rock her bones

“The Beast Becomes” - Tamlin

We have rallied our tropes, put our men to their final resting place, mourned our loses, but the war still rages on the horizon @hermajestymanon

Warning : Feels

Chiara felt the wrongness. She felt it beat through her blood stream, and she felt it rock her bones in her frame. She looked at her mother, but she seemed at ease. She shook it off. 

Chiara lifted up her head, staring at the skies. But only high trees and mountain ranges could be seen, and just barely. She tapped her fingers against her side, only to keep her calm. “Chiara?” Her mother looked up, as if she felt the waves of power rolling off her daughter. 

Chiara dropped her hand by her side. She didn’t know. Her mother didn’t know she was Heir yet. It was why they were going to Rhysand, to the cabin. Rhysand had figured it was easier to tell their mother first, and then deal with the entire Night Court later. “Nerves” The lie tasted sour. 

Chiara smiled and kept walking, reaching out and grabbing her mother’s hand. She grinned as their fingers locked and she prepared to winnow. Wrong, wrong, wrong. She felt that wrongness. Chiara spun around, shielded her mother with her wings as her hand flew out, her fingers gripping around a throat. 

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