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Doctor Who Official on Instagram: After this evening’s episode – World Enough and Time - finishes you can head over to BBC One’s Facebook page and watch a live Q&A with Pearl Mackie and Steven Moffat! The Q&A starts tonight (Saturday, 24th June) at 7.30pm!
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I love this! Perfect to have when it’s the 50th anniversary of the Beatles album, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band (May 26, 1967). Also fitting when Peter is a huge fan of rock n’ roll! 😎🎸

Destiel Fanfiction Masterpost

Someone asked me for a masterlist - and I realized I didn’t have one. So, without further ado:


An Old Intimate Friend (omega!dean, alpha!Cas Emma!AU)

Casual (alpha!Dean, alpha!Cas)

Enough Vs. Good (alpha!Dean, omega!Cas)

Purple Ties And Granted Wishes (omega!Dean, alpha!Cas, regency!AU)
Sequel: A Single Blue Tie
Sequel: One More Miracle

Queer Or Not (transomega!Dean, omega!Cas)

Canon(-ish) fics:

Different Universe, Same Thing
Longer Version: I Fear No Fate, Nor World


John’s Return (warning: Not John Winchester friendly)

Healthy Betrayal 

From Childhood’s Hour (Sam’s POV)

Chick Life Moments (turned into women AU)

The Usual Way (Sam’s POV)

Song Of Grief, Song Of Joy (case fic)

Push And Pull (Post 11x09, mention of DeanxAmara)

Language Barrier

The Devil May Care (Lucifer!Cas until the last few sentences)

Motherhenning 101 (Sam’s POV)

As Luck Would Have It

Once Too Many (implied destiel)

Not So Old-Fashioned (Mary in the bunker)

Stay (12x03 fix-it)

Christmas Fics: 

Destiel Christmas Calendar (canon AU)

First Christmas (established relationship AU)

First Meetings AUs

Sanely Insane

Sweet Dessert

Friends To Lovers AUs: 

Cupid’s Free Will

A Lifetime For Forever (MCD but it’s happy, I promise)


Heaven Or You

Art For Art’s Sake

Unexpected Boyfriend


Aspects Of Desire (demisexual!Cas)

The Most Accepting Roommate

Coffee And Kisses

The Picture

Casual Courting

A Ring That Fits


Random AUs

Courting Gifts (all angel!AU)

New Page (bookstore owner!Cas)

Status Quo (Dean freaking out over changing his Facebook relationship status)

Taking Care (established relationship, light angst)

Not Exactly Expected (established relationship, Sam’s POV)

The Signs Of A Breakup (established relationship, angst)

Good Nights (Hypnos!Cas AU)

Good Impression (Cas meeting Sam and Jess)

Finally (Friends with Benefits)

New Point Of View (Sam’s POV)

And Action (actor!Cas, director!Dean)

Abandoned (short horror ficlet)

Drama Queen (established relationship, light angst)

Best Laid Plans

Open House (Dean moves in with Bobby after Sam goes to Stanford, human!Cas)
Companion Piece: Open Door

Unusual Anniversary (friends with benefits)

Sex, Rehab and Rock n’ Roll (rockstar!Dean, doctor!Cas)

Broccoli And Hot Chocolate

Wrong Number, Right Call

Don’t Know, Don’t Care

One Call (famous!Cas)
Sequel: One Meeting

Love And Dark Magic (wizard!Dean, carpenter!Cas)

Reconnection (established relationship, Sam’s POV)

That’s Family For You

Symmetry (established relationship, Sam’s POV)

Surprise (established relationship, Sam’s POV)
Longer Version: A Writer’s Surprise

Titles (everyone knows)

Telepathy (Cas and Jimmy are twins, Amelia POV)

Daughter knows best (Cas and Jimmy are twins, matchmaker!Claire)

Soulmate AUs

Dream Inhibition

This Terrible Pathetic Love 

The Choice We Make

A Sign

Strangers To Lovers AUs

Wrong Impression


Sunday Morning

What Happens In Vegas Returns To Lawrence (shotgun wedding AU)

anonymous asked:

I'm sexually active so I know I should get a Pap smear but I'm also underaged so if I ask to get one my mother will know I'm having sex? But I'm a lesbian so can it wait until I am 21?

My advice here is to ask your mom to take you to the OBGYN because like, it’s really good to see them regardless of a pap. Don’t tell your mom you want a pap, just tell her you want a women’s well visit to make sure everything is fine downstairs.

You can also ask your family doctor during your next appointment. They might be certified to do a pap in office or maybe they can talk to your mom about the benefits of an OBGYN without mentioning a pap or that you’re sexually active.

Also, this is not related to my advice and maybe I’m just overdue for a soapbox rant, but I really wish we lived in a society that didn’t shame sex so much that teens and even adults are afraid to let their parents know they have sex. Or to talk about sex ever. It’s a natural part of life and it’s really, really important to be protected and safe and I think a huge part of that is not having a negative connotation or feeling like it’s something that needs to be hidden. I think teens who are open with their parents with this shit not only have a better relationship with their parents, but have a better attitude towards sex. All that said, my mom would never be open to that and will shut down any conversation that gets even close to sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll.