rock n roll relics

I was just leafing through the archives here at DeeBeeUs™ World Headquarters and found my old Rock N Roll Relics Style 3 Jazzmaster replica heavy relic.  I sold this one last year to pay for my ongoing addiction to buying guitars I can’t afford.  Apologies for the Buzzstop - I was young and naive and didn’t know about Mastery bridged at the time…  :D

cerealkyler #JohnnyDepp sits in front of the late #Lemmy’s bass rig, jacket (hanging on the right of the amp) and his boots (bottom right). The rig was at#HollywoodVampires rehearsal for their Grammy’s performance. Standing next to such energy was a special moment for everyone, myself included. We all sort of took turns inspecting these rock n roll relics. Also on hand was his much loved#Rickenbacker #bass, which is directly behind Johnny in this photo and hidden from view.

Monochrome and Melancholy installment #3:

Jazzmaster, heavy relic.

Song: Melanie Doane’s “Good Gifts”.  I think this song is about finding the right person to love…and being thankful for those “gifts”.  Lyrically it’s seems to be non-melancholic, but I can’t help getting all choked up when I hear it anyway!

The there is a phrase in the latter part of the song that is simple, but so powerful.  It’s on th eword “me” of the phrase "I will not forget/these gifts to me" at roughly 2:44.   Aw jeez…here come the waterworks again!  Damn you Melanie!  But you are so talented and gorgeous that I forgive you!  :D

I know this is not melancholy…but it’s my favourite song of hers.  She plays the fiddle in this tune as well as singing.  Think of this a me giving you a bonus for reading this far down… :D