rock ed radio

The BrewRats-Rock Ed Radio historic phone call on air.

Sometime ago when BrewRats was still on air over 99.5RT & Rock Ed Radio was still on NU107, Tado SMSd me to call him up, so both shows put the phonecall ‘on air.’ We were saying their radio station’s ID on our air, and Tads would say “that sa kabilang linya is NU107 Rock Ed Radio on 99.5RT but not!” It was messy. It was fun & possibly historic. Us hosts, well, we were all friends off air & that joint aired call possibly wasn’t “right” by radio brand management standards, but on Tado’s lead - we did it anyway. He was the more maverick one, he’d push lines, lower or raise bars, allowing me to be braver; I could no longer see the lines we needed to perilously cross because he already blurred them for us. I will miss him so. Many of us will.