rock n roll virginia beach

Rock N Roll Virginia Beach race recap!

Our hotel was about 30 minutes from the beach, luckily they had shuttles for runners and spectators to the start! We checked out of the hotel, knowing we might not be back by the 11am checkout time. We took a risk taking Teddy.

At first they wouldn’t let Cody on with Ted, but a nice volunteer let him on one of the last buses. He really is no different than a baby, even quieter, you wouldn’t even know he was there, but yeah he is a dog blah blah. I’ve been on AIRPLANES with worse behaved cats and babies. I really need to get him a service dog vest.

I wanted to go for a PR, or about 1:40:00 but knew it’d be hot so it might not happen. For a PR I’d have to run 7:40-7:45 min/miles. I think its doable for me, but with the heat maybe not.

The first couple miles were great, but I realized I was getting really hot, so I backed down, but still tried to run hard.

Mile 9 I stopped to use the porta potty. I definitely could of ran 8 faster and shaved some time off.  Otherwise, fairly consistent splits. Not my best half, but definitely not my worst. I think it might be tied with the Nike Women’s half.

It was a really flat course, but mile 3 and 11 you run on an on ramp or something and there is some elevation that some people struggled with, although it was a very minor ‘hill’.

They were handing out sponges with ice water, freeze pops, and cold towels along the course. I stuck one of the sponges down my shirt, and the rest of me ended up getting soaked.

The last mile of the course is along the beach, and the boardwalk is FLAT. So it was pretty discouraging seeing the finish line and not really seeing it get bigger as you get closer!

But the beach finish was really nice, and it was a nice day for the beach! We stuck around for a while, but we had Teddy, so there wasn’t a lot we could do. He gave puppy eyes to runners with bananas hoping he would get a bite.

And less than 10,000 runners showed up! They had advertised 15,000. Wonder why almost 6,000 people didn’t show up…it was a hot day, but for a weekend at the beach I’m surprised. I will definitely do this one again. A PR course if the weather is great or you have a old slower PR. Next year we will get a hotel a lot closer to the beach!