rock creek lake


A year ago today… I hiked up to Ruby Lake, in the High Sierras. 11,000 feet never felt so good!

The lake itself is nestled in a glacial Cirque, a round depression left by the last holdout of a glacier bounded by a terminal moraine. It’s not known how deep this lake is, but it remarkably clear and you can see very far into the water from the shore. The glacier was visible prominently until about a hundred years ago, and now remains only under a large pile of rocks. 


Have you ever wanted to return to all of this? For the past few years I’ve been yearning to leave everything. The only thing holding me back is the possible children I may have in the future. Without a family I can promise you I won’t be here. What would even be the point? I’d be out there, in it all. Alone taking it all in through every sense. Just thinking about the beauty of nature alone makes me swoon for the wind carrying fresh air through my air and around my face. I want the cold mountain water wetting my skin. I want to feel the earth while I sit and read a book and listen to the crunch of leaves and twigs under the feat of the animals at night as I drift off to sleep while looking at the sky. I want to float in the river in the sun and watch the clouds roll off of the mountains and then tremble at the mouth of a cave when the storm reaches me. I want to feel cold, truly cold, and derive my warmth only from the sun by day and the fire at night. I want to poke myself with needles and skin my knees on the slippery rocks lined up along the riverside. I want to feel nature and find myself along the way.