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underrated songs from bands that had “one hit song”

You know what I’m talking about. A song gets overplayed on the radio and everyone eventually starts to hate it. But what about their other songs? Maybe they have potential? The radio can ruin songs for us, that’s why I limit my radio listening. I’ve always wanted to write out a list of songs from artists that have that “one hit song” that everyone knows. I’m just writing each one as it comes to mind, so the list will probably be all over the place. enjoy.

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  • What I think LA Devotee music video could be: * Brendon in a Glittery golden suit, wearing sunglasses, driving a limousine in the middle of the night and drinking Champagne*
  • LA Devotee music video really: *Brendon as a horney satan With rubber gloves who steals little boys and draws exclamation points on fields*