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Overwatch skins

These new overwatch skins make me even gayer for the ladies here’s some reasons why

•pharah rocks out with her rocket launcher and little sparks happen with music
• tracer looks like a graffiti artist and my heart just melts.
• tracers finger gun emote alone is so pure
• tracers dancing emote is such a good emote, I fakin love her.
•widowmakers dancing emote is her doing ballet makes me super happy.
•mercys little shuffle dance alone is cute as fuck.
•symmetras new skin is so damn cool looking.
•symmetras new dancing emote is bad ass, and I love it so much.
•sombras dancing emote makes me laugh and it’s so great

Mermaid AU 22

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Tony’s limbs were still heavy with a lack of motivation, but he no longer could stand to be hidden in some cavern tucked away at the bottom of the ocean. His mind was running wild and supplying him with anxiety inducing thought after thought. He needed a distraction.

“This way,” Bucky rolled onto his back and tugged Tony through the water, their hands connected. “I got an idea.”

“Tony!” A streak of blond zoomed between Tony and Bucky.

Bucky and Tony were yanked apart as Wade swam circles between them. “Tony! Tony! Tony! Where have you been? Were you and Bucky making babies? Can one of them be named after me? Can I have one of them? Will your babies be as terrible at swimming as you?”

“Wade,” Bucky chastised. “Tony and I were not making babies.”

“But you’re going to, right?”

Bucky grumbled and ran his hand through his hair. “Where’s Peter? Someone needs to be here to mellow you out.”

“You think Peter mellows him out?” Tony asked, a thread of amusement weaving its way around Tony’s heart and perking him up a tad.

Bucky cocked his head to the side. His eyes flicked to Wade then back to Tony. “Not really, but at least he’s a little more willing to listen to Peter.”

“Hey, Wade.” Bucky waved Wade over to him. “I got a deal for you.”

“Oh? What kind of a deal?” Wade grinned from ear to ear. He swam right up to Bucky’s face.

Bucky looked slightly annoyed for a moment by Wade’s proximity, but the emotion soon slipped away. Bucky leaned down and whispered in Wade’s ear.

“Oh! Okay, yeah, I can do that.” Wade back flipped away from Bucky then twisted around so he was facing Tony. “I’ll be back, Tony.” Wade kissed Tony on the cheek.

Tony jerked back in surprise. “What the-”

“Wade!” Bucky swatted Wade’s hip. “Stop harassing my mate!”

Wade stuck his tongue out at Bucky. “He’s not yours yet.” Wade snickered and zipped off before Bucky could take another swat at him.

“Brat,” Bucky grumbled.

Tony touched his cheek. “Are all of you that affectionate?”

Bucky blew bubbles out of his mouth. He swam closer to Tony to close the distance between them. He took both of Tony’s hands in his. “No. Wade just likes to stir up trouble. …and I guess he is that affectionate with people he likes. He practically mauls Peter with affection whenever gets the chance.”

Tony stared up at Bucky in disbelief. “He likes me?”

“So far all of the kids do.”

Tony shook his head. “But I haven’t done anything but ask them questions about Loki and Thor. Why would they like me?”

“Why wouldn’t they?”

Tony huffed. His chest constricted at the memory of when Bucky and him had met after Tony had been transformed into a merman. “You didn’t like me.”

“Yeah, well, I was confused and hurting, so I acted like a jerk. I like you now.”

“Are you sure it’s not because you think you’re supposed to like me?” Tony mumbled. He hugged himself as self-loathing washed over him. He was being so pathetic—so weak. What was wrong with him? Why couldn’t he just do what Howard told him to do and be strong? Feeling depressed and pitying himself would just give others the opportunity to trample all over him. He had to shove down those feelings and show everyone that he was strong.

Tony startled when a pair of lips brushed against his own.

Tony blinked as Bucky pulled back.

“What was that?” Tony asked.

