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“Gordon suggested an agent by the name Phillip Jeffries to head the squad. He soon recruited three others: myself, Chet Desmond, and Dale Cooper. Perhaps you haven’t failed to notice that I’m only one of that group who hasn’t disappeared without explanation, which has led to a certain reluctance on Gordon’s part to bring new blood into the fold… until tonight.”



I feel like this team would collapse in itself if they didn’t have their tsukkomi team-mom  Captain Tsukinaka to keep them in line….

…either that or they purposely torture him to keep from being bored.

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Across the Desert

Title: Across the Desert

Pairing: Gaara/Lee

Rating: light NC-17

Word Count: 11,700

Ao3 link: here!

Summary:  After his first fight with Gaara, after his arm and leg had been shattered, Lee could tell Gaara was a force to be reckoned with. He fought like a god… and as Lee recovered he couldn’t help but hope that he would see him again, to see, witness, and fight against that power once more. 

Notes: I learned that Bruce Lee was a Cha-Cha champion, which comes into play in this piece. Also, all Comments and Criticisms are welcome!

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Imogen Heap | Have You Got It In You? | Speak for Yourself

Been looking through older bands I used to listen to in the past. Ended up finding this song, one I never listened to from this singer. I think it’s a new fav, to be honest.

Listening to this and reading the lyrics though… Something about this song gives me a Craig feeling. Let me see if I can explain it.

Craig is a character that may be easy to see as being flat. He’s built up to be the stereotypical jock-type character in Dream Daddy; he focuses on staying fit and healthy, and most of his dates revolve around this fact in some way or another.

However, you break down his character more, and you see a guy that may seem to be a pinnacle of health, but in actuality seems to be facing a very real chance of having a stroke from the sheer amount of stress he’s constantly in. He focuses so much of his time to be fit, while also being a very active part of his children’s lives, all while balancing his business involving Sports Gear.

From the way his character is shown, it seems like it’s been a very long time since Craig actually had a chance to relax. Perhaps even the last time being before Ashley was pregnant with their twins, as Craig mentions his change in lifestyle choices came about with their birth.

It’s admirable that Craig went from being a guy that seemed incapable of taking care of even himself back in the day, as MC puts it, to a guy that seems more than ready to take on any responsibility that comes his way. But even with his change of lifestyle, he’s still neglecting himself something awful; to the point it seems like a miracle he hasn’t run into any major health issues with how much he has on his plate.

It’s funny; if you experience the gym scene with Craig, just before your first meeting with Hugo, Craig even tells you not to push yourself too much after you end up flying off the treadmill. That it’s not healthy to try and keep up with other’s speed if you aren’t ready to match it.

And yet, he’s doing just that. He’s pushing himself beyond his limit. And if the MC never came back into his life like he did, there’s the very real chance he would’ve learned this far too late.

Because it’s with the MC’s help that he’s able to see that, while he looks to be the picture of health now, his new habits were just as destructive to his well-being like the old ones were in the past.

So, what does this character analysis have to do with how I think the song connects to Craig? Well, it’s all up to interpretation and connections.

It takes a lot, after all. But safety first, don’t push.

I’ll let you guys read the lyrics here below the cut to see if you can come with your own conclusions, or even see anything that I may have missed. If not, well, hope you like this song and character analysis coupled with it. Maybe the song helps build up some ambiance for this, at least, haha!

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“I was supposed to scort Prince Noctis to his wedding but instead we tuned the king’s dear, expensive car into a monster truck and we toyed around with it until breaking it beyond repair and now it won’t move. It was SO much fun. Look at this disaster, I’m so proud of it. Take a picture of this! ^ ∇ ^/”

[yes, I did it. Finally destroyed it and the bastard thought it was funny :( I failed you, Regis]

This was my first thought when I saw this post I’m so sorry

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