rock mosaic

here have some badly drawn slimes 

i made a bunch of teeny tiny pixel slimes :D they can be used as dividers, bullet points, or just for decoration!! feel free to use them but please credit me if you do! all of the individual ones are under the cut :3c

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sometimes a family is a man and 5 largos that should not be housed together in absolutely any situation 

Slowly but surely coming along! The goal was a table tile made entirely out of rock from my home area, all found, slabbed and cut by me. So far, we’re doing ok! Only one catastrophe with a piece breaking on the saw. Small corner breaks are ok, but big fractures not so much :P I think I have more of those slabs though! I will probably cut four new inner pieces to break up that solid green a bit. I think it’s too heavy. 

Inner blank bit will probably be thunder egg if I can cut one with the right shade of green matrix that I’m looking for. 

Photographed dry under indoor lighting, so it’s pretty but the colors aren’t totally accurate. 


Pic and Poem by my-fickle-muse

the pain of a chest
cracking like concrete
hairline fractures
splitting rock into
discarded debris –

yet faceted jagged edges
make mosaics from
shattered rock 
a collection of broken pieces 
into wholeness 
of another kind.

Meet my Slimes (Main + Grotto)

Spice and Pumpkin. They love to play with their food! They are Tabby/Honey slimes.

Blue and Azure. They are my messy Rock/Hunter slimes.

Banjo and Zooie. They love to light up the night and stir up tornadoes. They are Phosphor/Dervish slimes.

Uri and Rani. They love their heart beets! They are Rad/Tabby slimes.

Sulfur and Magma. They are spicy boys. They are Rock/Boom slimes.

Bumble and Bee love their chicken plush! They are Honey/Hunter slimes(or as @therealjacksepticeye calls them… HUNTEYS)

Lime and Lemon are here to save the day (when they’re not napping). They are Mosaic/Rad slimes.