Bucky squeezed his hands. “That was me trying to convince you that I like you, because I don’t think saying it will be enough for you. At least not right now.” Bucky tugged Tony toward him, and he began swimming backwards through the water, guiding Tony to an unknown destination. “I do like you though.”

Bucky winked and picked up their swimming pace. “Now, come on. I want to get things started before Wade comes back.”

“Wade’s coming back?” Tony asked.

Bucky chuckled. “You’ll see.”

Bucky took Tony to an area thick with colorful coral and rocks. He had Tony sit down on a rock and swam off for a minute to return with an armful of seaweed. He dropped the seaweed at Tony’s fin and “kneeled” in front of Tony. He beamed. “I don’t know what a robot is, but I know how to make things.” Bucky batted away a small school of fish swimming around a patch of coral and snapped off a chunk of the coral. “We can make rock mermaids or Steve and I even once tried to repair a boat we once found; we can try to do something like that. Or you could teach me how to build a robot.”

Tony blinked down at Bucky, his heart giving a big thump. “You want to build things with me?”

Bucky smiled. “Yeah. Whatever you want. It might turn out like crap, but let’s give it a shot.”

Tony’s heartbeat accelerated. He felt his face flushing and was half tempted to cover his cheeks. He only stopped himself because the action would end up drawing more attention to his blush.

“You okay?” Bucky touched Tony’s hand. “You’re being extra quiet.”

“Making a boat out of rocks seems like the worst idea ever. It’s like you want the boat to sink.”

Bucky looked surprised then chuckled. “I guess that’s why Steve and I have never come across any boats made from rocks.”

“Also, how do you even manage to make rocks and coral look anything like a mermaid?”

Bucky picked up one of the rocks. “I’ll show you.”

“Buckyyyyyyy!” Wade shouted.

Tony turned around and froze.

Wade was swimming right toward him and Bucky, and right behind the little lightning bolt of a merkid was Steve, Sam, Natasha, Gwen, Peter, and Mary Jane. All of whom had a collection of shells, pebbles, seaweed, and driftwood in their arms.

“So what are we building?” Wade asked, stopping between Bucky and Tony. His head swiveled excitedly between the two.

Bucky smiled at the shocked expression on Tony’s face. “First, we’re going to build mermaid statues.”

Wade scoffed. “I’m making a merman.”

Bucky rolled his eyes. “Whatever.”

Steve plopped his items down next to Bucky’s pile of seaweed. “Then what?” Steve settled himself next to Tony on the rock.

“Let’s make a launcher,” Sam said. “We can then hurl things at Fury.”

“I still want make something that can hold an octopus,” Natasha said.

“I don’t think that’s going to happen,” Sam said to Natasha.

“I want to make an octopus catcher!” Gwen shouted.

“I want make a lander house,” Peter whispered.

“Octopus catcher!” Mary Jane joined Gwen.

“Well, Tony?” Bucky asked.

Tony looked around, unable to believe what he was seeing.

All of them wanted to hang out with him?

No one ever wanted to hang out with Tony. He was an outsider and a weirdo.

Tony couldn’t believe it.

Bucky squeezed Tony’s hand. “Tony?”

Tony snapped out of his reverie. “All of it. Let’s do all of it.”

The kids cheered and swam around like a bunch of lunatics while the teenagers of the group wrangled them in.

While everyone was distracted, Tony squeezed Bucky’s hand. He leaned in to Bucky, and Bucky lifted his head so Tony could whisper in his ear.

“Thanks.” The word felt inadequate to Tony, but he was too flummoxed to come up with anything grandiose.

Tony felt Bucky’s mouth curl into a smile against his cheek. “Any time.”

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how to play a bethesda fallout

Fallout New Vegas: If you’re playing on hardcore mode (and why wouldn’t you), be mindful of your inventory space. Only take what you need. Don’t pick up ammo for guns you don’t use.

Fallout 3: Grab all the junk you see and load it into your rock-it launcher; kill people with clipboards and teddy bears.


