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Perfect Night (Jared Kleinman X Reader)

AN; Chubby reader! It’s not the main focus but it’s just a side thing, I guess? I’m sorry this sucks and there aren’t very many descriptive Jared moments. I’ve yet to experience prom, dolls.

WC; 2131

You walked through the hallways with your books in your arms, a smile on your face as you chatted with your friend Zoe. You both walked into your largest class and sat down next to each other, still chatting away until a certain someone caught your attention.

“So yeah, Connor had-” Zoe stopped talking, noticing the blush that covered your face and the way your eyes were shining. She looked in the direction you were staring at and saw Jared Kleinman, sitting next to Connor and Connor’s boyfriend, Evan. She raised her eyebrows in a disgusted manor.

“Really, (Y/N/N)? Kleinman?” Zoe snorted, making eye contact with Alana as she walked in.

“Yeah,” You mumbled, a small smile on your face.

Connor also noticed you staring at Jared, so he hit Jared and pointed at you. Jared turned to you and flashed a smirk, winking at you.

“Oh my, oh my god,” You whispered, turning to Zoe. “Did he just- he just,”

“Hi, Zoe, (Y/n)!” Alana said as she sat down, kissing Zoe’s cheek. Alana noticed you freaking out and looked up at Connor and Evan to see them laughing. Jared was facing you and smirking.

“Were you two flirting again?” Alana grinned, poking fun at you.

“They were practically having eye sex.” Zoe chuckled, making you turn redder and hide your face.

“I seriously hate you two.” You mumbled into your hands.

“Okay, class, quiet down! Lessons are starting now!”

“Zoe, where are we going?” You whined, letting her pull you by the hand.

“Just wait! Be patient!” Zoe said, stopping suddenly. You almost ran into her.

“Ok, ok, sit here!” Zoe shouted excitedly, pushing you onto a bench. You frowned as she ran off, setting your back pack next to you. You uncomfortably tugged on your shirt to make it looser, a habit you had every time you sat down. You sat on the bench for about five minutes, watching the sun slowly start to set. You fidgeted with your hands, slowly getting annoyed.

“Hey,” You heard a voice call out softly, the person sitting next to you.

“Oh, uh, hi Jared.” You squeaked, noticing the flowers in his hands.

“Oh, er, these are for you.” Jared saw you looking at them and handed you the flowers with sweaty hands, a small grin on his face.

You turned red and cradled the flowers close to your chest, smelling them to hide your blush.

“Are you going to prom?” Jared blurted, his eyes focused on you.

“Oh- I- I wasn’t going to. I thought it’d be lame to go alone.” You mumbled, lifting your head up and looking at the sunset.

“Oh.” Jared fidgeted, looking at the sunset with you. “Who did you want to go with?”

You looked at Jared with slight shock. Jared turned his head to you, a stupid smirk on his stupid cute face.

“T-That’s none of your business, Jared!” You teased, a smirk on your face as well.

“Oh yeah?” Jared teased back. “What if I made it my business?”

“And how would you go about doing that?” You asked, a bit of confusion in your voice.

Jared stood up, a smirk still on his face. You held the flowers tightly, hoping this was what you thought it was. Connor and Evan stepped out from behind the tree nearby, snapping a steady beat.

“What the heck I gotta do,” Jared sang, drawing it out. “To be with you.”

AN; Just imagine the rest of the song, I don’t wanna add it lmao ;3

Jared repeated it, having Connor and Evan sing background vocals. Zoe and Alana eventually stepped out and joined the snapping and background vocals.

“So I decided I needed to step my game up.” Jared sang.

“What the heck I gotta do. Who do I have to be, for you to go to prom with me?” Jared finished, his eyes hopeful. Your friends went quiet and waited for your answer. You set the flowers on the bench and launched yourself at Jared, bringing him to the ground in a hug.

“Is that a yes?” Jared said, sitting up and hugging you back.

“Yes, my god, yes!” You laughed, tears gathering at your eyes. Your friends cheered and whooped happily.

“Now, why am I here?” Connor complained from the backseat of the car.

“Connor, we can’t let our dates see our outfits until the night of prom! So us three are going together!” Zoe explained again, glancing in the rear view mirror. You smiled out the window as the car pulled into the mall. Evan, Jared, and Alana had decided to go shopping together while you, Zoe, and Connor went.

“Okay!” Zoe cheered. “We’re here!”

As the three of you walked into the dress shop, you felt worry gathering in your stomach. What if the dresses didn’t fit you? What if they didn’t have your size? Well, Connor would probably get mad and demand they start stocking larger sizes for body equality. Zoe would calmly tell them to get their shit in order and leave. The Murphy siblings were practically your real siblings.

Zoe squealed and immediately ran in, heading towards a rack full of gorgeous prom dresses. Connor smiled at you and pulled you in by your wrist gently.

By the time you both caught up with Zoe she had piles of dresses on each arm, one pile for you and one pile for her. Connor groaned and grabbed the nearest suit and light blue tie to match Evan’s.

You and Jared had agreed on a (f/c) color scheme, Zoe and Alana decided on a pretty lime green theme, and Evan and Connor agreed on black and light blue.

Zoe shoved the pile of dresses into your arms and pulled you to the changing rooms. She sat down in the chair in front of one and pulled Connor into the chair next to her.

“You try all of your dresses on first, and we’ll tell you how they are!” Zoe squealed, her eyes shining happily. You nodded and hesitantly walked into the large changing room, glancing at yourself in the mirror. You tore you clothes off and avoided looking in the mirror until you had the first dress on. The first one fit perfectly but was way too puffy. You stepped out of the dressing room and could tell it was an immediate no by the looks the two were giving you.

