rock down to electric avenue


So guys I’ve watched the so-called leaked video of Louis and Zayn smoking weed in a car in Pera ( And I want to take this opportunity to express my opinions on this incident.
Firstly, I believe that Zayn (and Louis) smoking is real. Whether they’re really smoking WEED or just cigarettes I don’t know. Maybe it’s weed, maybe it’s not. You all know Louis and Zayn loves to joke especially Louis. There’re no clarification.
In fact, I’m not even sure if the video is really “leaked” or not. If Zayn and Louis really smoke, they will keep it close to themselves instead of filming it or even let there be a CHANCE to be leaked. 
Moreover, if they’re REALLY smoking weed, as a matter of fact, before the video is “leaked”, Harry tweeted this: “We’re gonna rock down to Electric avenue.” According to the official meaning of “Electric avenue”, it says “to get high, to boug, to blaze, to match, smoking weed”. I think all of you have known Harry’s tricks, he always hides messages in his non-deleted tweets. Harry tweeted this BEFORE the video is “leaked”, that means he must has known about the video, and has reminded us to pay attention. If he didn’t know the video is going to be “leaked”, how would he tweet publicly, right? If it’s meant to be a secret, Harry wouldn’t even tell people.
Secondly, Directioners are split up into two parties about whether Zayn and Louis “should” smoke weed or not. In fact, we’re just Directioners, just fans, we cannot control what the boys do. We don’t EVEN actually know them, who knows what they do behind the cameras! Even if they smoke weed, it’s their choice.
Some people may just FOCUS on the fact of “doing drugs”. However, let’s take a step back and focus on the REASON WHY they have to do drugs. 
Being a celebrity isn’t easy, they have to hide every thing that is “bad” for the image of the band, no matter what they do is right or wrong. I know I’m a hue Larry shipper but let’s put this aside first. 
Have you ever imagine what’s the life of being world famous, I’m sure the bays is suffering a lot of stress. Imagine, your every single move is under the cameras, all your secrets are whipped off, all you privacy is invaded, every single people knows you. Being a celebrity is actually is trap. Basically the boys can’t do any thing personal. So they MUST find a way to release the stress and unhappiness. What can they do? Taking drugs is actually a good way, at least a possible and workable way. 
Every one makes mistakes, and now Zayn and Louis actually have to choose an illegal to just relax, and you guys blame everything on them? Have you ever thought about it’s actually us, us, and the forever pressing paparazzi and Management who Push Them To The EDGE?
They have NO choice. And now, whatever is done can’t be undone. Can we accept the fact and give spaces for the boys to actually BREATHE and give them a chance to CHANGE? Can we not be so angry and really THINK about the reason BEHIND?
I’m not saying that smoking weed is right. It’s wrong. I’m just saying that the worst has happened, we have to DO SOMETHING to not to make the problem worse. Addicted to something is in fact PAINFUL, all we have to do is to SUPPORT OUR IDOLS. If you really LOVE them, please, just PLEASE, give them a chance and HELP THEM.
Don’t ever let our boys EVEN MORE stressful than before. Please, guys please just show SUPPORT.
Don’t blame them anymore. That’s enough. We’re Diretioners United right? If you really want the boys to be GOOD, support them when they’re trying to change. 
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Last but not least, I love you all. (Follow my twitter: @CharlotteX_Hunt)