rock on robot

  • sarek: mind melds are a Serious and Intimate matter
  • spock: i'm gonna meld with this rock and this robot and also this wall just to see what happens

Any Doors fans? Leo’s got those Jim Morrison curls.

Leo Valdez /// Spotify Link

  1. Alive / Pearl Jam
  2. Everything is Alright / Motion City Soundtrack
  3. Machinehead / Bush
  4. Flagpole Sitta / Harvey Danger
  5. Bored and Extremely Dangerous / Bad Religion
  6. The Tears Of A Clown / Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
  7. Just What I Needed / The Cars
  8. Ready To Die / Andrew W.K.
  9. Light My Fire / The Doors
  10. Pardon Me / Incubus
  11. Robot Rock / Daft Punk
  12. The Boys Are Back In Town / Thin Lizzy
  13. Weird Science / Oingo Boingo
  14. Dragons / Caravan Palace
  15. I Am The Fire / Halestorm
  16. Sonic Reducer / Dead Boys
  17. Crazy Train / Ozzy Osbourne
  18. This Gigantic Robot Kills / MC Lars
  19. Start Me Up / The Rolling Stones
  20. Another Lonely Night / Adam Lambert
  21. Mr. Roboto / Styx
  22. Don’t Stop Me Now / Queen
  23. Eruption / Van Halen
  24. Kickstart My Heart / Mötley Crüe
  25. I’m On A Boat / The Lonely Island

I literally haven’t drawn megaman fanart in almost 5 years.
So of course I draw them again with a modern day human au nobody wanted. Dr. Light still works in robotics but they’re present day so not very advanced. All robots and robot masters are kids living in the same neighborhood. Rock,Roll, & Blues live with their dad.  

In this au Blues has a heart problem instead of an unstable power core. He’s not allowed to exert himself or he’ll collapse. This worries his dad a lot and he wishes Blues would stay where he can keep eye on him, but he’s a teenager so he sneaks out a lot and avoids him.