rock field

Joey Ramone was rushed to the New York Hospital Burn Center and was treated for burns in 1977 after a vaporizer he used to open his vocal cords blew up in his face before The Ramones performed one evening. This incident inspired him to write “I Wanna Be Sedated”.  Photo by Danny Fields.

i'm so much alive than ever.
  • Ali: I wanna do this. Together.
  • Emily: What do you mean together?
  • Ali: I wanna be a family.
  • Emily: Ali, i need you to be clear about-
  • Ali: Over the years, i've been in so many failed relationships and i always made an excuses why. But i know the reason.
  • Emily:
  • Ali: Paige tried to get me to say it but i didn't want to say it to her.
  • Emily: What did Paige-
  • Ali: I love you.

Steam from the lava flows in Hawaii