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My Mom bought me this magazine 28 years ago. This magazine literally changed everything for me. Happy Mothers Day to all Ladies out there (Moms or not). You are loved & appreciated.


New interview with Dan and Phil on Rock Forever Magazine! They shared their best pick-up lines, funny moments from behind the scenes of their videos, stories of their celebrity encounters, their favorite viral videos, and more! 

5sos Preference 3: How You Meet


“Thanks for doing this, (Y/F/N).” You wheeze, taking the small SD card from your best friend’s hand. She’d gone to a Five Seconds of Summer concert earlier in the weekend, one you were supposed to have gone to as well, but you’d fallen extremely ill. In your last hopes, you begged your friend to record as much of the concert as she could so you could still experience it in a way.

“It’s no problem. Call me after you watch it, if you’re feeling up to it.” Your friend whispered, looking at you sadly before she turned and left your house. Sighing guiltily to yourself, you slipped the SD card into your laptop and clicked on the video file.

“Ashton, Ashton! Can you please say hi to (Y/N)? She’s my best friend and she was supposed to come but she couldn’t.” You heard your best friend shout over the many voices at Ashton Irwin, your favorite from the band. He stood in front of (Y/F/N), a small smile on his face as he listened to her.

“Aw, why couldn’t she come?” he asked, frowning a little and looking behind the camera at your friend curiously. You let out a breath, your head spinning as you realized that Ashton fucking Irwin was asking about you.

“She’s ill.” (Y/F/N) replied vaguely, and you watched sadly as Ashton’s face fell a little. He nodded slowly, still seeming confused.

“Well, hi there (Y/N)! I’m sorry you’re ill and that you missed the concert, but I hope you get better soon!” he cheered into the camera, blowing a kiss before the screen went black. Sighing, you closed your laptop and pulled out the bag of food (Y/F/N) left you. When you opened the bag, an envelop fell out onto your lap.

“Dear (Y/N),

(Y/F/N) told me a lot about you the other night, and I can’t help but want to meet you myself. Call me sometime? XXX-XXX-XXXX



“(Y/N), Calum is totally checking you out!” Your best friend whisper shouted to you as you sat in your seats in the nearly empty stadium. Your friend had managed to score sound-check tickets as well, so there you were- sitting in the awkwardly quiet stadium while Five Seconds of Summer set up their instruments for soundcheck.

“Don’t be rash, (Y/F/N).” You rolled your eyes, but you sneakily glanced at Calum and blushed when you found that he really was looking at you. When he noticed you looking at him too, he shot you a smile before he turned back to his bass. 

Two hours later, it was finally time for the concert. Five Seconds of Summer were just getting settled on stage when you noticed that Calum was looking at you- again. Sending you a cheesy grin, he looked at Luke who gave him a big thumbs up. 

“Everyone, but Floor Seat 14, Row 2 please sit down.” Your eyes widened in terror as you realized that was your seat, and slowly but surely you were left to be the only one standing up. A random woman shoved a microphone in your hand, glaring when you nearly dropped it before she ran off again.  "What’s your name?“ Calum asked, still grinning.

”(Y/N)?“ You spoke unsure, confused about what was happening.

"Well, (Y/N), I was just wondering if you wanted to go out for pizza after this concert is over? Your friend can come too.”


“Hello! I’m (Y/N) and I’m here with Five Seconds of Summer today, on behalf of Rock Forever Magazine. Would you boys please introduce yourselves for the viewers?” You spoke into your microphone, staring into the camera before you turned to look at the band that sat on the floor in front of you.

“I’m Michael, I play guitar and I sing.”

“I’m Ashton, I play drums.”

“I’m Calum and I play bass and sing.

"I’m Luke and I also play guitar and sing.”

You nodded, looking down at the papers in your hands. They shook lightly as your nerves were making you shiver, but you ignored it as you skimmed the questions for a good one to start with. “Can you show us your best dance move while sitting down?" 

Calum and Michael began to dance spasmodically, with Ashton laughing loudly but Luke remained quiet. His eyes locked with your’s and your breath hitched in your throat, his gaze leaving you breathless.


You groaned loudly, shoving your head in your hands as loud music continued to blast from your older brother, Calum’s room. You could hear his laughter over the music too, making you more annoyed. Standing up angrily, you stalked down the hall and towards Calum’s room. You were to angry to care that you were only wearing an old t-shirt that barely covered your butt that was only covered with a flimsy pair of lace panties.

"Calum, turn that shit off! I swear, you have the worst fucking tastes!” You screeched, throwing open his door and screaming about the fact he was listening to One Direction. “Do you hear me, dipshit?" 

"Uh, Calum? Why is there a half naked hot girl in your room..?” Your eyes snapped over to a very, VERY attractive boy who sat beside Calum with wide eyes. Calum turned around quickly, a scowl on his face.

“(Y/N), go put clothes on! Michael, don’t look dammit!” Calum cried, standing up and blocking you from Michael’s view as he shoved you out of his room. Once you were in the hall, he slammed the door leaving you with wide eyes.

“She was hot, who was that?” You heard Michael ask, making you flush. You could hear a thump as Calum probably hit Michael.

“Dude, that’s my little sister.”


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