According to one of their co-stars, Liz and Rock had a bet which of them could get James Dean into bed first… of course, Rock won the bet! Imagine how shocked 1950’s Americans would have been if they found out that Rock Hudson and James Dean were not only gay, but also hooking up with each other off camera! Hudson and Dean both earned Oscar nominations for their performances in “Giant.” –

James Dean and Rock Hudson on the set of Giant, c. 1955

Debunking the “Fake Dating/Marriages in the Entertainment industry dont Exist!” Myth

In this post  I want to talk about fake dating and marriages in the entertainment industry. I advise everyone, whether you ship or not, to put aside your viewpoints on shipping and take into consideration the points that I will be making in this post. I will not edit any names in this post for this reason, so if you arent interested please just ignore this and dont give me shyt about why I am ‘tagging’ other ship names. *roll eyes* You have a choice on what you do and dont want to read, and this is also why the ‘keep reading’ option has been included.

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“Rock made me laugh, I loved him. We spent, oh God, most of the time chatting and laughing and being silly. Just before he died, one of the last things I think that I remember making him laugh was recalling a night in Texas when it was hailing hail so huge, it was like golf-balls. We were running out, getting conked on the head, running around making chocolate martinis. So you can imagine the state we were in.” -Elizabeth Taylor