more personal note. All in all a happy camper! 

Still think that I’m an idiot though for not going back for seconds.

But yeah, that was our night. Totally worth all the anxiety.

We never saw Lilah but if I get another chance to see the band again, then she is the first person I’m going to after the show!

Of course! I’m gonna assume you just want SFW. If you want NSFW, feel free to send another ask! (Since I’m attempting NSFW headcanons now, haha…)

tbh i love both of them and i would marry both of them. oh wow who’s metal lee’s mother? spoiler alert it’s me


-Lowkey loves it when his S/O plays with his hair.

-He’s surprisingly good at doing people’s hair??? He does Hana’s and Hinata’s hair sometimes. He complains, but he actually likes doing it. If his S/O has long hair, he’s gonna braid it.

-Likes having his head in his S/O’s lap. Or having his S/O’s head in his lap. Either one. Bonus points if his S/O plays with his hair/he plays with their hair.

-Boasts about his S/O constantly. “Wow, that’s so cool that _____ can do that! But hey, did you know that (insert S/O’s name) can do that exact same thing except BETTER?” (Of course, he might put it a bit more tactfully, but not by much.)

-He can flirt without trying, but when he tries it’s a disaster.

-Used to try to get all the white dog hair off his black clothes. He was really meticulous about it. But about 2 weeks in, he gave up entirely.

-Tsundere as hell. Not physically violent or anything, but the second someone is like “Hey, do you like (insert person’s name)?” or anything along those lines, he turns bright red and starts yelling “NO I DON’T SHUT UP I’LL KILL YOU.” Or like, “Aw, that’s so sweet, Kiba!” “NO IT ISN’T. UGH. GROSS. WHO DO YOU THINK I AM.” He yells a lot when confronted with Sentimentality™.

Bonus: Akamaru is Kiba’s wing man but he sucks at it. So Kiba tries to get Shino to be his wing man. But Shino sucks at it too.


-His S/O will be his work out buddy. No arguments. Even if they can’t keep up, he’ll still drag them along. His S/O can watch him work out or he’ll use them to work out. Like, he’ll use his S/O as a weight or something.

-Tries to get his S/O to wear The Jumpsuit. No matter how many times they refuse, he will persist.

-Lee has a requirement for himself that he must be holding his S/O’s hand at all times. Unless he’s working out, but even then he might try to hold their hand.

-Constantly praising his S/O on their “youthful glow”, whatever that means.

-Lee is that kind of person who likes cold showers. They help wake him up and they increase his endurance. Just… don’t ask. Let him do his thing.

-He is wild and crazy, but he’s actually really organized and tidy. He needs everything to be symmetrical.

-His S/O gets flowers every time he sees them. EVERY. TIME. Even if he’s caught off guard and the two bump into each other randomly, he will run off at the speed of light and go buy some.

Bonus: Doesn’t believe he needs a wing man, but Tenten likes to be one for him. But Lee really does need a wing man. And Tenten is not the right person for the job.

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What type of music do you think the pack listens to or what do you think is there favorite artist. I think Embry would be really into john Mayer and I see Seth being a hardcore fanboy for like Beyoncé or Rihanna. I could see Leah being into rock music like arctic monkeys or fall out boy

- sam: i can see him listening to some soft rock or maybe some unknown artists from the 90s he grew up listening to, and of course some acoustic stuff that he’s grown to like bc of emily 
- jared: mish-mash of a lot of different stuff probably! maybe mainly some chill shit like bryson tiller?? maybe some chance the rapper,  j.cole?? 
- pol: i always have this picture in my head of paul rocking out (a little too hard) in his car to some electric guitar so probably genres like pop punk and shit like asap rocky, ye, maybe some of frank ocean’s stuff?? 
- embry: i agree that i can see him vibing to mayer!! kiowa’s own style of music is stuff like hard punk (he seems to know this band called lifelink and if u listen to their music u’ll know what im talking about when i say that kiowa is into THAT music) so idk i can see him rocking out to that stuff and old bands like green day and blink!! 
- jake: knowing his salty and emotional ass he would probably listen to drake’s heartbroken shit and be like omg drake u get me and have slow dancing in a burning room by mayer on repeat 
- quil: same as emb but i think he would be more into stuff on the radio now as well 
- leah: i totally see her liking some halsey-type alternative vibey music!! maybe hayley kiyoko (lmao my gay queen), or yeah arctic monkeys i can see as well! i feel like anything u would see with lyrics on like one of those shitty tumblr edits (u kno the ones with the blurry ass fake angst teen aesthetic backgrounds and italicized arial font in pastel lmao) she would listen to but not really talk about?? she seems to be a person who likes to keep things private so i dont think she would talk about things like what music shes into that much 
- seth: i can see him liking a lot of female artists on the radio as well bc a) girl groups always make Bops and b) why not u feel me?? i feel like frank ocean would totally be up his alley as well! maybe he would like gallant and stuff like chase atlantics old eps. i feel like he would really like the sounds that are coming up for this summer especially like that awesome song w/ dj khaled/chance/quavo/wayne/bieber u know that just chill vibey but bouncey bop typa song 

