rock layers

Bobcat Draw Wilderness Study Area located southwest of Worland, Wyoming, is made up of a vast maze of colorful rock and clay badlands. Layers of differing hardness erode into multi-hued arches, hoodoos, spires and other fanciful landforms. There are no developed trails in the area, but hikers can discover the area’s unique landscapes along their own routes while enjoying a majestic backdrop of the 13,000 foot snowcapped peaks of the Absaroka Range. Photo by Bob Wick, @mypubliclands.

This is what happens when a carrot is fired at 300 km/hour at an egg, through two sheets of cardboard. 

This is what happens if you separate out the two sheets:

The egg survives! This shows how a Whipple shield works, and is what spacecraft use to protect themselves from micrometeoroid impacts in space. When the projectile (in this case a carrot, but in space it could be a speck of paint, a piece of an old satellite, or a bit of space rock) hits the first layer, it’s moving so fast that it starts to vaporise, because the energy of the collision is enough to break almost every bond in the substance.

It then sprays outwards, spreading the force of impact across a much wider area, meaning the second layer can stop it going any further, keeping your egg (or astronauts) safe.

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Where to Look for Fossils

Vertebrate Paleontology Collections Manager Amy Henrici in the field. 

by Patrick McShea

As I travelled west from Pittsburgh to meet Carnegie Museum of Natural Hisotry Vertebrate Fossil Collection Manager Amy Henrici for a frog fossil hunting expedition in eastern Nevada, the same question was asked by each of my airplane seat mates.

How do you know where to look for fossils?“ 

For the sites we planned to visit the answer was simple. Earlier written reports by geologists mapping rock formations and mineral deposits noted the occasion occurrence of fossils in certain rock layers. 

Fossil searches involved locating and visiting sites where such rock layers are exposed on the surface, and then examining fragments that have eroded from these outcrops.The full process, which might stretch over decades, is an example of how published findings allow one branch of science to serve another.

As a geologist friend takes great pleasure in explaining, "Geologists let paleontologist know where fossils are in the multitude rock layers of Earth’s history, in time and in place.”

Patrick McShea is a museum educator who is traveling through Nevada with Vertebrate Paleontology Collections Manager Amy Henrici to search for frog fossils. He frequently blogs about his experiences.

FO4 CHARACTERS AS ROCKS (+ MAXSON lol heart emoji)
  • Preston: the best rock, with bits of crystal in it that shines in the light
  • MacCready: one of those cool shaped rocks thats just a little bit chipped on the side you see as a kid that you pick up and it's the start of your life-long hobby of rock collecting
  • Danse: a nice sized rock fit for throwing through a window
  • Strong: a boulder? They still count as rocks right?
  • Curie: a nice flat rock shaped perfectly for skipping across a lake
  • Piper: you know those cool looking volcanic rocks? Like they're called igneous or something this post is bringing out the rock nerd in me but yeah one of those
  • Dogmeat: a rock with a little fossil in it maybe a cool fish or something
  • X6-88: one of those shiny rocks that shine for some reason like maybe they're metal or something idk aren't rocks all metals anyway? Fk idk
  • Deacon: one of those rocks with layers... sedimentary?? Like an onion but a rock
  • Cait: i could make a low-key racist stereotype and say she's the blarney stone or something but im not an asshole so you know what? Shes a New Zealand greenstone because they're rugged and pretty and she has green eyes so there
  • Codsworth: a smooth stone washed up on the shore of one of those beaches with stones instead of sand
  • Nick: a rugged stone, lumpy and wonky but it's a real cool shape when turned a certain way
  • + Maxson: racist rock