rock n roll relics

I was just leafing through the archives here at DeeBeeUs™ World Headquarters and found my old Rock N Roll Relics Style 3 Jazzmaster replica heavy relic.  I sold this one last year to pay for my ongoing addiction to buying guitars I can’t afford.  Apologies for the Buzzstop - I was young and naive and didn’t know about Mastery bridged at the time…  :D


1974 Fender Telecaster Deluxe Black

Even after Leo Fender left his namesake company, they continued innovating and experimenting. The single-coil sound may be what Fenders are most known for but by the 1970’s, the brawnier, beefier humbucker sound was everywhere. To develop their first humbucker they brought in Mr P.A.F. himself, Seth Lover. These pickups are the heart of the Tele Deluxe, which also featured individual volume and tone controls for each pickup. They offer more output than any previous Fender pickup, and more clarity than what Gibson was offering. As Fender has always been a company that kept a mindful eye on the bottom line they were always looking for ways to simplify construction. For the Deluxe, they used the same neck as their Stratocaster with the larger “CBS” headstock, bullet truss rod, three bolt neck and rounded neck heel. This made managing their on-hand inventory easier. Custom colors were available for order but most can be found in Walnut Brown, Blonde, White, Natural, and Black. As with a lot of Fender’s in the 70s they tend to be on the heavier side, but this very vibey black one is super light and only 7.4 lbs!

This guitar is currently available for purchase at Rock N Roll Vintage in Chicago. We ship world-wide. Please contact our store directly at 773-878-8616, or email at for more info.

cerealkyler #JohnnyDepp sits in front of the late #Lemmy’s bass rig, jacket (hanging on the right of the amp) and his boots (bottom right). The rig was at#HollywoodVampires rehearsal for their Grammy’s performance. Standing next to such energy was a special moment for everyone, myself included. We all sort of took turns inspecting these rock n roll relics. Also on hand was his much loved#Rickenbacker #bass, which is directly behind Johnny in this photo and hidden from view.

Monochrome and Melancholy installment #3:

Jazzmaster, heavy relic.

Song: Melanie Doane’s “Good Gifts”.  I think this song is about finding the right person to love…and being thankful for those “gifts”.  Lyrically it’s seems to be non-melancholic, but I can’t help getting all choked up when I hear it anyway!

The there is a phrase in the latter part of the song that is simple, but so powerful.  It’s on th eword “me” of the phrase "I will not forget/these gifts to me" at roughly 2:44.   Aw jeez…here come the waterworks again!  Damn you Melanie!  But you are so talented and gorgeous that I forgive you!  :D

I know this is not melancholy…but it’s my favourite song of hers.  She plays the fiddle in this tune as well as singing.  Think of this a me giving you a bonus for reading this far down… :D