(u didnt say imprints but im including them bc luv) 
- emily: soft acoustic stuff. i feel like she would prefer to listen to acoustic youtube covers of current radio stuff instead of the originals! 
- kim: she’s a classic teenage girl type with a classic teenage girl next door taste in music. taylor swift, girl groups like little mix and h4rmony (bye canoodle), beyonce and badgalri, ariana, selena, etc. she can totally get down to 90s girl groups as well. i also feel like she would like some of the new solo stuff from one d! especially niall and harry– their sounds right now are super cool and really indicative of how their individual voices and styles were kinda cramped by what music they had to make. i also feel like she would really love native talent trying to make their message heard through music. frank wain, a tribe called red, nataanii means, etc. i know from personal experience that it means so much for someone from un/mis/poorly represented culture to be putting themselves out there and representing their people and message. 
- rach: i feel like she would have a really huge appreciation and passion for music and the culture that surrounds it (particularly the streetwear portion of it). she totally went out and got at least three asap rocky x guess shirts ringer tees and some for paul (lucky bitch i couldnt get even a SHIRT smfh), she watched lemonade as a cinematic experience with the lights off and popcorn in hand once it came out on HBO, she went out and got herself some fentys, she’s up on the streetwear trends, she would get yeezys but shes sensible and would never buy them when shitheads resell them for like 700+) etc etc. that being said she has a huge appreciation for modern music and artists who push the envelope of it/regard it as an art form that can send a message to be taken seriously . frank ocean, beyonce, kanye, the1975, badgal, drake, calvin harris, ed sheeran, etc. she really has a fine appreciation for music and the culture that surrounds it more than anyone else in their circle. 


#224 Octillery - It traps enemies with its suction-cupped tentacles, then smashes them with its rock-hard head. If the foe turns out to be too strong, Octillery spews ink to escape. Its instinct is to bury itself in holes; it prefers rock crags or pots and steals the nesting holes of others to sleep in them.

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hey! idk where to post this but my side stim blog has like 10 followers and I honestly think this tip is too amazing to go unnoticed. I used laundry detergent for the first slime I made, and out WAY too much in. It was nearly rock hard, not stretchy at all. I looked on YouTube for a bit and found this guy who put the hard slime in water and microwaved it for like 10-30 seconds, and kept doing it until it was super soft or absorbed water and kneaded it until it was normal. it honestly saved me

Thanks so much for the tip!

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Do you think you could make a post and give us reasons to stay?

I can try!

Listen, I promise the boys love us so much. Whoever is reading this, the boys love you, I know it in my heart. They’ve shown us that again and again. We’re just going through a rough patch right now.

Remember when Ashton drew butterflies on people’s wrists when he saw they had scars to make them feel better?

Remember that video of Michael listening to a fan sing and looking so so so enthralled?

Do you remember all the times they brought fans on stage, of all genders and ages, to play their instruments and rock out and know that they too could be rockstars if they worked hard and believed in themselves? That they encouraged us, all of us, to pick up and instrument if we wanted to?

Do you remember when they staged not one - but two - conventions to meet with their fans from all over the world and connect with them?

Do you remember when European fans held up signs during their leg of ROWYSO and 5SOS replied?

This quote from a Fuse article from LAST WEEK, that I’m far more inclined to believe is genuine.

“They’re a band that constantly talks about their fans, perhaps with more explicit devotion than any other male act out there, and do so in an incredible empathetic way, where being a fan of 5 Seconds of Summer feels more like being a friend of 5 Seconds of Summer.”

The fact that they JUST released a music video made for us, representing us that was so diverse, to show us how much we mean to them.

The fact that they made the WYA video for us way back in the day too.

All the times in HDWEUH where they talk about how much they love us and how important we are to them, and that bit especially where Calum bought a fan a ticket (I can’t find the gif for this sorry!)

Most importantly, at least to me, is Sounds Good Feels Good as an album. They could’ve churned out another that was easy, full of songs about some random girl and getting wasted, but they didn’t. They wrote an album full of truly incredible songs, about situations all of us experience – mental health issues, broken families, feeling isolated and alone – and they told us through it, again and again, that they love us. They love us and they care, and that none of us are alone. They ended it with the words “It’s gonna get better.” It’s simple, but it’s something a lot of us need to remember and they wanted us to know that. They created a movement for us, and for them, and they reminded us that we’re in this together. They’re one half of the broken heart, we’re the other half, and the music is the safety pin. 

I know it in my heart, that 5SOS love us. They care about us. I’ve seen it again and again. I’ve heard about it through fan encounters, seen it in videos, read about it in magazines, and I FELT it, when I saw them live. One shitty interview won’t change that for me.

I don’t know if this convinced you to stay, but I hope it showed you that 5sos does love you, and they love all their fans so much. And more importantly, if they are important to you, if they are your safe space, your happy place, you shouldn’t let anyone take that away from you, least of all some middle-aged shitty journalist who thinks he knows better. There are a million reasons to stay, but I hope that this gave you at least one.

