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Do you ever think about all that Magnus has done for the Shadowhunters lately? The Institute? More specifically, the Lightwood family [and close friends]?

What he’s done for them all, completely free of charge, with little to no hesitation because of his feelings —his love— for a certain Shadowhunter by the name of Alec Lightwood?

That he would do just about anything within his power, no matter the cost to him, to make sure Alec and those dear are safe?

Yeah, me neither.

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What Makes You Beautiful - Cover
The 1975
What Makes You Beautiful - Cover

Everyone needs to hear this at this once please, out of all covers they have done, this one is my absolute favorite. 

*not my work, just my upload* 

look at this two person nursery rocking chair and tell me harry and louis wouldn’t buy this shit in a heartbeat for their own nursery so they can rock their infant together also consider them having twins and each rocking a baby at the same time i have leave right now immediately

So…I’m kinda disgusted. 

I saw something not too long ago along the lines of “the best Pride month gift would be if Ali and Ashlyn confirmed that they’re dating and posted pics.” Why. Why is this okay? Why do they need to “confirm” anything to anyone? What they do in their personal lives is their business, is it not? Why does anything need to be “confirmed” ?. In fact, with fans out here doing creepy investigative detective work, they shouldn’t HAVE to confirm anything. Because some people are just so so incredibly nosy. 

 It’s so ugly and actually frustrating to see people out here acting like this. There’s a fine line between Fan and Freak. 

 They don’t owe you anything in regards to their relationship. So why does ANYTHING need to be “confirmed”??? 

 Y'all can miss me with that.