rock drama

my middle school turned 100 years old this year and lemme just say, it really shows. everytime i explore the school during clubs or after after school activities, i find some new odd thing. the “attractions” from my school include, but are not limited to:

  • tiny doors underneath some of the staircases. is harry potter in there? nope they all lead to the fallout shelter that’s inside the school
  • pipes that hiss
  • doors saying “do not enter” that are too thin for one person to pass through
  • outlets that are 9 feet off the ground
  • the ceiling in my english class that is missing about 8 panels
  • many buckets & trash cans all around the school to catch dripping water
  • the many, MANY asbestos warning signs
  • the roof of the C Wing is covered with a tarp and a million rocks
  • the drama room is hotter than the rest of the school and doesn’t have any windows
  • water fountains that can give you lead poisoning
  • a bent street sign right outside the school that has been hit by a car or bus a few times
  • the 2 fields: one always has geese on it, the other is across the street from the school and is right next to a cemetery
  • random sections of wall that are just missing, as if there used to be a trophy case there

Show by Rock!!# Vol. 1 - Original voice drama


  • Crow - Taniyama Kishou
  • Rom - Hosoya Yoshimasa
  • Yaiba - Kakihara Tetsuya
  • Aion - Uchiyama Kouki