“Okay then.” You laughed, heading back into the changing room.

The second dress was way too tight, so you didn’t even go out to show Zoe and Connor. It would’ve been embarrassing.

The next dress was the perfect length and it hugged your top half perfectly. The dress was a strapless heart shaped top with a lacy bottom that just touched the floor. Your waist looked amazing, and you felt very confident. You stepped out of the dressing room with a smile, flaunting around dramatically.

“You look hot, (Y/N)!” Zoe said, a grin on her face.

“No.” Connor said. “You cannot wear that.”

“What? Why?” You asked, your smile fading.

“Jared will be ALL over you, it’s just too hot.” Connor smirked, crossing his arms.

“Perfect.” You said, earning a shocked cough from Connor.

“No! That’s not gonna happen! You HAVE to dance with an imaginary balloon between you two!” Connor demanded, acting like he was your older brother. You stuck your tongue out and mocked him, earning a giggle from Zoe.

You stood on the front steps of the Murphy household, waiting for your dates to arrive.

“Alana says the limo is only two minutes away.” Zoe said, putting her phone in her small handbag. Connor was fidgeting with his hands awkwardly, his hair up in a bun.

“D-Does my tie look alright?” Connor nervously fixed his tie, looking between you and Zoe.

“Yes, Connor, you look amazing.” You smiled, gently hitting him on the arm. Your parents were standing inside, watching you three bond on the front steps. The limo pulled up slowly, and Evan stepped out first. He was wearing a black suit with an adorable blue tie to match Connor. Alana stepped out with a short lacy lime green dress, rocking a silver handbag and flats. Lastly, Jared crawled out, wearing a black suit with a (f/c) tie. Jared smiled at you and stepped up, taking your hand. You blushed and smiled.

“You look absolutely hot, Ms. (L/N).” Jared grinned, gently slipping a (f/c) corsage onto your wrist. You smiled back, your other hand on your chest in a flattered way.

“Why, you’re quite hot too, Mr. Kleinman.” You flirted, letting him lead you to the limo.

“Y-You got us reservations at a pizza place?!” Evan said, laughing slightly.

Jared shrugged and laughed, grabbing your hand to hold it. Connor shook his head at you with a smile.

“This is going to be the best night ever!” Zoe said, pulling Alana into the pizza shop.

“How do you even get reservations at a pizza shop?” Connor mumbled, letting Evan pull him inside. You smiled at Jared and walked in side by side.

“Not only did he make ‘reservations’, he had the pizza premade.” Alana giggled, taking a bite of a slice.

Jared plopped down into the booth, pulling you down into his side. You six ate three whole pizzas, somehow managing to keep your clothes all clean. Jared had one arm around you the whole time, a smile on his face.

“Ugh, who’s ready to go dance the night away?” Jared groaned, his other hand on his stomach.

“Me!” Zoe cried, taking Alana’s hand and running back to the limo.

“How the hell do they do that?” Connor squinted, watching the two girls run away together, full of energy.

“Caffeine, maybe?” Evan said, getting up with you all and heading to the limo.

Jared awkwardly placed his hands on your waist as you placed your hands on his neck. You turned red as you and Jared made eye contact. You stepped forward a bit, your bodies almost touching. Jared’s hands were sweaty and holding you tightly.

“This is,” Jared mumbled. “Wow. Just wow.”

You laughed quietly, looking down and then back up at Jared. The lights were dim, and the disco ball above lit up the room. You stared into Jared’s eyes as the two of you swayed slowly, glancing at his lips slowly.

“C-an I kiss you?” Jared mumbled, his voice cracking.

“My god, yes.” You whispered, leaning in slightly. Jared quickly jerked forward and crashed his lips onto yours, almost bumping his forehead on yours. The kissed lasted longer than it should’ve, and it started to get intense. You both pulled away, your eyes wide.

“Should we-?” You said, not noticing your friends watching you.

“Hell yeah.” Jared said, grabbing your hand and pulling you out the door.

“Where the fuck are they going?” Connor asked, a bit overprotective.

“Probably gonna get laid.” Zoe giggled, dancing with Alana.

“I’m sure they’ll be fine..” Evan mumbled, swaying side to side with Connor. Connor grumbled and pouted, pulling Evan closer.

‘did u make it home last night?’ Connor texted into the group chat with you and Zoe.

‘nope’ You texted back, laying next to a sleeping Jared.

‘good thing your parents aren’t home.’ Zoe added.

‘how do u know?’ You questioned.

‘we came here to check on u but ur clearly at jareds.’ Connor added with a smirk emoji.

‘was he good?’ Connor added, making you groan and turn off your phone.

“Pretty sure I was the best you’ve had.” Jared said, his voice croaking. He scared you, and you dropped your phone on your face.

“Jared!” You cried, giggling. Jared chuckled sleepily and pulled your naked frame into his side. Your face burned red as you insecurely wrapped the blanket around yourself.

“Aw, c’mon, don’t be like that. I saw all of your beautifulness underneath me last night.” Jared smirked, somehow managing to pull himself into the blanket you had wrapped around yourself.

“Shut up, handsome.” You said, burying your face into his neck and wrapping your arms around him. 


I recently saw a post on essential crystals to carry at all times! I LOVE the Idea! So now i have these rocks in my handbag all the time!

  • Amethyst: Calming & Helps with people in shock
  • Bloodstone: Helps stop bleeding
  • Blue Lace Agate: Aids fevers & burns
  • Calcite: Increases healing time 
  • Black Tourmaline: Hyperventilation & headaches
  • Rose Quartz: Calms down the heart
  • Malachite: Pain relief
  • Clear Quartz: Focuses healing energy (Not pictured, it was in my elixir)