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fallout 4 gameplay dissection

character creation

  • new “sculpting” system a la Sims 4
  • be a man or a women
  • customize both you and your spouse (and consequently your baby)
  • options seen for both sex and body (what they do is unknown)


  • you are alive before the war
  • vault boy now has animations!
  • ron perlman is heard again (possible character in game?)
  • sole survivor of vault 111 for unknown reasons (also alive 200 years later for unknown reasons)
  • your pip-boy has all sorts of cool tapes and games etc

out in the wastes

  • everything, including dialogue, playable in first or third person
  • dialogue is done “mass effect” style with dynamic angles and a summary of what your character will say
  • each choice mapped to a face button
  • one choice was colored yellow instead of green (possible skill-based choice? karma?)
  • apparently you can do anything during conversations. leave, kill, etc
  • it seems like your dog can be found early in the game
  • your dog (and possibly complanions) have a separate mode where you can order them around just by pointing at things


  • mole rats and other enemies can come out of the ground
  • the new pistol looks quite different (its possible its a 10mm with a new design, it has a similar sound)
  • enemies react more when they get hit
  • VATS is now super slow-mo instead of completely stopped (and the percentages change in real time)
  • crits seem to be done differently. instead of a dice roll, the player can activate a crit, that depletes a meter, with a button
  • definitely confirmed to be boston and the surrounding area
  • a variety of environments including swamps, quarries, and the city proper
  • many different kinds of weather (unknown if they’re locked to certain areas)
  • relatively blue skies compared to the captial wasteland maybe not quite as bombed out?

Video 2


  • lots of costumes (and dont seem to be locked to gender, like 3)
  • new weapon: laser musket (like a rifle but requires a crank after each shot)
  • new enemy variations: raider scum, psycho raider, siege breaker sentry bot, raider waster, raider veteran, raider scavver
  • lots of weapons have new looks (possibly due to customization)
  • your dog can grab enemies and knock them down
  • grenades may have a dedicated button, watch the way he throws the grenade them immediately starts shooting
  • automatic laser rifle!
  • completely new enemy: synth strider (possibly an android faction?)
  • he’s using a fancy new energy weapon too

power armor

  • power armor is super different
  • animation for getting inside
  • has its own HUD resembling that of a car

more combat

  • deathclaws are really scary, they can pick you up now
  • there seems to be some kind of combat arena in the game
  • here the dog is named “Dogmeat” (you probably give him a name at some point)
  • cars still explode big
  • new enemy: bloodbug. a giant fucking mosquito
  • looks like you can call in a vertibird and fly around (and shoot) in it
  • the rock-it launcher is back and you can skill knock people’s heads off with teddy bears
  • player is shooting a brotherhood initiate. they may not be the good guys this time
  • also, you can knock armor off enemies
  • your power armor has a jetpack (that consumes your AP)
  • you are like a tank in power armor
  • a spaceship looking thing is exploding
  • seen attacking the brotherhood again
  • an orbital-looking weapon, like in New Vegas (possibly tied to a story event)
  • dog

thats all for these

building and crafting here

pip-boy and stats here

TWD: Some Thoughts

I am Richonne all the way.  Like ALL the way.  Like I think they’re already married but just don’t know it yet. 

Bonus: Forehead kiss. 

Sam’s death is not Carol’s fault.  I repeat (for those in the back): Sam’s death is NOT Carol’s fault.  Sam, Ron, and Jessie were all broken long before Carol came into their lives. 

I love Michonne and Carol and watch primarily for them.  However, I have noticed that Maggie in distress makes my skin feel prickly with alarm and I just want to gather her up and hold her until everything is safe again and I did not realize that until the moment she screamed Glenn’s name from atop that rickety tower. 

Oh, and rocket launchers rock hardcore. 

In summary:

Richonne.  Yes.

Carol not to blame.

Maggie is a cinnamon roll.

Rocket launchers.  Yes.