(I mostly googled to find the gifs/images used but I also looked on Max @mukenope‘s page so credit to her as well!)

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-You guys have a rotating cast of songs you guys sing at various events involving karaoke
-AT LEAST one song by chance the rapper, one by Khalid, one by Lana Del rey, one by hardy styles and obviously don’t stop believing is YOUR SONG
-you guys have for sure impulse selected songs and regretted it
-“who knew there were so many words in bohemian rhapsody?”
-“I don’t know, babe, maybe real queen fans-“
-“shut upppp”
-karaoke Wednesday’s at the local bar/grille
-you two had for sure rocked out a little too hard and probably bumped into some strangers which is awkward
-trying to belt woth no vocal training
-peters voice has cracked in public more times than there are stars in the sky
-and that’s okay, because you guys have an amazing time
-“you ready?”
-“my middle name is ready.”
-“I thought your middle name was- oh, never mind.”
-constantly giggling through songs
-forgetting to take the mic away from your mouth and doing the “DOo dOO DoO DOO doo”
-peter and you always doing super cringey dance moves
-“anD I WOULD WALk 500 MILESSSS And I woULD WALk 500 moRE”
-people either love you or hate you at the local karaoke spot
-always fist pumping/high fiving/hugging at the end of songs
-you cannot tell me that peter would start out super shy but start having a great time and totally other his fear bc he was having so much fun with you
-also bc you look damn good singing and dancing to karaoke
-both of you thinking that you guys are getting super good at it and then May walks in and is just like “….. alright then…”
-but it’s totally cool Bc you guys are having a kick ass time, and I mean, who can deny themselves when eye of the tiger comes on??

Rocking Chair (Bucky x Reader)

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Marvel

Character: Bucky Barnes

Persona: Female

Word Count: 499

Request: you’re like one of my fav blogs so. i was wondering if you could do a bucky x reader drabble where you’re in a rocking chair just relaxing and he’s pushing your chair while having a convo with steve and he rocks you too hard and you fly out your seat 

A/N -  matteblackvevo thanks love, enjoy <3

“I mean you have a point Steve but you’re still wrong” Bucky laughed from behind you. For the past half an hour Steve and Bucky had been arguing none stop about something, what it was about though you had no idea. You hadn’t been listening.

The Winter Soldier had been pushing your rocking chair gently, with each rock you grew more and more drowsy. “Buck we both know you’re the one who’s wrong” Steve replied with a smile on his face. Bucky’s laugh sounded from behind you and he subconsciously pushed the chair a little harder. You felt your eyes close as you relaxed into the chair more, you hadn’t had much sleep last night and having to actually work had completely drained you. 

Soon enough you were dozing off, completely unaware that Bucky was pushing you faster.

“I’m telling you Stars’N’Stripes, WiFi is the best thing the 21st century made” he smirked knowing full well that his statement would only fuel their ‘argument’, his metal hand gained a tighter grip on your chair. 

“Bucky you’re my friend and all but you’re an idiot”, Steve playfully sighed, “The best invention is clearly toasters, I mean c’mon it’s so easy to get your bread done now compared to our days”. Bucky involuntary scoffed, “Out of all the things you think the toaster is the greatest? And you say I’m the idiot…”. Your head swayed to the side as you fell deeper into your own world, you still hadn’t noticed the change in speed.

“That’s because you ARE an idiot”, Captain America laughed. Bucky rolled his eyes, “Steve please, check yourself before you wreck yourself”, the chair tipped slightly, jolting you away. Opening your eyes you noticed that everything was okay, closing your eyes once more you quickly slipped back into your sleep-like state.

“You spend too much with Tony, no wonder why you think WiFi is the greatest” Steve said, making the conversation a little more tense. “I do NOT sound like Stark” Bucky growled back rocking your chair harder.

“Yes you do” Steve retorted childishly, “No I don’t” Bucky replied quickly. “Do too” the First Avenger snickered. “NO I DON’T SOUND LIKE TONY” Bucky growled, in his child-like tantrum his metal arm shot out with force, forcing the chair forward at an alarming rate. Your body flew out of the chair and landed on the ground with a loud thud.

It was silent as the two men watched you, “Owch” you mumbled, sitting up slightly and rubbing your head. Instantly the friends burst out laughing while you sat staring angrily at Bucky for the rude awakening, “Thanks for that”. 

Through his cackles he managed to spit out, “I’m so sorry (Y/N)”. You gave him another foul look and stormed off to your bedroom where you could go to sleep without being interrupted. After the giggles had died down Steve stood up and patted Bucky’s back, “You should go apologize Buck, otherwise you might be sleeping in that chair tonight”

I’ve been sitting on this for a week-ish because I didn’t want to spoil the surprise for anyone buying the rachelandmiles zine at Rose City Comic Con. Basically, when I sat down to draw something for the zine this was what came out. Which really isn’t much of a surprise to anyone who knows me, I guess. I like Cyclops and I like cool guitars, so here we are, Cyclops rocking out on a cool guitar. Just don’t think too hard about how that guitar works, okay?