“Beyoncé is a thief! She ripped off Led Zeppelin’s "when the levee breaks” in her song “don’t hurt yourself”….she isn’t authentic, just another hip hop artist appropriating rock music to be edgy" K but Led Zeppelin ripped off Kansas Joe McCoy and Memphis Minnie(pictured) who wrote and recorded “when the levee breaks” in 1929, 42 years before Led Zeppelin put out their version.

 Your elitist, racist, misogynist bullshit badly masquerading as musical preferrence is showing. Anyways, contemporary rock music is bleached, processed and bastardized black music….don’t for one second think you have a more refined taste in music because you listen to led zeppelin, the beatles, the rolling stones etc (any other skinny white boys in guitar music(old or new))……they are to rock music what take away is to a home cooked meal from a family recipe. No comparison

“There was nothing like getting a photo of two rock stars together. It was cosmic. All the magazines and fans would go nuts. I would get on the phone and call Haruko at Music Life magazine in Japan and say something like “ I have actual photos of Joan and Debbie backstage”! I could not sleep for days!”

- Donna Santisi   (cred &. original picture)