rock for justice


The Native Nations March is currently taking place through D.C. and at the White House, capping off a four-day protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline. As indigenous groups from all over the country continue to call for a meeting with Donald Trump, news outlets need make sure the voices of water protectors and environmental activists are heard.


NYC Prayer March for #StandingRock: Indigenous people and allies marched throughout the streets of Manhattan to show their support and solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Nation. #NoDAPL #StandwithStandingRock #NativeLivesMatter 

Its 2017 and Im still hating Nickelodeon for cancelling Victorious, Big Time Rush and How to Rock

Do This if You Stand with Standing Rock

Today is the day that all the Water Protectors at Standing Rock are supposed to evacuate. We can only assume they will be met with heavy, volatile force soon. In 2016, the organizers on the front lines of the Lakota asked us to make two social media posts per day since the issue is not being covered in the mainstream media. Today, more than ever, it is important that you leverage your Twitters, Instagrams, and Facebook profiles to stand with Standing Rock. Make just one post on each of your platforms. You can speak from the heart or you can share a meme or image, etc. But please, put it out there into the world that we do stand with Standing Rock, and that we won’t stand for rights of Native peoples being stomped on any longer. First ten people to take a screenshot of their post with today’s date on either Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook will be entered into a drawing to receive the shirt of their choice free. Just DM it to the Instagram (specialsnowflakestorm) or message it to the Tumblr.